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Finally, someone who has the fortitude to call out one of the real problems at Vandy for a lack of a competitive football team except the tired excuse of tough academics. The administration is content with raking in the $40-45 million from the SEC each year to fund a large portion of the athletic budget while allowing the football program to flounder with little hope of being truly competitive. The lack of local fans is only going to become much worse in the future. For whatever reason Vandy has decided to deny entrance to the university from the majority of well qualified students from Tennessee with many of them being potential legacy alumni. It is disgusting to me an extremely qualified son or daughter of a Vandy alumni is denied entrance over a student from 2000 miles away or another country when their resumes are almost identical. As far as wanting to relive the Franklin era, a thorough analysis reveals he gathered lightning in a bottle compared to the hand Mason has been dealt. Some figures.... Coach Mason has beaten 9 teams with a winning record in his first full 5 years while Fraudlin won a TOTAL of 4 in his three years with 2 being in the bowl games. Of the 24 total wins JF had, 3 were to FCS schools and 10 were to teams with 4 or less wins while Mason has won 24 in the first five years with 5 being to FCS schools and ONLY 3 being to schools with 4 or less wins. The total W-L record of the teams Mason has beaten is 120-120 while Franklin's were 90-166. The record of the 8 SEC wins for Mason is 43-55 while Franklin's 10 wins were to teams who posted a 43-86 record. As you can surmise Franklin caught a few years where Ky, Auburn, TN and Ole Miss were historically much worse than normal. Mason has not had that luck except for TN being very weak. I have met Coach Mason and found him to be extremely personable, humble and nice. At least he represents Vandy much better than the arrogant coach who is now doing the same at Penn State.. beating the bad teams but getting kicked most every time he plays a good team (1-4 against OS, 2-4 against Michigan and 2-4 against Mich St.)