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This is racist rhetoric and should mot be allowed on this website
I'm sure you won't. Man, I wish we could face off. I don't care what your screen name is, we could make furniture move. I know you're type and I know what you all are about. Probably one of the people trying to intimidate peaceful protesters with weapons you won't do nothing with. This is beyond football Stay in your place, I don't care if you're a Marine or if you know how to shoot or your service, means nothing to me. . You okay with racism, you are a problem. That's why Georgia will never prosper, the state or their. So put em on the table. Otherwuse, keep your mouth shut and support racist garbage elsewhere. @USMCDAWG
Actually, I'm consistent with mine. Riley Cooper is better off with GAWGA and Hernandez did his thing in a Pats uni, not a Florida one. I'm not judging at all. A blantant racist is just. You trying to come to the rescue shows your entitlement and privalege. No judgment, those were Fromm's words, not mine. His words leave him open to any consequence that comes his way. Can't play bith sides. Can't be a white elitist and rely on the black man to help you further your fortune. He got caught, he pay the price. Try again, son, you don't want this smoke.
Get over yourself, JohnnyReb1234. You and that mentality are the problem. How many domestic terrorist have been taken alive afyer a mass shooting? How many were not black? Systematic racism is very real. Wish I could here your lame explanations in person, but I'm sure you don't possess the grapes. Everybody's tough behond a keyboard. Go share your narrow minded thoughts at a MAGA convention. Nice to see who's on what side. Although, as an Arkansas fan, i guess you're used to being on the losing side. GFY!
All the apologists in here is disgusting. Yet, that's the state of Georgia in a nutshell. Got a problem, I'll give you my address.
Lol, you doubleduece33 are sadly delusional. He won't survive it because he's 5th round QB that peaked in his soph yr, mix that in with his latent racism for a job that is composed of 80-85% Afro-Americans, Daboll was being nice. Stop being such GAWGA fan. He's done. He should be.
Why would my team with more Naty's than yours be chasing you? We're chasing UF 2006 and 2008. You've been in the rear view for quite some time. Funny part is, what did you do with that 3 game win streak? Exactly. Just like the last 3 game win streak. Shot your load and choked against Bama. That's why you all are the loudest from Feb to Aug cause that's your time to shine.
Yeah, butnot one Gator fan classified them as 1st rounders or saviors for plain offense. Stay in you lane.
Had to take my foot off your neck a let you breathe. You don't want this smoke.
No need for revisionist history, um, y'all lost to USCe. That underachievement is still fresh, not even a year old. That's the joke, yo lol
Kirby has the same wins against Florida as Florida has rings (2 more than Gawga), save it with last year's score. Get ya trophies up.
Nothing says 'Four Decades of Underacheivement' like placing all hopes and dreams on a Wake Forrest transfer to have the same "success" as a fifth round, three year starter. Gawga loves chasing their own tail...
@Jax Dawg Make sure you kiss the rings with that sweet mouth.
@leghumperu I wasn't clear on that last comment. I was actually giving Kirby his credit for being that good of a defensive mind, as he's been for a long time. I thought it was a very clever move and Gary Danielson mentioned it also. Those were pitty points. Merry Christmas.
@boxter355 I missed this but it is never too late. Stop apologizing! You can't beat Bama and the team that actually could just scored on your show puppies again. While I don't need help from other teams, it's underscoring my point: You all just got here and in spite of all the money spent and near misses, you're no better off now than you were in 2016. You call it a cliche, but as long as Gawga has better success in Feburary and not January, it could also be called a VALID POINT. HAVE A SEAT, SON
You know, I remember some of his antics and comments aimed at us either directly (Shavar Manual & FSU) or indirectly ( at UNC complaining about us recruiting one of their commits). To me, he's a mole. Don't care for him.
Not sure why having a top 5 class matters so much. Gawga's top 5 each year in recruiting and none of their players were alive for their last Natty. Shrug. Truth be told. The most important thing for Florida is to return to the days of DOMINANT defense. Like, 2006, 2008, 2012. Think about it: If LSU wouldn't have had the talent on defense, they lose to us, Bama and Clemson. Great defenses can hold up a little better against these high- powered offenses, even if it's just one play (duh). Aranda had to switch some things (oh, and a Stingley P.I.) and they were able affect our rhythm just enough for Burrow to complete every pass ever thrown. He just completed another on Marco. Still have faith in CDM, he still has Miss St. defenders that he recruited getting high marks in the Draft. I think for this group of Gators it has to be mind over matter for them in terms of Gawga. That being said, when we do beat them, I think that will open up the door for bigger success. But I want 11 win seasons better. I know a 7-5 UF team that beat Gawga and I still don't care about that stupid win with some wack 7-5 record! The fall off was real and Florida fans better not get ahead of themselves and not run MY COACH out of Gainesville like they did with SOS. LET US NEVER, EVER FORGET 2013. I'm a Louisville Gator and you know the fall off is real when they stop selling your team in the mall when you used to be able to get any type of gear when we were hoisting crystal (for you Gawga fans still here, that may be a little foreign, the championship trophy used to have crystal football on top of it, it was a thing...) If Grantham can't fix the 3rd down issues, interior defense and whatever that was from the secondary last year, he should be let go. PERIOD. HONEYMOON IS OVER. Fromm was like Brady on 3rd down against us. Against every one else, he was small-handed Jake Fromm. Quick side note, Charlie Strong showed his true colors leveraging Florida to get on at Bama. It would have been nice to have him on staff, even as an analyst, to help and possibly take over DC duties, oh well. Sour grapes....
To be fair, I always thought last year's was misleading. We deserved to lose by 3 TD's off our mistakes alone. Kirby Smart is still Kirby Smart. I agree, Smart played prevent after Cager scored that TD.
Three Natty's to one, gotta sting, Big Spender. Props to Gawga, spending the most to get the least!
Wait, what? No suprised faces in five years when Ole Miss is in trouble due to a General Mgr...
The Savage Effect got Gawga worried a little. Anyway, good hire. Feels more like Saban sending retirement signals than Kirby being disloyal. I'll show myself the door, it feels like a cold, empty trophy case in here.
Fully aware of that. Avantae Williams signed in February didn't he?
Preach! Very well said. As for the article, i don't care if this kids commits right now, I don't want to hear about a Safety prospect until the day after Feb signing day of next year
We don't need that so chill out. He's the #1 Safety for a reason. Win some you lose some. CDM has to have coaches who can close, especially with DB's.