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I understand that they were out. However, the way we were gutted by the run is concerning. We're good on the edge and Reese is having a great year, but that's it. Miller and Houston are good, but they are undersized and not as quick as some of our past linebacking units. Marco Wilson has been hit or miss also. We're good, but as we get to the meat of the schedule, the margin of eror is slimmer.
Meh, I need my defense to step it all the way up before we can talk about Atlanta. The front seven really concerns me.
Actually, no. Never really scared of a Big 12 team.
LSU with wins against Utah St., BYU and Vandy is not an intimidating win list. Kentucky, Miami and even Tennessee are better quality wins and that can't be debate, regardless of 8f they're having good seasons or not. Lot of love for an offense that hasn't faced anyone. Get your feelings off your shoulder, just facts.
For all the lovr LSU grts, has anyone looked at their schedule up to this point? Florida has played a better and while LSU will be the biggest challenge for Florida due to offense and venue, feels like the forgotten narative is that is is LSU's first real challenge of the season. Florida is the best team that LSU has played up to this point and its going to show. That offense may be good, but may be the better team. These are not vintage LSU lines, LB's or RB's. Let's tell the whole story.
This is like the Skill Position Super Bowl. Not downing Kyle, but I was looking forward to Franks and the passing game against LSU's secondary. Can still enjoy both battles. Love night time in Death Valley. We're on of the few that has a realistic shot at a W. Will tolerate no DBU disrespect this week. Stay in your corner, I'll stay in mine. Bring of Delpit, Fulton and Stingley! This is what we play for!
I don't care about respect from outsiders. Save it. We're after trophies. Let's take care of business!
Forsythe needs to step it up like yesterday.
Got love for Kyle, ever since he committed. I do not care about September stats. October is what matters. 3-1? 4-0? Then we can talk. Some are getting too thirsty for another great QB. Let's temper that. 2-2 feels more realistic and the lack of pocket presence is a concern that can't be overlooked. Kyle needs more game experience and wins before we second guess Mullen's choice to stick with Franks. Down with my team but there are a lot of questions.
Sumlin probably should've held that close to the vest, even though it looks like Jimbo Fisher may have sold a bill of goods. aTm is getting the same results with Fisher, but Sumlin actually beat Alabama. Fisher doesn't exactly have QB's lighting up in the NFL either and looks like the book is out on Mond.
I agree 100% with this. Vry well said. The first week is always a good coaching opportunity. Still feel that 2-3 losses if the goal with a very short leash on Franks.
You got it right. The track record speaks for itself, LOSER. Like Kitty fon't get cut or something. Door's that way before I get the Big 10 to come in here and you up. Where's Morris Claiborne?!?!?! You should be more concerned with how LSU can try to get on the board against Bama this year.
Why? So they can tough it out in their nail biter against Cincinnati? They should temper that.
I respect what you're saying, beachbum, but those numbers are decieving. That was old Franks is true form.
You sound like a battered wife. A Rose Bowl win? Really? I'm talking real hardware amd you know it. I don't even brag about Divisional Titles! Are you serious. You know what I'm saying and you can't get around it. 1 SEC Title(against someone other than Bama, who you played before, without Kerryon Johnson) is cool, good accomplishment, but Kirby Smart was brought to Gawga to win the National Championship. If he hasn't done that in five years, he'll be gone. By either his choice or the school. You all flexed too early with all those Bama near misses. Different toilet, same Gawga.
False. 1)Butch Jones didn't win 10 games his first year at UT 2)Butch Jones never had Tennessee in contention for anything before and after winming the coveted Mark Richt Champions of Life Trophy. You're out of your league.
If that makes you feel better. Wasn't my main point. Read it again, son.
Because teams that are on the outside of the top 25, like say, Tennessee, would probably lose a game like that. Expand your knowledge, that wasn't Townsend, it was a Miami with a very good defense with a good defensive coach. We won. You would've had something if we lost, I'll leave that to the Vols. Did you now the greatest QB at Tennesse never beat Florida? Mind blown! Dismissed.
What has Gawga really accomplished since Kirb's hire? Having been at Gawga lOnger than Mullen at Florida. How exactly has he changed the narrative that Gawga is still the posterchild for underachievement in this millenium? Next question. Explain how you hired Nick Saban Jr. and have the same National Championships as Dan Mullen? Don't give me the rap about it now and pray for it later. In the past 10 years, our trophy rooms look pretty much the same, that is, except for one glaring omission. Come on Corch! You and you show ponies haven't done anything! And here you are constantley on Florida stories continuing to be a disgrace to your fanbase. You all have NOTHING! Week 0? NOTHING! Playoffs? NOTHING
What I'm saying is that a team that has beat us once in 15 seasons should excercise restraint when being critical. We won in Week 0. In Tennesee's greatness, they would lose in a bye week. Next question.
That fact won't be old until the narrative is changed. Come to the table with respect and I'll spare you the history lesson. Simply put, although Florida has had so off years recently, the absolute last fanbase that has no to run their mouth abouth anything Orange and Blue is Tennessee. And you know why that is. You wanna run your mouth, pick a better team to depend on. As far as tonight goes, not one Floida fan say we're Playoff material after tonight, but for a UT fan to joke about performance is ridiculous. We won in with one less week of prep against a Power 5 team. It could be worse. Get your program up.
Lot of things to coach up. Franks may not make it. Win's a win tho.