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Looks like we're going back to boring uni combos like when Urb was here. McElwain at least let them put different combos together (Orange-Orange, Blue-Orange)
Wouldn't be bothered if he doesn't get the waiver. I'm comfortable with the D-Line we have. Give him a year with Savage, he kills it next year.
Look at him go... VANDERBILT TROPHY CASE?!?!?!? I'M CRYIN!!!!
According to SDS, I found out that Gawga is indeed the Bighest Loser on the CFB landscape. Spend all that money and get blown out to Texas? About as lame as the Prince Noogie. Who, after his borderline racist remarks in a past Gator story, should've been banned a while ago. That's okay, you can keep getting these cold hard fact. Stay lame, stay not winning meaningful games. Three rings over here, GAWGA!!!!!!!!
I actually like when they talk. Makes winning sweeter.
Hopefully they have better grammar to celabrate your ringing endorsement.Go win something already!
Already understood that Taylor did it without Savage. Love seeing these linemen reach their massive potential.
First Jawaan Taylor, now White. Love the dedication. Savage is just that...a Savage... Also, 77 in Orange could be my Wide Receiver any day...
Class act move by Coach Sure plenty of other coaches would do the same DBU
I've sat back and watched you continuously make a fool of yourself on Florida stories. While I'm tired of going back and forth with Gawga fans with no intellect. Your show ponies have one National Championship, from 1980. Now that Clemson is who they are, Georgia is the posterchild for underacheivement. Despite the fact that Georgia is RBU, has been for about two decades, has had the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft, and countless All SEC defensive players, still can't win a game that really matters. Maybe the younger Emmitt wants to go to a school with an actual WINNING CULTUTRE! Until you do that and stop shooting your load over Feburary Recruiting Titles, you'll never have to wonder why an elite recruit would wanna go anywhere but GAWGA!
Not worried about that. Could be a Safety. Florida DB's do pretty well in the NFl also, if we're comparing.
As an ol school Gator, I think of UT as a rival, especially with Spurrier's Tennessee history. But 13-1 would easily make a younger person have a different perspective.
It's been said that it won't be long before Gawga wins a Natty, and yet still, 1981. Funny you mentioned two coaches that have flat out owned Gawga.
Crazy to think that Mullen's going into his 15th season in the SEC. Glad he's back with the Good Guys!
I thought Chaney was overrated, but he will be missed in Athens next year.
Deserved a lot of credit for what he did at Bama. Needs his respect.
Attrition is just par for the course. I understand Gawga fans were a little hurt over Mullens comments from months ago, but you can't shoehorn situations like these to fit the narrative that makes you, as Ga fans, feel like anything that happens from here on is because of Mullen's comments. Edwards wasn't starter, wasn't going to be one, wanted more pt and a new start. Mutually exclusive situation. Outside the OL that hasn't established it's staters, the two deep is in tact. Let's not overblow things.
Perhaps the last the last two classes have provided quality depth at Safety were Stewart, Stiner, Davis and Taylor have established themselves as the two deep. To the point to where someone who continues to have conduct issues is easier to let go.
Feels like this speaks to improving depth in the secondary.