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Must be getting bored dusting off that CFP trophy. Wait, I mean that BCS trophy. Wait, what National Championship has Georgia won lately to be so worried about Gator stories? Guess we can't compete with the greatest spring Champions of all time. UGA stay talking with a bare trophy case. Start dustin!
I like this move. DBU shouldn't miss a beat!
You're right, two decades of greatness at DB is living in the past. It's also living in the present and future. Anyone seen Bacari Rambo? I haven't either...
The past, we had a better pass defense than you in 2018. Get out of here!
Or maybe you should get your feelings off your shoulder and read a little better. It was a bad few weeks for UGA, embarrassing even.
Maybe read the whole article. It's referring to a period of time. The end of the article clears that up.
How do I know this guy's nervous about Monday? He's bad mouthing his own future HBC!!!
Nice to see Chucky making an appearance...
Yeah, but we've finished with Naty's a bit more recently. 1981 tho?
If you can beat Bama, then why haven't you done it since 2007? I'll tell you, the Mark Richt curse is pretty hard to wash off. Since you can't finish, don't start!
Just commit to Bama and get it over with. He's not taken an OV to Florida, hasn't rescheduled one. Why even put the hat up there?
I'd like for him to come to the good guys, but for every Ro Po, there's an Adoree. Seems like he'll still end up at USCw.
Not to knitpick, but ungortunately, Jameis never lost to Florida. He redshirted 2012. He won both years he played us.
Maybe you should worry about your squad. Would you rather us lose 29-0 in our biggest home game of the season? That's right, LSU already did that. We won ours...27-19
You know what it means when they can't make the OV? Off the board smh...