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That's what analyst think,that Bently's job is on the line and that Hilinski is a stud. Also, Bentley throwing 10 more INT's than Franks is reason Franks had the better season. Quality of wins also at play here.
Bently wasn't better than Felipe last year and is on the cusp of losing his job. Franks coming of his best season and is in the 2nd yr of Mullen's offense. Pretty cold take...
Why would you even get that started? Cut it out!
Sans Brad Stewart, we go through this every year with a recruit out of Louisiana. State full of talent, but it almost doesn't seem worth spending the recruit on LA kids that commit and then decommit at such a consistent rate.
Still young on the line, but we've got some good talent coming in to get coached up.
Pretty funny. Would've thought Urb woukd try the LA market like Lebron, but Ohio will be a good trial run. #USCURB2020
I tell ya, Urb out here selling salt to slugs. His recruiting for USC is already paying dividends. USC in the playoffs 2021 All jokes aside. The more that happens with Steele, the more it seems less to do with Jalen Jones and more to do with being homesick. As I always thought, the narrative of Florida losing control was overblown. Good luck to him, Urb's a good coach. Funny, he won't find any moral upgrade playing for Meyer instead of Mullen.
Off Season Championshups stacking up! What about actual National Championships? How many y'all got? Death Star can't shift to 2nd gear? Stuck on ONE!!!
This makes up for for the Perine ranking lol. Seriously tho, here's hoping that Zuniga gets help from the interior (talking to you Slatton!) that he needs. Should be a big year for 92.
I need the Tex-aTm revival. With Herman and Fisher, it's got classic rivalry era written all over it.
So it's agreed: Urb's in L.A. by late December? Side Note: Why does Urb have the worst time lying or putting diffinitive words together? Where is his publicist?!
Very sad. Almost sounds like texting and driving. God bless their family and feiends. RIP. War Eagle.
As long you said Mr, i'm good with that. Next would be acknowledgement that you stepped into something that you have no knowledge of. In fact, need for that either as you already took care of it with you previous comments. Enjoy 7-5 this year...
Nice move by USF. Charlie Strong knows what he's doing. Glad he's back in Florida. Don't want him to beat UF, but I will always have love for Charlie.
@KirbySmart Check your numbers, son. Those were 2018 stats. This is what I'm talking about, lot of talking with no knowledge of the topic. Would not have said a word if Perine, a senior, had 826 career total yards. Take your shoes off so you can continue counting. Counting one national championship trophy has made you Gawga fans lazy.
What exactly am I misinformed about? I questioned Perine's absence as a person who 1)knows football, 2)seen Perine play most of the season. Combined with the numbers I posted earlier and the article on this sight having Perine as top 5 in the SEC, me questioning his absence is more so due to his performance in spite of splitting carries. His YPC last year was good for 28th in the country. Quite a few of those backs have moved on. By simple math and elimination, he's in the top 25 of the backs that return. Not necessarily a fandom type statement if the numbers are doing the talking. Do your homework and speak only when spoken to next time or I'll get Tennessee on you again.
Do you even watch college football?
Clearly, the both of you are uninformed? Makes sense coming fans of the most underacheiving teams. Don't let your fandom exacerbate your ignorance, learn some football. Three years splitting carries with three other RB's and another skill player. 826 yds, 7 TD, 6.2 ypc. Set to be the premier back this year. Should be in the top 25.
Not sure how Lamichael Perine is not on this list.
They'll stay true to form and blow, like they've mastered for the past two decades. No need in Gawga changing their style now.
That's getting stale. 3-1, figure it out. How have the last 30 years been since your memory serves you so well?
Is Tennessee back for the 15th year in a row?
Winning record against Gawga between Bama and UF. I'd be a sassy young lady too. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. How many rings did Richt win for Gawga? That's right, he probably wasn't a very good fit. Come on down, Kirb. Yikes!
Happy for Coach Mac. He seems very comfortable in Mount Pleasant, except for the cold weather. Didn't work out, but I still root for him, like other former Gator coaches not named Urban Meyer.