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Could not ask for a better way to set the foundation for CDM's Florida Gators. While I believe all the success awaits, I am more looking forward to a healthy program that will not be rattled by what plagued us last decade. WE. ARE. WORKING. BOOM!!!
You know what won't be in the second week of January? Kirby Smart hoisting a trophy that means something. Your teams hopes rest on a grad transfer from the 4th best team in NC behind App St. Lower your voice!
@truevol My bad. It dawned on me after the fact how much of a Gawga statement that was, I shoulda realized you were joking. That is my mistake. Respectfully, I feel the same way about both teams. Just my timing was bad. I've been kinda tired of the non Gator post in recruiting stories that downplay our commits. I don't think any other team on this site has that problem. I'll put my sword back in the sheeth now.
I don't think a Vol has any place being the first into a Gator story to downplay the possible commit of a top 5 position player. As if they've been absent since 2007. Lawd. Lol!! Tennessee has been so formidable that we don't even consider them a rival anymore. Exit stage left, please... This is a big get, if it goes down . My DBU is comin back. I wanted improvement on the interior d-line and an upgrade in the secondary. Check and check. Then I see Gawga fans in here talkng about who they getting instead. Funny, why would Gawga schedule one of the best Safeties for a visit if they didn't want him? Get over yourselves and lack of anything to show for Febrary success. Sounds like Gawga was mad that he went on his visit and pulled his offer. Makes more sense, otherwise, there wouldn't be so many sour grapes. Clearly, we are doing much better than an underacheiver and some dusty SEC also-ran. Keep the love comin. Still waiting for Tennessee to be back. I like what we're building....
Florida will be in the semis before Oklahoma is.
@UGADAWG I meant what I said. Regardless of record against UF, Fromm's a backup NFL QB at best. A couple good throws against a: lame duck coach (2017), depleted secondary (2018) and whatever you wanna call 2019 never gave me a reason to don him as a Joe Burrow QB. Fromm is a poor man's Ken Dorsey. Slow your roll, you'll be wishing we had another shot. And I don't want to hear any excuses after the next game. How's game prep for Monday going?
I like Coach Leech putting his big pants on and accepting this challenge. A coach that give pointers to Belichick should coach in the nation's best conference.
Thanks, but no thanks. Wanted one more shot at Fromm.
Well, if there's a posterchild for why recruitng 5*'s is overrated, look no further than GAWGA! It nice to see GAWGA beat someone and finally win a National...wait...
He's not overrated, first and foremost. Let's not talk them up while we enjoy this good newa. Besides, they have their own recruiting successes to celebrate. Plus, consider, deep down, they know whats up over here. Let em talk! We are coming back! Go Gators!!! BOOM!
Proud of the team. Secondary needs to clean house. Judging by the class coming in, nobody's job (except Elam) is safe. Wilson and Dean had me switch from beer to shots! Hopefully we get Henderson and Williams to cap the season. Go Gators!
So, how's preparation for that Championship run going?
1-2 in those games. Not much to brag about. What do you have to show for that?
Clearly, you all thought enough of us to leave your competitiveness in Jacksonville. Serves you Gawga fans right. You all spent the better part of 2019 talking about the greatness you would assume in 2019 and it's the same ol, do the least with the most, empty trophy shelf, University of Georgia Bulldogs. Shoulda kept Richt. Yeah, I know, 21-14 and yet we put a much better fight against the next National Champ. Step aside, clearly you don't know what to do with high expectations. Onward to February!
Cautious optimism with a commit out of LA until the LOI hits the fax. That being said, I've complained all season about our interior defense and I salute Mullen and Grantham for paying attention to detail. Anyone elae see ILB Wingo get a fifth on Rivals? Coaches out here workin'!!!
Top level speed. Torched LSU by himself. The next great Patriots Slot Receiver.
I recall this same loser telling Shavar Manuel to commit to us only to flip on Signing Day. He can suck a lemon and shut up!
If you have won a championship since 1980, please step forward. Not so fast Georgia, continue doing the least with the most. Looking forward to Burrow with the torch job.
Plenty of Fish account not getting much action I see...
Just look at UGA defensive recruiting compared to ours. I know it's a piece work for CDM but it's not that elite talent is unavailable. It takes time, but it has to continue to trend upward.
Recruiting has to pick up. I'll admit that CDM seems like a lock for 8-9 win seasons and I'm greatful for that given this past decade. Unless we start matching the recruiting efforts of the elites, we should expect to be on this end more often then not.
Ouch!Very sad, Taggart deservves better than what he's been getting from Free Shoes U.