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Cautious optimism with a commit out of LA until the LOI hits the fax. That being said, I've complained all season about our interior defense and I salute Mullen and Grantham for paying attention to detail. Anyone elae see ILB Wingo get a fifth on Rivals? Coaches out here workin'!!!
Top level speed. Torched LSU by himself. The next great Patriots Slot Receiver.
I recall this same loser telling Shavar Manuel to commit to us only to flip on Signing Day. He can suck a lemon and shut up!
If you have won a championship since 1980, please step forward. Not so fast Georgia, continue doing the least with the most. Looking forward to Burrow with the torch job.
Plenty of Fish account not getting much action I see...
Just look at UGA defensive recruiting compared to ours. I know it's a piece work for CDM but it's not that elite talent is unavailable. It takes time, but it has to continue to trend upward.
Recruiting has to pick up. I'll admit that CDM seems like a lock for 8-9 win seasons and I'm greatful for that given this past decade. Unless we start matching the recruiting efforts of the elites, we should expect to be on this end more often then not.
Ouch!Very sad, Taggart deservves better than what he's been getting from Free Shoes U.
Front 7 seemed to do their job. I just didn't like the defensive play calling nor the play of the Randy Shannon secondary. If Trubisky can be top 2 pick, then Trask should test the NFL waters. He's putting together a good resume. Put him on the 201w team and we have a Natty. Oh well.... I don't mind Grantham, but his reputation preceeded him. I don't believe he is an elite DC and that he may have peeked. The only way Florida regains national prominence is with a dominant defense. We may need to look elsewhere. I've thought that since last year. Georgia had Stiner read on the last major 3rd down. We all saw the Miss. St game! I want my DBU back!
We're doing quite well in Miami. Even better than the last coaching staff that was championed for their S. Fla ties.
Thankfully, you weren't asked. I like when my team does this. Go follow your team. Always worried about us!
Perfect! I think it's time to retire those white helmets. Unlike the retro whites, every time we where those new white helmets, we get embarrassed (2009 Bama, 2015 FSU, 2017 MICH, to name a few).I like switching up from time to time, but for the big, rivalry games, we do best when we stick to the business attire (Orange-Blue-White). Let's get it!
Tyrie just said what we've all been thinking. That's why I laughed at all the tears and Coach Boom's behavior. It happens. No need to play the hypothetical. One team fought through adversity, one didn't. This is last weeks news.
I appreciate that. I should have elaborated.
Honestly, yes. However, I'm more so just referring to the nastiness of that LB corp that was led by Spikes, especially against UGA. To be clear, I don't want anyone getting hurt or stupid penalties. Beside, Ealy said he was cool afterwards. So we're good, right?
There's really nothing to talk about here. The only thing that matters in this game is what has always mattered: Can we stop their run game? If my constant complaint has not been addressed, interior defense, we are going to lose. Given that Greenard and Zuniga have been hurt, we've been getting gashed. Swift is tough. But I trust CDM and the Texan kid. I've been impressed. Remember, he played the spread option in high school, and it shows. So the offense is good. I need a couple B. Spikes UF-UGA moments from the defense, from Moreno to Ealy and we gon be aiiihhtttt! LETS GO GATORS!!!!!!!!!!
Been fun to watch this team grow throughout the year. Hope we keep improving. Interior defense still a major concern. 51 did not impress me.
I understand that they were out. However, the way we were gutted by the run is concerning. We're good on the edge and Reese is having a great year, but that's it. Miller and Houston are good, but they are undersized and not as quick as some of our past linebacking units. Marco Wilson has been hit or miss also. We're good, but as we get to the meat of the schedule, the margin of eror is slimmer.
Meh, I need my defense to step it all the way up before we can talk about Atlanta. The front seven really concerns me.
Actually, no. Never really scared of a Big 12 team.
LSU with wins against Utah St., BYU and Vandy is not an intimidating win list. Kentucky, Miami and even Tennessee are better quality wins and that can't be debate, regardless of 8f they're having good seasons or not. Lot of love for an offense that hasn't faced anyone. Get your feelings off your shoulder, just facts.
For all the lovr LSU grts, has anyone looked at their schedule up to this point? Florida has played a better and while LSU will be the biggest challenge for Florida due to offense and venue, feels like the forgotten narative is that is is LSU's first real challenge of the season. Florida is the best team that LSU has played up to this point and its going to show. That offense may be good, but may be the better team. These are not vintage LSU lines, LB's or RB's. Let's tell the whole story.
This is like the Skill Position Super Bowl. Not downing Kyle, but I was looking forward to Franks and the passing game against LSU's secondary. Can still enjoy both battles. Love night time in Death Valley. We're on of the few that has a realistic shot at a W. Will tolerate no DBU disrespect this week. Stay in your corner, I'll stay in mine. Bring of Delpit, Fulton and Stingley! This is what we play for!
I don't care about respect from outsiders. Save it. We're after trophies. Let's take care of business!
Forsythe needs to step it up like yesterday.