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Let’s try to stay on topic. How does the team of the decade feel about having their dynasty hijacked by Clemson and the decade punctuated by LSU posting a better season than Bama or any team in the history College football? Your entire decade was overshadowed and forgotten in the two national title games. Saban is warming up for TV retirement and Mac Jones isn’t taking him past Clemson or Ohio State next year. Let all that sink in. I know it’s tough.....
You made an account to post hundreds of stupid comments. Let me guess. Poisoning the oaks on Toomer’s corner and sexually assaulting an unconscious LSU fan are normal reactions. Lol
Wow, we get it, Bama fan. You’re mad. You can’t handle one loss to LSU in the last 9 years. They completed the greatest season in college football history. It was lighting in a bottle, they don’t care and if they go 9-3 or even 8-4 next year, it was all worth it. Losing builds character. Bama fans throw tantrums, they make excuses, they can’t put losses into perspective because they are consumed by entitlement complexes. I haven’t seen a truly happy Bama fan in years. Write an article to convince yourselves what we can all already tell you. LSU will take a step back. They know it. Let them have their moment. For a dynasty Bama fans sure are whiny and incredibly insecure.
This is irony in action. First off, if LSU hit the power ball in 2019, they hit the Lotto in ‘03 & ‘07. Secondly, the state of Alabama fits your definition better than LSU. Louisiana hosts Superbowls, Final Fours, National title games, the Sugar Bowl annually. Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray both fought classics in the Superdome. It’s home to the NFL’s all time passing leader and the highest scoring offense in college football history. They have culture, Cajun cuisine, Mardi Gras, jazz fest. LSU produced arguably the most dominant big in NBA history in Shaq. The Baseball team has won the CWS six times. Alabama has nothing to hang it’s hat on as a state OR a university besides football. Nothing. Tourism doesn’t exist. They host a Bowl game no one goes to. Musicians fly right over you on tours. No jobs. Nothing to take pride in but Bama football. Take that away like LSU did this year, and you can see how empty and purposeless their lives really are. What you think you “have” in your Bama football fandom only distracts you from your own truth. That you live in a state that has nothing and no one cares about. I’d tell you to play powerball, but you don’t have a lottery either. Lol Night night.