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I'd feel a lot better if we weren't missing Cam Sutton and Jalen Reeves-Maybin...
If Del Rio didn't happen to get injured on that play then people wouldn't have seen it as a dirty hit, in my opinion. I've seen much worse
They should remove all the fake ones they "claim" from way back in the day
I'm sure Florida has a great Defense, but I'm ready to see them play against an offense with a pulse.
Rankings are basically pointless right now, but Louisville should've jumped bama. I don't really see a problem with it
So many former bammers getting hurt in the NFL... definitely fishy
I don't see them losing any games outside of @Ole Miss, @Tennessee, & @LSU. They could lose all 3. They could win all 3. It'll come down to those games though.
The Tennessee hype train again? Wasn't UGAthens the overwhelming favorite to win the east last year?
How could anyone possibly predict that Nick Chubb will just jump right back into the swing of things with no side-effects or setbacks from his injury? I hope he comes back 100% and his future NFL career flourishes, but I just don't see that happening... at least for the 2016 season.
Bama fans have been spoiled during the Saban years, and even they'll tell you that. But there isn't really a close 2nd to that delusional fan base. You watch... Saban will retire or move on and hilarity will ensue.
Folks, is this really surprising to anyone? For the last 50 years, what has Ole Miss had to sell? Anything? They've been irrelevant excluding a couple years from the Mannings... So all of the sudden Reverend Freeze comes in and lands a couple top 5 classes just out of the blue?
He was probably promised playing time or a chance that he'd play. He was asked to Blue Shirt and he probably didn't like the idea and probably wants to play right away... I don't blame either party. The kid is being recruited over... happens everywhere.
I didn't know we actually had 5 seniors
Wayyyyyyyyyyy too early on Kyler Murray and Kyle Allen... Cam Newton started his career at Florida (and after that was probably considered a bust)... and now he's arguably the best QB in the NFL. I'm not saying one of the 2 is the next Cam Newton... just saying they shouldn't be near this list yet, and definitely not in the top 5.
I would go push at WR/TE... if anything I would give UT the advantage. They have underperformed, but mostly due to Dobbs' inability to throw the ball downfield. But talent across the board at WR/TE favors UT by a wide, wide margin.
Tennessee had no business losing that game
My homer response... Dormady (Tennessee backup) has been reported that he's a much better thrower than Dobbs. He won't make an impact this year (unless dobbs gets hurt) but he'll be a GREAT QB at Tennessee.
You're the UGAthens fan from Chickamauga that never went to school there... I'm talking to the real UGA fans that actually graduated. You don't have a QB
Georgia offense at #2? This article has to be a troll, right? A Virginia football insider (where Lambert transferred from) said that if Lambert ends up starting for UGA then they're in big big trouble. He couldn't even win the job at Virginia... If you don't know who your QB is going to be, then I don't care how great your RBs are (CHUBB is absolutely dominant)... But even UGA fans would agree here... I would argue that UGA doesn't even have the best offense in the East...
In 1989 Tennessee had 2 stud RBs. Reggie Cobb and Chuck Webb. They were know as "The Cobb-Webb." That is all.
Is there anything more pathetic than grown, overweight, adult men & women running full speed across a field begging for a college athlete's autograph?
Good luck with getting a seat in Neyland this year.
Is there another program in the country that has done less with more than UGAthens? You sound like a South Carolina fan cherishing another 10 or 11 win season... and still no hardware to show for it. As bad as we've been, it's sad that Tennessee won a BCS National Championship, and UGAthens didn't. But hey, at least you have Mark Richt.
What does UGA have to cherish?
The generic team photo covers are just plain terrible (Ole Miss, Arkansas, Georgia, Vandy) The best looking ones are Mizzou, Florida, LSU, South Carolina, & Tennessee.
The #1 reason that the trendy pick is Tennessee is because of the QB situation in the SEC East. Georgia's QB? Florida's? South Carolina's? If Josh Dobbs and Maty Mauk are the 2 best QBs in the East, then it's going to be up for grabs. And, Tennessee is still one of the youngest teams in the COUNTRY... Which bodes well for UT next year and the year after, but they'll go through another year of growing pains with signs of improvement. 8-4
This sounds more like what you HOPE will happen. And it will HAVE to happen if UGAthens wants to make any noise this year.
Wait, your definition of handling UT well is by beating a Dooley coached UT team and a Butch coached UT team with Dooley recruits down to the wire in the last 2 games? It's extremely sad that Tennessee has been in these last 2 games... These have been the 2 least talented Tennessee teams I've ever seen and we could've/should've won both games... Unfortunately for UGAthens, Tennessee is "starting" to get on an equal playing field talent-wise...