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Man how lame do you have to be to sign up a fake profile and put a team you don’t like on there. Sad life you must live. You must be a hoot at parties. I’m sure once you get married if not already that those nights your wife is “working late” she’s definitely not at Brad from accounting’s house getting corn dogged on the side.
Dormady already has shown to throw the ball in tighter spaces than Dobbs. You may be right that this squad won't win 10 games, but it won't be QB play that causes us to make or miss Atlanta this year. Dobbs was one of the best statistical QB's in TN history, but throwing the ball was not how he was known to beat opponents. Dormady throws the ball more and is a bit more accurate so far from what we have seen of him. Knock on wood.
Alright how about we all stop calling UK a dark horse after this atrocity.
If not for a reversed call in 2013 it wouldn't be tied, if a couple of plays went differently in 2014 it wouldn't be tied, if TN didn't knock it down in 2015 it would be tied, if Jauan Jennings didn't leap all the way to Mars over all of your defense it would be tied. IF IF IF and BUT BUT BUT's mean nothing, what really happened? TN-UGA is a great series, and the games are close every year, deal with it. We can play that same game of if's and but's, but they only indicate excuses for losing.
He's a coach I am not very fond of. He always projects himself as a dirtbag to me.
The no turnovers may be a result of some of the conservative play calling early in the game. I really liked that Larry Scott let QD take some shots downfield often, that is a change.
Nothing matters until about 4-6 weeks in. Really 8 games in the pretenders weed themselves out most of the time.
You really believe a RB and WR would have changed the outcome? That offense was porous.
I agree--sell a Top 25 matchup. Same reason FSU was #3 after getting wrecked by Louisville last season, it's nice to sell a 1 vs. 3 matchup in Week 1. FSU got exposed by Bama, who is deserving to be the favorite this season.
He became the second WR since Oct 1, 2016 to leap all the way into outer space to catch a ball. Just saying, our rocket man QB wore off on the rest of the team, because Marquez jumped over the moon twice yesterday. He also looked ridiculous running in traffic on that 50 yard TD.
He leaped into outer space to catch that ball over the middle. Amazing.
BBQ watch the last play. He makes the tackle even if Darrell Taylor isn't in position. I watched him swarm to the ball and he was in on plenty of tackles. Just because he sucked in 2015 doesn't mean he sucks now, and he hasn't sucked for a long time. There's a lot of issues on our defense, but Colton Jumper isn't one of them. In fact, our LB's played better than any unit on our defense. Maybe you are the one that should have watched the game.
Your team played Charleston Southern, I wouldn't put much weight into that for you to be talking right now. Week 1 only matters in the W-L column, and we won. We will see how our offense does in two weeks, and defense on Saturday.
He did it twice for 12 yards which is more than Worley used to do.
Would have been a lot more yards if he wasn't there to make those tackles. It's not 2015 anymore, the hate for Colton Jumper should have expired over a year ago.
We can say what we will about the coaching staff, but the never quit mentality that they've instilled in the past couple of teams is worlds apart from the teams Butch inherited. His teams fight hard, I just hope we stay healthy this year. This game isn't an effective scale to judge where we are at on defense due to the fact that we will not see that offense again. We will see how Shoop's defense plays against normal offenses. I sure hope turnovers keep coming and we keep taking care of the ball. This game in the grand scheme of things would not have had any effect on our team's destiny in the East nor shatter any of our goals. Nothing to lose, but everything to gain in this one such as confidence for a bunch of young players. We can build on this because bottom line is we played a very good team that also was second in their division with a win over the division title winner of their league last year. 1-0.
I agree that his clutch cannot be ignored and this is his job and team.
0 sacks was a dual effort between great pass protection and he moved around when pressure was rarely there and fired the ball. Our O-Line can build off that performance and if he has protection like that all year it's going to be an exciting season for us. Expect Dormady to gain major confidence from this game and build on it.
1st start enough said. He led a 70 yd and 93 yd drive, he's clutch regardless of the slow start and some bad throws here and there.
We are lucky to escape with a win, he played lights out and with passion and left everything on the field. Very inspiring performance, I'm glad TN escaped with a win.
LB's I'm pretty happy with, 23 tackles by Bituli on top of a forced fumble, Jumper had 18 tackles and Cortez McDowell with the FR. we won't know what this defense is made of until we play Florida and UGA, that option may have shredded us but it's so unique you can't really gather a good takeaway from it. Tackling was mostly better that last year and two turnovers forced is positive. Although GA Tech is untangled, it's a bit of a stretch to put them into the same bag as our struggles with App St last year.
That kid played a heck of a ballgame and has nothing to be ashamed of.
Hard to analyze Dormady but he wasn't sacked nor did he turn the ball over. That's valuable and he had a clutch gene leading us 70 yards down the field to get us back in the game.
No sacks and no turnovers, and Kelly had large holes at times. I wouldn't put much weight on when we were stuffed, they held the ball most of the game so we have a small sample size from that offense but we really hotbed our groove in the second half. Dormady led us on a long drive starting deep in our own territory and put six on the board. I want to see him make smarter throws and not get our WR's killed as much and also want to see less drops. Defense could be a lot better against normal offenses. We won't know what we have on D until the Florida game, maybe the UGA game even.
I understand the defense disappeared at the end but look at the T.O.P of A&M's offense and you see a lot of 3 and outs and other than the drive with missed FG a lot of drives that lasted only 1-3 mins. That defense is gassed if they have no time to regroup and recover. This was simply an epic collapse and it wasn't one group it was an entire team disappearing midway through the third.
You can't expect to score 70 points a game in the league, going to have to do better on defense.
I thought when you guys got that second pick-6 that you guys were looking elite, but then the rest of the game happened.
Defense still scored two TD's for them, though. This would have been UGLY without those pick-6's.