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Leave his faith out of it, that is irrelevant. He is in the camp of many that claim a particular faith of a religion but does not follow it.
He can coach at Arkansas State again and follow the Petrino coaching career trajectory
I just don't see how you can fire a guy who matches his record. He may piss off fans and media, but he's spot on we are third in the conference in winning percentage the last two years. Not the East, but the whole conference. I don't blame him for sticking to the narrative when he gets sh!t on by the media. He quotes that and pisses everyone off for it because he's right. I think he has more in store than 9 win seasons.
We have two QB's on campus who are capable as passers to have better careers than Dobbs.
I don't know, maybe because there's nothing suggesting they'll do better other than returning talent from rosters that show those records. I felt the same way last year when we returned a lot of starters. By the way that is 2016 not 15 you're referring to.
Kentucky returns talent from squads that went 5-7, 5-7 and 7-6. That's fine, and Tennessee may lose some faces but that roster is more talented across the board than Kentucky.
Honestly fuzzy, judging by his recruiting I don't think his coach speak is a problem where it matters. All that matters is the perception of those on the couches in living rooms across America. I think his ways are frustrating, but the fact that he defends his players at all costs gives him some credit with parents. Look at Brian Kelly, who demeans his players and staff in public. Kelly mentored Butch, so he could easily drop the script and demean those that failed. He doesn't though, and that family atmosphere is kind of cool. The players play hard for him, minus a few bad apples that we had to deal with last year who quit.
I know Tennessee didn't meet expectations and I'm not making excuses for them, but Butch Jones deserves some slack, Crist. I'm not going to resort to insults like some of my fellow Tennessee fans, but for real. No one wanted the Tennessee job when Butch took it, for good reason. He had two years of rebuild years, and the past two years he has won 9 ball games. He has a point in saying that's more than the rest of the SEC if your name isn't Alabama. I'm not going to accept mediocrity, and losing to SC and Vandy is unacceptable. But Butch has done enough to have confidence from me that the ship is in the right direction. The standard under Fulmer was getting to Atlanta every three years minimum. I'm willing to put an asterisk under the first two years he was here because he had a Group of Five type roster those first two seasons. I want us in Atlanta this year, and based on the way the East always is unpredictable I'm not counting this next team out. Just my two cents.
Having Fulmer in Butch's ear about tradition is not exactly a bad thing. Not a bad influence to have, a former coach who understands tradition.
I am positive NOTHING bad will occur because of this!
It's a useless comparison because their defense could be the best in the country and still not match all that last year's D accomplished. I'm happy to see all of that production ship off to the NFL, and glad my team doesn't have to face that same front seven. However, still not eager to see the Vols' new QB(s) facing this pass defense. They are absolutely loaded on the back end.
I think they'll go 7-5 again, which doesn't sound great--but hey, it's stability and improvement. They return a lot of production, but the problem is as Kentucky gets better other teams in the East are getting better as well. Mark Stoops can stabilize his program just by matching last year's record and maybe add a bowl win. That would be a breakout year for them.
Preston Williams will be missed more in my opinion. Jalen Hurd split the team up, and even though RB depth would be better with him, we are better off without a locker room cancer. If Preston Williams would have worked and not quit, he would be set to be our #1 or #2 receiver this year. He quit when he was seeing less playing time due to his drops. Nonetheless he showed a lot of potential early on last year. Best of luck to him in the Group of Five.
This is not a good look for Coach O. Whether there were any rules broken or not, this is the second time this offseason that Coach O is having negative press from high school coaches in LA. LA is deep in talent, but a HC has to establish healthy relationships with state HS coaches or risk missing out on recruits. Even the small schools punch out gems.
I can't speak to each situation, just seems several other athletes have had no trouble getting back on the sidelines, even being invited. Maybe they're reaching out to the wrong person on game days is what I'm saying, but if this is indeed true I doubt Butch has a hand in those rules seeing as he has shown open arms to former players and coaches since his arrival.
Finebaum likes to ride Alabama's coat tail now that they've dominated. JA is a bit different, his focus is purely on TN and you're not going to find him with his own SEC Network show lol
Trust me, I know what you mean. Just imagine if a Tuscaloosa writer trashed Bama every time they lose and you'd have your own JA. Not just criticize, but absolutely drag the team and coaches through the mud. Heck, JA trashes us even when we win, and he works at the Knoxville Sentinel..
He hates Tennessee, and gets clicks by trashing the Vols. It's an easy formula for Mr. Adams--trash the Vols and get shock/outrage clicks.
6-7 wins are easy to find. There's a few pick em's on top of the 6-7 that you can look forward to.
It is a shame that John Adams can't get a job outside of Knoxville. He would fit in nicely with the beat writers in Tuscaloosa or Gainesville as much as he trashes the Vols. Seriously, he is not well respected in Knoxville, and his opinion means nothing to Vol fans nor the program. The only reason this man has a job is due to the shock value and anger his articles spark--of which he achieves by trashing the university and any program associated with it.
Football definitely needs to win more, but I agree that this article is shifting the focus of the AD's quote. It wasn't aimed at Butch Jones, but more towards our sports as a whole needing to win more games across the board.
If he gets better pass protection, and if the WR's catch the ball this year. A lot of drops last year.
Of all of this, the Florida QB competition is the one I am wondering most about. There's 3 guys who have a shot at winning it, assuming Del Rio comes back healthy. Ole Miss is dead in the water, so it's kind of a non-story at this point. We aren't finding anything new that we don't know. Tennessee is in good shape with the new coaches, and A&M should start Mond.
I'd predict they throw for less yards this year, but wouldn't call them worse or say that's a bad thing. With their RB depth, I think they'll go back to running the ball more, and open up the pass. I'd bet Hurts will be more efficient when he does throw, however.
I'm surprised by this. I know Dooley wasn't welcoming of alumni at all, but it sure seems as if Butch welcomes former players, invites them to speak to the team, has Manning, Al Wilson, etc. on the sidelines in games. If this is true, I'm sure Butch will fix this. He's embraced alumni and former coaches since arriving.
I don't see Chip Kelly coming to Tennessee even if we hypothetically fired Butch. He isn't a fan of the nuances of college football, so he would absolutely hate the Tennessee job. Not a lot of coaches want the TN job, because even with consistent improvement year in and out the fan base calls for your head. We fire coaches a year removed from a division title. Also the Bible Belt doesn't seem like Chip Kelly--he seems more like a west coast guy. A&M would be a better fit for him than TN.
It boils down to how Canales and Larry Scott handle the QB battle. If Scott handcuffs the QB's, much like DeBord handcuffed Dobbs in 2015 and 2016, it's going to be a long year. I'm hoping to see more shots downfield early in the game this year. We have the players to do it in Jennings, Byrd, etc. I hope Butch has us play more aggressively from start to finish, and not wait until we are down to take the chains off of our offense. Our offense works when he starts firing the ball downfield, so I don't know why it hasn't happened week in and out the last two years.