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Tell Michigan we are even now(Ole Miss). They started it by poaching Shea Patterson, we got them back by taking Coach Partridge - looks like we are all square now.
Anyone who really knows Saban knows that he is exactly and calculated (it's one of his biggest flaws). He slightly "ran up the score" as a preemptive warning shot to Partridge that if you go to Ole Miss I'm gonna stick it to you.
LSU won't win it all because the Defense isn't fast enough. As much as I don't want to admit it, it looks like Ohio State has this one in the bag this year.
If not you can start to kiss the Arch Manning Sweepstakes goodbye
This and JT Barrett and Cardale Jones out there.Ya'll need to figure it out!
Warning! Conspiracy theory thought: Low key I think Rich Rod is trying to sabotage Matt Luke to get the Head job based on "experience"? This year's playcalling is worse than all of his previous gigs. Ain't no tanking in the SEC just a pink slip and a box to pack your office.
Somebody Tell Glen Boyce he can't make himself the new AD ok?
Plumlee is a currently a non-throwing Taysom Hill. He will grow and develop it in the offseason. I wish Rich Rod would get it together with some dual qb sets with Plumlee involved. I haven't seen offensive playcalling this bad since the Robert Nkemdiche Memphis game concussion. At this rate, we need start IDing Rich Rod's replacement now to take over at the end of next year when Matt Luke will replace him to save his own job. Ya'll keep this up and Ealy will strictly play only Baseball. Get it together Rebs.
I wonder which will happen first 1.) Lane will offfer Monte a job or 2.) He will leave the school and Chris Kiffin gets the head coach job after Lane finds his "next big break"?
If it "ain't that deep" how bout you take that elephant trunk to the bama section and rot your life away there. You say you attend bama, but you are probably some poor online only student on academic probation. Come back with your "we" stuff after you have atleast attenpted to walk on to the team.
Go suck an egg. Beat bama in 2 consecutive years then we will talk
Leonard I respect you as a running back, but I can't wait till you go to the draft. Esp. during this year's Magnolia bowl.
This ain't even close, Tennessee will win this matchup. The only way Kentucky wins this is to wait until January but then we can see this match-up on the hardwood then Kentucky basketball will avenge these transgressions!
Sign her up! (she's tough); and get her a helmet lol.
Just cause your close to the Mississippi river doesn't make you a riverboat gambler. Don't become the equivalent of a coaching version of Brett Farve. Sometimes you gotta fold (or if you are a qb, take the checkdown). You got a solid core of receiver and a qb to match, even started developing a run game this year (by comparison of recent previous years). You are doing well. Now hit the road for some more O-line and defense. Don't play psttereon yet!
Against a division foe on the rise (finally) , who would gladly crush your highest recruit; they want an easy win next year, right? Don't get suckered freeze......#KeepTheRedshirtOn
So.... do you really expect him (Patterson) to come in and not have kelly's injury fresh in his head. The o line is underdeveloped this year. If patterson gets injured by the same o line that was "taking care" of chad kelly, what does that say for your entire season next year? Come on freeze you are smarter than that. You mess this one up and that former #1hs qb gets injured you can copy the record from this year for the next 2 seasons.Freeze would be "out in the cold " Les Miles style. Then it would he difficult to recruit all over again. Don't mess this choice up freeze, it's only your coaching career we are talking about here.
If you weren't going to redshirt him you should have played him against FSU. It was only nationally televised! Let other potential recruits see what he is doing in order to move them towards closing there receuitment earlier towards Ole Miss. Kinda like what they did with Eli in the 2nd half of the Music City Bowl (I saw it live). Stop coming up short on good recruits on near misses. Close the deal sooner rather than later. If you want Cam (5star runningback). Stop pulling stunts like showing up at his high school games on friday nights, and start hitting the the road to find some more bigs that can block for him (Like Ark's. Oline last year -:they had the size but they were soft). You got the qb of the future but we gotta get some "quality" depth. No more of that "we have 1 good one at that position" ish. That mentality did us in against FSU. God knows we can't afford to miss with self imposed scholarship limitations. Get it together Rebs, get it together. #ToMuchTruthTuesday -HammerShark
Limited time till the next game means limited reps. At this point I would keep the redshirt on patterson. State will have a few injuries after facing bama. The rest of the schedule should be cake (and you still become bowl eligible.)
Ok I'm not sure where the real GA players were today (The obvious didn't make it to Oxford). Whoever those "understudies" wearing those jerseys today need to report straight back to the high school JV team they came from.
See this is what happens when you try to show off. Catch the ball first, then take a knee... lol
So help me to understand what is "too far"? Is it an Auburn loss to teams with the mascot of tigers? LSU, Missouri maybe? How about Clemson? Our your very own practice squad. Does the loser of a scrimmage get labeled as the "War Eagle" or "Tigers"?
Two things: 1. I didn't see South Alabama back on the schedule. I guess they weren't available again in 2017. 2. I didn't see Charleston Southern listed as "that school with south in the name bowl". Oh well, I guess that gives you all year to recruit a decent kicker, or another female abusive DE, it's your call.....
Let's see him talk all that craziness next time he comes to the grove. He'll get the beat down courtesy of red cup mafia.
Hey coozie how about you stop sucking and go help tune those bass drums. Your drumline is dirty son!!!! #hottyToddy
Stop talkin crazy and clean your parradiddles son! Your drumline is dirty!!! #hottyTody
Hey Geogia have fun with that angry Saban
Hate on chome or shiny if you want, it helps with recruiting the data dont lie. Better recruiting equals more wins long term (i.e. class of 2013). So just cause you don't like it, doesn't mean that people who impact the game (players) won't.
Every true ole miss fan is used to getting hated on, that's just how it goes..... The media hates on us, we hate State, LSwho, and 'bama, and auburn complains while JJ throws another pick. Then the world keeps spinning.