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Dan Mullen has NEVER interviewed anywhere else except Miami. In fact, his in-laws retired and bought a house and moved to Mississippi from Pennsylvania. His wife loves it in Starkville because it is a great place to raise a family. She is very active in her church group here and loves it. The Mullen's have made it very clear on the record that they love it in Starkville. The in law's clearly had no other reason to move here unless Dan and Megan intended to be here for awhile. He didn't want to go back to Florida. Florida wanted Jim McElwain, former Bama Offensive-Coordinator and head coach at Colorado St. They didn't want Freeze. They had to pay off Muschamp's approxmimate 6 million dollar contract because they fired him, they had to pay off McElwain's almost 7 million buy out contract at Colorado St. (they did negotiate a lesser amount of money), plus the salary Florida would pay him to be their head coach. Quite a large sum of money was spent by Florida; they really wanted McElwain because they paid the equivalent of 3 contracts to get him. Greg McElroy had been saying this for months on his SEC radio show. McElwain was his coordinator when he was the Bama QB, and he was right on the money. Mississippi State has been very successful since Dan has been our head coach. Ole Miss fans can't stand him, and I get that. When Dan came, we beat them 3 years in a row in the Egg Bowl. After Freeze arrived at Ole Miss, they started to succeed also. Now, they have beaten us the past 2 years in a row. Both programs are doing well. I don't understand why Ole Miss people feel the need to trash talk, but if that makes you feel better. Whatever. Personally, I have more love for my school than I have hate for yours. As for the D coordinator, I was glad to see Geoff Collins leave because I didn't like that style of defense-bend don't break-soft coverage between the 20's. He was a fantastic recruiter. I wanted Manny Diaz back and was thrilled when he came back. I am sad that he is leaving, but understand Miami is his hometown. Mark Reicht has always stolen our D coordinators. We do always get very good coordinators at HailState! I am sure we will get another one!
It is amazing that an Ole Miss fan would actually try to discredit the factual, indisputable accomplishments of Dak Prescott. In addition to breaking school records, he has broken national records passingEli Manning, and is on a list with Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel. He is amazing, and the fact that they try to say he isn't is laughable. Facts and records don't lie. I think a person who says this is in serious denial. Nationally, Miss. State and Ole Miss both are criticized and never given credit for anything unless we are really, legitimately great. So, trust me, all the great press he gets is well-deserved. He is a great leader and person. Dan Mullen has been a great coach for us as well. When he came, we beat Ole miss 3 years in a row, so I think he has been successful. The great QB's like Tebow, Chris Leak and Alex Smith have all credited him for their development. Tim Tebow comes to his house and stays when he is in Starkville, and Dak wanted to come to State because of Dan Mullen. So, get over it. Ole Miss has done well also. Yesterday, we were both 8-3 teams. Ole Miss beat us because we turned the ball over 3 times in the first half, and dug a deep hole. Our O line was under manned. I think they were the better team last night. I am sad that Dak didn't win his last game because he has done so much for us. Those 14 seniors are the winningest group since 1947. The State of Mississippi for once has gotten some respect because both universities have done well. I lived in Florida for 10 years, and they didn't have much respect for the Mississippi schools. In fact, they got us confused. I quickly corrected them. After meeting people, they were shocked that I was from Mississippi because I was intelligent, well-dressed, had class and confidence. After moving back home, our two teams had a resurgence, and I don't have so much hate for Ole Miss anymore because I know how our state is viewed. It is better when we all are doing well. I do, however, have a low tolerance for dishonesty and erroneous statements. Last season was our big dream season where we were #1 for 5 weeks and had a shot at the SEC Champs. We didn't quite make it, but we were there. This season, Ole Miss had a chance. But, Bama won out. . My entire family graduated from State, and we LOVE the university. Some fans don't even have affiliation with the schools they root for. How many Bama fans just jump on the bandwagon and buy that tshirt? I wish HailState would have won yesterday. But, we are still 8-4 and headed to yet another bowl game. Congrats to OM. We will be back. #Hailstate4ever #wrapmeinmaroon&white
I didn't understand why we played that soft coverage defense instead of the aggressive pressure defense we are capable of playing. Usually, when we play talented QB's like Kelly, Diaz blitzes and puts pressure on the QB in order to disrupt the timing of the offense. He did none of that. He basically called a soft, laid back defense. I knew then that we were beat if we continued to do that, which we did, and boom-21-0. Of course, 14 of that was off turnovers, but still. Very disappointed in that soft defense. Why?
OMG, Vern and Gary are the worst. I wish the SEC would re-do their contract with another network instead of CBS on the afternoon games, or CBS would retire these two. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Every time I know that my team is playing on their game slot, I get physically ill. Gary does not analyze the game; he offers opinions about the schools playing. He and Vern clearly have a bias against anyone who isn't Alabama. That is fine for Bama fans I suppose, but I am sure even they get sick of hearing these two. There are too many talented sports journalists to keep allowing these two to ruin our games.
What a difference a week makes. I wondered where the offense was against Ole Miss. Even Henry wasn't getting any yards last week. Clearly some guys stepped up. I expected Saban to work his magic on the players. Bama looked more Bama-like this week. Georgia is a much improved team this year, but Bama took care of business.
The Gators were very impressive vs. Ole Miss. I was shocked at how well they played. I expected the Gator Defense to be outstanding, but I wasn't expecting the offense to score so many points and dominate the way they did. Ole Miss has an exceptional defense with playmakers all over the field. After I heard about 21 players from Florida having stomach flu, I thought the team wouldn't do so well. Ole Miss looked like a shell of themselves-the team that dominated Alabama so convincingly. Their defense swarmed all over Bama, causing most of the 5 turnovers. They looked nothing like that. It was the Gators Defense that looked imposing, The offense looked equally great. Coach Mac is doing a fantastic job there.
I so agree with you Stategrad and others. Shumper is not running as well as he did last year in the latter part of the season. I think Dear does a great job as does Lee and Aeris Williams, yet we haven't played them that much, why? They move the ball. We can still work Holloway in too. How about all of the incredible receivers we have. Gray is a straight up stud, and we haven't gotten him the ball enough. Junior College All-American, and he has made some incredible catches this year when he has gotten the ball. We have all of those talented receivers, yet we aren't using them enough. I just don't understand it. After the 1st quarter, the defense did enough to keep us in the game, but the offense only scored 17. That is just not going to cut it. The sad part is that we have the firepower to do it.
I agree bulldogbuck55. He was amazing and very dominate in that game, and defensive player of the week of the SEC. However, I would rather win that than be mentioned on the SDS website since it is an actual award from the conference, and this is just a website with people's opinions, some that are a little out there. Go Richie!
My biggest complaint about the whole thing is that the SEC teams, all of us, are very talented, and when we play out of conference, we typically win big. We most likely will have a one loss representative this year. Having said that, Ohio State is undefeated, and while they may remain that way, their schedule is too soft. The past two weeks, they have barely pulled off a win. There aren't any SEC schools like that. I realize Ohio State is a great team, but how can they stay #1 with this schedule up against a no loss or 1 loss SEC school? There are other conferences that have great teams too, but Ohio State isn't playing any of them.
As a Mississippi State graduate and football enthusiast, mainly SEC, I am tired of people not giving my school credit for the talent and recruiting we have done since Mullen has been our coach. People comment, and they have no idea what they are talking about because they haven't kept up with the caliber of recruits we have gotten etc... At this point, we have some 4 star recruits as well as junior college transfers. In addition, Mullen has taken 2-3 star recruits, and they are starters in the NFL. Some are Super bowl Champions. For the past 3 years, we have had multiple Super bowl Champions on teams. A lot of athletes are not going to Bama and other places just to sit and not get to play. They are still getting their share of 5 star recruits, but the difference is, the rest of us are getting top 10-top 25 draft classes and developing our players. I am no Ole Miss fan, but people don't want to give them credit either. But, the reason the SEC West is so good from top to bottom is that all of these athletes want to go somewhere and play. So, we are recruiting very well too. Even Les Miles admitted that on SEC Nation Saturday. He likened it to bull riding with a thin strap every Saturday. He said if you like great competition, you will love the SEC. We have a stable of running backs and receivers. People who watched our game Saturday could see that after we finally played an easy team. Two back up QB's scored TD's easily. In the LSU game, we could have won it at the end, but our kicker cannot kick a 52 yard field goal, and we missed a 2 pt. conversion. We lost that game by two pts. So, if you think LSU is that special, we are right there in their range. 2 pts. to be exact. I always give other schools credit when they are talented and are winners. Our athletes have worked hard to be where they are too, and they deserve the accolades they receive. Dak is a superstar for sure, but we have others on our team, and quite a few on awards and watch lists. Do your homework before you spout off about the talent level of a team. I know the personnel on all the SEC West teams and most of the east teams. I don't comment on a team unless I know what I am talking about. I am sorry, but my entire family graduated at STATE. Our people at STATE are great people, and we do have a talented team. We did last year and this year. Give us a little credit.
State is loaded with talent. Many of our guys saw significant playing time last year. On offense, we have a stable of receivers. In addition to "Bear" Wilson and Fred Ross, we also have two huge tight ends, Walley and Hutcherson. Other receivers who have catches are Morrow, Gray, Brown and Myles. Our running backs are Shumpert, Holloway (he is a track star, and he ran back the 100 yard kick last week, Lee and Williams). Of course, Dak is the ultimate star on offense. They shifted our OL around, and most of them saw playing time last year and are very good. On defense, the same is true. Our defense is excellent. I am very glad our former D-coordinator came back. He is a more aggressive style coach, and I love that. For ex: Chris Jones, 4 star recruit out of h.s. and Star, was not considered a starter last year, yet he played most of the time. I expect him to leave for the NFL at the end of this year. Several of the guys fit that pattern. We have a slew of guys on the watch lists, in addition to Dak, and they got there for their play last year. That is the reason we have so many juniors and seniors on the team. They had to wait their turn, but they still have played quite a bit. So, when the media says we lost all of these players to the NFL etc... and "starters"it is deceiving. We have an excellent football team. But, we are used to people underestimating us. We just go out and prove them wrong. The SEC is very loaded with talent, and it will be tough every week with all the teams. Good Luck to everyone. It should be very entertaining.
IThis guy is an Alabama graduate, and it is funny that all of these Bama fans have posted disparaging remarks about STATE, when he is your guy. I posted a link because apparently he does videos like this all the time. To disparage an entire fan base and graduates of a school is ignorance of the highest order.
Here's the deal, we didn't have the ball for most of the game, Southern Miss(much improved) had it for 38 min. Yet, we came back and won the game 34-16. Our defense stopped them on the goal line right at half. The defense played well, and one of our starting corners was out-a freshman started in his place. We made terrible mistakes in the first half like Shumpert fumbling going into the endzone, and Ross muffing the two punts(very uncharacteristic for him). We can't do that in SEC play, and I don't think we will. But, even the best teams have errors like that. Even Ohio State muffed a punt the other night. The coaches were trying to prevent Dak from running, which was holding him back from how he plays the game. Coach Mullen also had a very vanilla game plan. Most teams sputter during their first game. I noticed we didn't have the cramping and silly penalties like many other teams did (we usually do). That showed me our conditioning and maturity/discipline are there. We still wound up having over 400 yards. Also, we did lose quite a few players to the NFL, but most of our guys played last year-remember the 1A-1B concept on defense and offensive line? We are loaded on offense, despite the fact that our offense didn't play that great the other night. On top of that, some of our 4 star recruits can play. Dak is still Dak-8th in the Heisman voting. Brandon Holloway looked like the track star he is, over 100 yard field goal return. I am glad we played a decent team to challenge us and get the kinks out. PLaying a cupcake really doesn't help. WE have done that in the past and won 50-0, only to lose in conference play. I know we will be very competitive again this year. Let's face it. The SEC West is stacked, and any team in there can beat the other on any given day. That is the reason we all love it. Or, as weagleingermany from Auburn might say, we love to hate it. It should be interesting.
As I predicted, this guy is no State grad. He is an Alabama graduate from Alabama, and apparently, he makes crazy videos like this all the time. So, for all the Bama people who made cutting remarks, he is all yours, not ours. For the record, I don't want our stadium to be like Death Valley. I love our atmosphere and the tradition our campus has. Our renovation was just completed, and it is gorgeous. I have been on LSU's campus and at Death Valley, and its the fans that make it. Our campus is much more beautiful. I knew this guy was a fake when he made that ridiculous remark.
All fan bases have fans like this. I find it very predictable that Alabama and Ole miss fans jumped on the bandwagon to criticize this man. There are all kinds of people at every university of all social classes etc... I resent it greatly when someone implies that ALL Mississippi State fans are just like this man when we have very accomplished, intelligent and beautiful people who graduate from our school. I don't know if this man is a legitimate fan much less graduate of our university. I see fans of Bama and Ole Miss all the time that are first class Red Necks, but I am intelligent and open minded enough to understand that these people do not represent everyone there. There all all kinds of fans at every school. Many people that support, particularly Bama, didn't even graduate there. My entire family graduated from State, all have been extremely successful, and clearly this guy doesn't reflect the average person at Miss. State, contrary to what TheRebelTruth said (your name is priceless considering you made that blanket statement). Also, this guy may not even be a State fan. He could be someone who did this just to make a joke out of himself in order to bring negative attention like he is doing. Most STATE fans I associate with have class. I love football, and I am proud of what our team has been since Dan has come to Starkvegas. But, a university is so much more than just that. We are very rich in tradition at Miss. State, and it is an insult to the families of people like me to imply otherwise. Clearly Daviathar knows nothing about what he is talking about. I respect all of the schools in the SEC, and I harbor no ill will, but it is insulting to see people jump on here and say such ridiculous things. Regardless, I am proud to be a graduate of HailState U, with two degrees, a Master's and Bachelors, and to have walked the campus that my grandfather walked.
Vern and Gary are the reason I say, "on no," if CBS does our game. Even if I am watching someone else's game, they get on my nerves so badly. Could they retire already. I know there are some young, talented sports broadcasters that could take over for them.
I have learned that playing cupcakes tell you nothing about what your team does or does not have. You will find out when you actually play a strong opponent. Most of the SEC played cupcakes. All of the SEC West will be formidable. This time last year, the teams to beat were no the teams to beat later in the season. Now, I am NO Ole Miss hater, but clearly I do not love them either; I am a Miss. State graduate, and I love, love, love my school. My team played quite sloppily in the first half. However, in the 2nd half, we came back strong and won 34-16. Southern Miss is no cupcake like UT Martin. We have played teams like that in the past that posed no real threat, and we looked like superstars, only to get into SEC competition and fall flat. Our star QB didn't play his best, we turned the ball over on muffed punts-we made major errors, yet Dak still had over 400 yards and won the game by a substantial margin against a decent opponent that held the ball 38 min. I wouldn't call that awful. Also, a goal line stand on the one yard line at the end of the 1st half paved the way for the 2nd half. I call that half time adjustment, not awful. The Rebels should have blown out UT Martin. Any SEC West team, or SEC team for that matter should have blown that school out. Congrats to them on their 76-3 blow out of UT Martin. It is safe to say that every SEC opponent is viable, and you have to bring it every week. But, we already knew that. This bowl prediction story is ridiculous right now. Now, on to SEC play.
One bad night does not a season make. We made several mistakes, USM had the ball 38 min., our star QB even had a bad night, yet we still managed to win 34-16 on the road in the middle of the night. We also stuffed them on the goal line more than once . Better to get the kinks worked out now than in SEC play.
First, we haven't even finished this season with the title game, and we are already discussing not who will be first, but last next year in the West? The truth is that based on last year's prognostications, nobody has a clue. Full disclosure, I am a graduate of Miss. State as is my entire family. It is a wonderful university, and I love it far beyond the realms of football. But, I do love college football. This year was amazing for us until the bitter end. Having said that, I think Arkansas is on the uptick. They played very well this year and could have easily beaten STATE and Bama. They were in every game they played. At the end of the season, they whopped LSU, Ole Miss and their Bowl opponent. Nobody knows what recruits or players on the depth chart may step up. I know our depth quite well, and I am even surprised by some players that break through. We have some great offensive talent returning, and I am told that we have recruited well defensively. I can sit here and say that LSU's offense this year was bad, primarily due to the QB and lack of receivers, but they may have someone coming up. Who knows? As far as Ole Miss, they will miss Cody Prewitt at safety, and what happened to the Nkemdiches? It is as if they disappeared this year. Perhaps their legal troubles and off the field problems came back to bite them? I don't expect Nick Saban to leave Bama; in fact, I just read an article stating that he would not go to the NFL. He is a great coach, well paid. As long as he is at Bama, they will be a contender. Who knows about Texas A&M and Auburn. Both teams were inconsistent this year. One week, they would play well, and the next, not so much. A great new D coordinator will go a long way, but he needs the guys to buy into his system and to execute it. So, what do we know about next year? Nothing.... absolutely nothing. Speculate all you want.... I guess the SDS people get paid to do this, but I do not. I happen to be off work, and I just had to respond to this. One thing is certain, this article doesn't bring us any closer to finding out. WE can all follow our team's National Signing Day in Feb. Watch Spring Ball, and of course, our big decision rests on DAK. But, what can we do about it? Wait until August/Sept. 2015 when we will all be clamoring for more football. In the meantime, we will all have to listen to the rest of the country chide us about how the SEC, especially the WEST, isn't as great as we all thought. The truth is, we are a great conference, or they wouldn't feel compelled to talk about it so much. I do think that Oregon and Ohio State as well as Georgia Tech, and TCU are all outstanding teams that I watched this weekend. I also was impressed by Michigan State and Baylor, and none of them are SEC.
I have to agree with the overall assessment of the game. Having said that, no excuses here. We were very competitive in the BAMA game. In fact, it took a safety and field goal for them to beat State. After that game, it seemed like our guys lost the fire. We tanked in the Egg Bowl-didn't play nearly as well as we had been playing. Then in the Orange Bowl game, we played better, particularly on offense. The defense played poorly. After I found out our coordinator was leaving for Florida, I was very concerned about the triple option, and I felt it could be the difference in the game. We lost by 15 points. Clearly, that was the difference in the game. However, Georgia Tech is a great team, runner up to Florida State in their conference. Ending on a bad note with a loss to two teams that I feel we could and should have beaten is a hard pill to swallow, but we had an amazing season this year. Usually, we go to mediocre bowl games and win easily-ex: Gator Bowl-Blew out Michigan 52-14, Liberty Bowl-blew out Rice 44-7. This year was a dream come true for us, and as a graduate and an entire family that graduated from STATE, it was fantastic! It is a terrific university, nationally ranked for academic reasons as well as for sports. Not bad for a small state. I will take it.
I understand how devastating this must be to this young man, but I also know this is common practice among the colleges. Look how many QB's have transferred out of Bama and FSU. I know that we have two really good QB's sitting behind Dak. We have a great dual threat that nobody has seen play yet, 4 star recruit Elijah Staley. He is 6'5", dual threat, and he even is a great basketball player. I am sure that the other schools that were interested in Chase will still be when they discover he is available. I understand that he already was talking about being a member of the team, and since we are so successful this year, I am sure people have bragged on him for being selected to play for us. As a loyal STATE fan, I know that we try to do things the right way at STATE. I am sure Dan didn't mean to hurt him. He actually offered him a gray shirt, which meant that he would sit out the 2015 season and learn, then be eligible to play the next year. If Dak stays for his senior year, I know about the two guys that are already prepared to play ahead of him. I wish Chase all the best.
Dan deserves it hands down. When you look at where we are now compared to where we were when he first arrived in Starkvegas, there is no way he shouldn't win. At first, I was just proud to put together a winning season and go to consecutive bowl games. He has beaten Ole Miss 4 of 5 times, and most importantly, look at us now-been #1 most of the year, and still at #4. We have a chance to play for a National Championship and a possible SEC title with help from Auburn. We beat all of the big guys this year, except Bama-only lost by 5- a safety and field goal. If we play them again in play offs, it will be at the Sugar Bowl-in New Orleans. Personally, I don't think they could beat us on a neutral field. The place would be packed with State fans, and it's Dak's home state. First things first, we have to beat a motivated Ole Miss team, and I know it will be tough because they are going to want to beat us more than ever-too much at stake here. Also, he recruits 3 stars and turns them into PRO starters. Dak was a 3 Star and look at him now. Maxwell and Davy O'Brien Finalist, Heisman Candidate top 3. This is the BEST team we've had in history.
By the way, #hailstate is our fightsong and battle cry. It has been around for 75 years. We sing the fight song every game and have for as long as I can remember. Of course, I would not expect an Ole Miss fan to know anything about our traditions at STATE. Words & Music by Joseph Burleson Peavey, 1939 Hail dear 'ole State, Fight for that victory today; Hit that line and 'tote that ball; Cross the goal before you fall, And then we'll yell, yell, yell, yell! For dear 'ole State we'll yell like hell! Fight for Mis-sis-sip-pi State, Win that game today.
As long as we win, and it is Maroon and White,( a little 14 Karat or 24 Karat never hurt anyone), I LOVE IT! Love the maroon helmets with gold trim. The gold inside the numbers is the outline of the State of Mississippi (Our STATE). I know that Adidas is always making uniform alternatives for us and other schools etc.... The recruits love it, and I know it cost a fortune to do it. I am pleased that Adidas and STATE has the $$$$ to keep our guys happy. Just FYI, there are all types of people at every university in America, including State and Ole Miss. It is ridiculous to call an entire group of people classless, when we all know there are all types of people everywhere, including State and Ole Miss. I would like to think the majority at both schools are great folks. People should learn to speak for themselves, and not for others they know nothing about. #ProudGraduate'86 #HailState, #GoDAWGS #DAKATTACK #WrapinMaroon&White
I definitely think Dan Mullen deserves it this year. When he came to STATE, we had fallen to an all time low in Starkvegas. He rebuilt our culture, a new stadium, the hearts and minds of the players and fans, and now has us in the top 4, sitting at #1 for weeks in a row this year. He saw potential, and he literally built a program from the ground up. He has coached yet another Heisman candidate from obscurity to superstar status in college football, and we actually have a shot at playing for a national title. We have played in bowl games 4 out of the past 5 years. This year will be 5 of 6. Guys come in as 3 star recruits and go on to the NFL as starters. He has done this on an athletic budget that is half what Bama and LSU have. Of course, his salary has increased considerably, and due to generous donors etc.., we have started to close the gap. Our athletic facilities, campus and atmosphere is second to none. People expect this of Saban and Bama; they have recruited the top recruiting class for the past 3 years in a row at least. Brett Bielema has done a great job; I say he will win maybe a year from now. I don't think any of the east teams' coaches will win because they all are about the same in terms of success.
I agree about Les. I knew there was no way on this cranberry sauce. I was thinking of some kind of grass casserole. This is very clever.
Is it just me, or is this one of the most informative one of these articles we have read in awhile. Basically, we can't predict the outcome of any of these games or scenarios. Until rivalry week is played out, we really have to play the waiting game. Then, of course, conference championships week is a bit more telling. I will say that there is not enough dessert on this menu for a true Southern Thanksgiving dinner. Since Dan Mullen is my head coach, and I LOVE dessert more than any item on the menu. He and Mississippi State would be my favorite Thanksgiving Day dessert, the BEST item on the menu. Our team is the BEST it has been in years with the BEST QB and possibly player in college football, DAK Prescott. He was named a finalist yesterday for the Maxwell and Davy O'Brien Awards respectively. He has also been a legit Heisman contender all season and is quite deserving. P.S. Our best friends are Georgia DAWGS, and poor Mark Reicht gets no respect; comparing him to stuffing.... sad, but Georgia does always some how seem to make it no matter what. They will back into the SEC Championship game, but in the West, we have fought our tails off this year to get there. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Ignore this. Too much football left to be played. Also, based on last year's projections, nobody has a clue. Once the top 4 is decided, and I really do pray Mississippi State is one of the four, the SEC has the most clout in terms of the bowls. I recall last year we leapfrogged over a couple of teams and got a better bowl because of our fan support etc.. $$$$ I graduated at STATE as did my whole family, and I have literally waited my whole life for this. I have supported the team through thick and thin. I am an avid lover of college football, mostly SEC. The other conferences just do not have the strength of schedule. Baylor would be the only team that could leap frog State if we win out. They would need to blow Kansas State out, and I do not see that happening. The opposite could even happen. Ohio State will win the Big 10, but they would have to blow out Wisconsin in the Championship. However, the DAWGS have to win against our rivals, and I know they will be hungry to win. I think we all know that "IF" is the biggest word in college football, and the more we all watch, the less we realize we really don't know. I guess that is the reason we all love to watch it. It is like playing Russian Roulette with your heart if your team is involved.
Love the Mississippi State unis as well as the Georgia ones. The South Carolina ones would be my 3rd choice. The color schemes in these work best without being too dull, yet not looking like a highlighter marker.
I am especially proud of Miss. State starting line backer for the SeaHawks, KJ Wright, he was a 4th round pick in the draft, but Pete Carroll saw how talented he was, and he played his way into the starting line up as did Richard Sherman and others. Not bad for a guy from Olive Branch, MS.