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So Petrino would take the ball, and Saban would defer... isn't the coin-toss a non-event then? It's even less of a factor than it normally is in this case!
Actual sexual molestation = meh, no biggie Guy saying "Better not do that to me!" = THUG STATUS CONFIRMED K.
I wish people wouldn't float Hurts as a Heisman candidate so soon. He's just not there. Maybe in a year or two. This year looks like Lamar Jackson's year.
And to think that last year I was saying Tennessee might be the team to beat this year.
Very Funny! Shame it's a joke, I would have loved the irony of former confederate states calling themselves "America".
For an article with only just over 100 words, the least they can do is get the words right...
At the college level... he'd probably be a better offensive lineman. He might be a good fullback, but he'd need to work on his speed a fair bit.
"Clemson also has a better D than UT" While I haven't followed Clemson too closely, I think Tennessee's defense is better than Clemson's. No way the Tennessee D gives up 37 points to UNC the way Clemson did. Heck, UNC might have scored even more if not for a bad call on a successful onside kick.
Chad Kelly runs outside more, whereas Deshaun Watson runs up the middle. Alabama is even better at stopping the inside run than they are at stopping the outside run. Alabama also won't be starting Cooper Bateman vs. Clemson.
This. And even if he were able to just overpower NFL defensive players, the injury rate is so high with RBs that even elite ones tend not to go in the first round.
Vegas has done a better job of pricing Saban's personality into point spreads in recent years. Alabama was favored by 14 over Auburn and ended up winning by 16. Florida were 17 point underdogs and lost by 14. Pretty good estimates if you ask me.
"Can a 21 year old recover from a football game in which he was not injured in just a week?" How is this even a question? He was probably back to 100% on Wednesday.
"We are excited about the future and the University of Alabama is where I plan to end my coaching career." Enough with the speculation. He's not leaving. I also doubt he wants to retire just yet: "You know my mother had a hole-in-one when she was 80," Saban said. "I never had one. So I'm thinking I have 16 more good years of golf, and if I can play golf I should be able to coach."
Yeah. NFL kickers can hit 70-80 yarders in practice too. What makes kicking 50 yard FGs hard is kicking it high enough not to be blocked.
Colin Nerfherder showed unbelievable disrespect to Tennessee. It's unwarranted. Even if you think the SEC is massively overrated, Tennessee only lost to Oklahoma by 7. Baylor lost by 10 to OU, and OSU lost by 5 times that amount. Yet Tennessee is unranked, just because they lost to SEC teams. The Vols are a damn good team, and I am looking forward to our game next year. It's gonna be good.
"Gus Malzahn is a good coach, but at the same time, he isn't."
LSU will deserve the decade-long rebuild if they get rid of Les.
He committed the cardinal sin of losing to Nick Saban? I don't get it either. For LSU's sake, I hope that this is just a rumor, and nothing more.
I mean, it happened in 2013, all it did was intensify our hatred for Auburn.
Trophies*. Obvious troll is obvious, but I'll bite for the sake of my sanity. A.) You don't get to decide ex-post that a team that was ranked at the time is bad B.) Alabama would have won had the refs enforced the rules correctly C.) Ole miss still needed a miracle play to pull out that win despite the missed Illegal man downfield call D.) Beating a ranked team should not count for the same amount as a win against cream puff state. E.) The committee rules state that a non-conference champion must be "unequivocally" better than a conference champion. Even if you seriously believe that Notre Dame is better than Alabama, the rule state that the ranking must take conference championships into account. F.) Your grade in critical thought and reasoning. G.) You'd be crazy to say that the Patriots don't deserve to go to the playoffs if they ended up losing a couple games this season - because it's very, very difficult for a team to win every single game in a season. One loss doesn't suddenly make a great team crap, and shouldn't disqualify a team that is a contender. I will say that I would like to see the playoff expanded to 8 teams. Notre Dame deserves a shot at the title, even if I think they'd lose in the quarterfinal of a hypothetical 8 team playoff.
He was an understudy of Belichick when both worked for the Browns. ... that's about all I can come up with.