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Everyone seems to forget that Alabama lost just as much talent as LSU
From Pee Wee to the Pros throwing a punch gets you a ticket to the showers. He didn’t like the big white guy beating him on the play. That was his peaceful protest
Shelvin was looking really good before he left. He may be heavy but he is beast strong.
Ask anyone who the current National Champion is. My point is made. I am ecstatic that it currently is LSU but I don’t care who it is. Win the Ship, you should have it until you don’t deserve it. Respect.
Don’t care?!?! I don’t like Big 11 or PAC 12 but I would still watch it. Some of it. College football is kinda like SEX. The worst I’ve had was still wonderful
I have always believed that the previous years champion should start out the next season as the No 1 team. Just as a sign of respect. The way they do it now the champion could go undefeated and some idiot like Andre Ware could have them ranked out of the top ten and if the right teams go undefeated the previous years champ could be SOL. Until someone beats them they are still the Champs.
Yep 2019 was great but how much credit Brady should get is debatable. 2 years ago he was a low level assistant with the Saints. Let’s see what he does going forward before we crown him God’s gift to offense.
Running the chance of getting kicked to the curb here but I’m going to muddy the water. SDS has chosen to run 3 or 4 articles that aren’t sports articles but political statements. And don’t allow us to comment. That’s not fair. If you are going to put those out there, be prepared for others to want to put their “truth” out there.
People can say that Wade meant he was trying to buy a player all they want but the only fact that matters is that he didn’t actually say that. My older brother used to call a friend and ask if he still had those 4 wheeler tires for sale. They got busted but got off even though he bought 4 wheeler tires every payday.
In fact I have never seen that. How exactly would you say that?
Bama over GA LSU over Florida A&M over Vols Auburn over KY SC MSst Ol Piss over Mizzou AR Vandy who knows Real world, advantage west
How long has it been since GA beat LSU? I bet you really thought y’all had a chance in last year’s game too.