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You know you can bash on TN if you want to but not by saying TX is more relevant than TN. TX had a losing record last year in the B1G. Their basketball team wasn’t as good and their baseball team wasn’t as good. Nothing they did was as good except revenues. Now if you don’t like TN (I don’t either) that’s fine but I like them better than TX.
GA won 1 Natty in 40 yrs. LSU has won 3 in the last 20. Second to Bama in the country not conference. Educate yourself
The only negative is his size but I never thought Slade Bolden would make it either. When you’re wrong, say you’re wrong.
Stacked classes are only stacked classes after the MLB draft
He would never make a life/career choice over money? Hmmm
Yeah I saw an article saying that but I haven’t seen confirmation from LSU’s side. $700K is more than we have ever paid for a baseball assistant. If that number sticks it will mean LSU has really stepped up the game.
Ricks is not a lockdown corner. Sorry. He just isn’t. He does occasionally break on a ball and makes the interception but most of the time when playing man his receiver is running free. Maybe Bama can coach him up but he is still going to be a corner with 2 shoulder surgeries in less than 2 years so don’t count on him coming up lowering the boom.
Wow. I can’t remember any school hiring a pitching coach or any coach from MLB in midseason. And the Twins are projected as a playoff team. Resume speaks for itself. Looks to be a great hire.
Texas problems have not been lack of QBs. Texas problem is their boosters. They have been running the show for many years.
I saw Holstein and Manning last season. Holstein played against the top classification and looked better than Manning playing against a much lower classification private school. Neither looked as good as Walker Howard.
Justin Jefferson was rated lower than that so maybe
I saw Arch Manning and Walker Howard last year and Walker Howard looked much better than Manning. Granted Howard was a senior to Manning being a junior but it wasn’t close. Heck Eli Holstein looked as good if not better than Arch. Manning looks like he needs to put on about 50 lbs or more or he is going to get killed.
Your logic is so flawed. Winning a Natty is not just coaching. You have to have the talent and ND never had the talent under Kelly
I think a coach is more important than ever before. You got to have a guy that can withstand more pressure than ever before. When ol moneybags down at the car lot pays the QB a million dollars and the coach has him sitting at 3rd string and he calls up the coach and tells that coach he better play his guy because people don’t buy a car from a 3rd string benchwarmer
His contract is easy to explain. In Texas going 8-4 is worth more than it is anywhere else.
I’m sure you think Vitello’s chest bump against the umpire was justified too. And I don’t care what pro coach does it. TN isn’t pro ball and it was wrong. Do you see UT football coach doing it. How about basketball? Do you see any other college coach chest bumping umps?
TN is not the best team in college baseball. You see the best team in college baseball is still playing. You can call yourself the best team in baseball that did not win the championship if that will make you feel better. And no winning more regular season games than anyone else does not make you the best team and no it does not mean more in recruiting than winning the CWS.
Not one team that made it to Omaha would trade anything with TN. Sorry, you have this all wrong