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And when he saw your comment he said, no brain.
Looks like I’m going to take the opposite stand from everyone else. There is only 60 draft picks. Yeah a few more sign deals after they didn’t get drafted. Maybe this could be a wake up call and they go back to school and actually get a degree. We shouldn’t be trying to punish these kids just because they took a chance at their dream. Give them a second chance.
Texas has some mighty deep pockets. They could buy your baseball field if they wanted it. They could buy ours too so don’t get angry
And congratulations to the Vols. Winning the CWS ain’t easy. Give credit where credit is due.
Vitello should have been fired when he chest bumped the umpire a few years ago.
I don’t blame him for not going to his #1 closer if he felt he wasn’t ready but the kid he brought in would not have been my pick. He hasn’t been good all year. If their bats don’t get back to producing it won’t matter who they pitch. Don’t expect to beat TN with 1 run.
History tells you #1 seed winning it all odds are not very good.
Good attempt to make something out of nothing. I mean really nothing. Their own fans don’t care enough to fill their stadiums. Television audiences will be O’Gara and … well I don’t know right off hand anyone else.
I’m putting my money on the Vols. As much as I enjoy watching Vitello go down in flames TN is going to get it done. Also, how can you call them historically dominant after talking about only one win in Omaha
3 of their “hits” didn’t leave the infield. LSU didn’t defend the small ball tactics very well in the first. They had him up in the bullpen in the 9th against NC last night. We shall see
Both teams are going to be looking for pitchers tomorrow but I will stack what we have left up against NC. I bet we see Ackenhausen up first. He only threw about 25 pitches and looked good. And Johnson likes him. Who knows after that
Monster hit HRs from both sides of the plate in this game. That is amazing. Especially under these circumstances. That freshman is making a name for himself. I guess when you put purple tiger stripes in your bleached blond hair you better back it up
Uh oh. Looks like Ron offended him with his pronoun designation. This dude is in for a long day if Ron is getting to him already. He doesn’t realize just how low Ron can go. Yet. TGH you might want to go on back home before your fragile self gets permanently emotionally scarred.
Quite frankly I’m concerned about both of you and your professed knowledge of sister kissing.
Congratulations Vols. Well played. We gave you a scare.
I don’t see how that was considered a judgement call. It’s either he was on/in front of the plate or not. The call was questioned by SC coach and is the reason they even discussed the play. I thought it was a judgement call and couldn’t be appealed. The runner never touched home either. He left the field of play. He is out. The player has to remain on the field for the appeal which they can’t do but did. Screwed up deal I don’t care how it was explained by the official after the game.
Special does not mean HOF, Ron. Nobody said that. Pitching 6 no hit innings is special in MLB. Doing it in your second game is special. Throwing 100 mph on your 100th pitch is special. Throwing your heater and getting 17 inches of movement is special. Striking out the first six batters you face is special even if you are pitching in little league. Doing it in MLB is extra special. Now you are right. He could blow out his shoulder today. But Skenes might perfect his knuckleball and turn into Hough or Kniekro and pitch til he is 50. That would be special too. And look on the bright side, yall have something in common. We think you are special too.
I am not going to cry over losing an undersized WR. Listed at 6’ but appears to be much closer to 5’8-9. Maybe 150. Made a commitment and also immediately published his top 5 schools. No way would he see the field this year
To take a few words out a whole interview and you lose some context.
After the video came out GA should have had an answer. He was worshipping Joboo or sacrificing a chicken or something. You can’t just ignore it
I find that “good but not great” comment comical. He won the Heisman for crying out loud. Easily. Wins every QB award of the year in a year when 6 QBs are taken in Rd 1 of the draft and he gets a good but not great.
What has he done to make you think he is talented is the big question
The very first thought that went through my mind when I read this. WHO?
Yeah who would want to win championships and play for the greatest player/coach in the history of women’s basketball
She may indeed end up in the portal but she hasn’t done it yet. Van Lith’s struggles this year I think related more to foot problems than anything else. She was diagnosed with Lis Franc and sat out games mid season. This is really painful and affects every move you make on the basketball court. This was evident in how she played flat footed on defense and she didn’t elevate on her shot. Clark ate her alive. We will see if she sticks at LSU. I think it is her best chance if she really wants to play point
Iowa just shot lights out tonight and LSU didn’t. Congratulations Iowa!
If you look at NIL money I think you are the one that is mistaken here. Do you see any men’s BB player making $3M like Clark or Reese and Johnson being in the $2M range? It may not be your thing but it obviously is to some companies with some deep pockets I will probably watch some of it. Should be a good game