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Hopefully we have seen the last of TJ Maxx. Was that against Auburn where he got pressured and just held the ball up high over his head like nobody could reach it? This time he just chunked it out in the middle of 3 Aggies. Hello portal.
Well said. The defense doesn’t deserve better. It should be better
Enough of this BS about what Sarah Fuller accomplished. If you want to honor women and a their accomplishments, great. But the way to do that is not by making a spectacle out of a young woman. Can you imagine the headline if this had turned out differently and she was struck by a REAL football player and was paralyzed?
Wasn’t even a good squib kick. What would have been the headline if she had gotten hit and paralyzed? I have 2 daughters and not a snow ball’s chance in hell would I have allowed them on a football field. Are you fing crazy? If you want to honor womanhood and give them the credit they deserve that is great. They deserve it. However don’t make a spectacle out of them by putting them in a situation like this. It just cheapens their real accomplishments.
Mason has been fired. As he should be. Nice guy with a .3 winning percentage.
Take a pill. Go for a long walk. Maybe pet a puppy. You are seriously wound up.
Sorry but a college football is not the place for a publicity stunt. Desmond Howard made a joke out of it because that’s what Vandy was doing. If all they wanted was a pooch kick, 50 people on that team could do that. If you want to show equal rights to women show them the respect they are due. Don’t degrade them by making a spectacle of them.
His comments were meant to reflect a major college football game is made a joke by using it as a publicity stunt. Why don’t we get the flute player out of the band to be running back.
The touchdown that was called back was just wrong. It was called a touchdown on the field. There is supposed to be irrefutable evidence to reverse a call. Unless they have some super secret camera that we don’t get to see, they blew it. Officials were horrible. One holding call on aggies. Really?!?! There were 2 obvious holds on Spillers TD. Anyway, AM is overrated. Our offense played like crap. They should have killed us. If they think they can win a Natty with that team like the announcers tried to convince us, they are crazy. A QB that completes a third of his passes. Yeah, right.
I mute Danielson. Doesn’t matter what teams are playing he will start talking about Alabama.
Man. One game and JT is Heisman bound. Remember the best QB on the team is always the one on the bench when the starter struggles. Daniels couldn’t cut it in the PacZero. Do you really believe he became great because he was injured? Or because he transferred? And an elite defense? Come on. LSU is loaded with 4 and 5 star defenders. We should be elite too but we stink. Star ratings don’t equate to elite.
Seems I remember SDS saying Bennett was going to be the reason GA would beat Bama. And remember that there is a reason Daniels isn’t at USC anymore. He couldn’t cut it in the Pac10 so do you really think he is going to in the SEC?
I fully agree with everything you said until you talked about 3rd SEC opponent. Every team is playing nothing but SEC. Anybody with half a brain should be able to beat us though. AR just didn’t figure out to throw downfield soon enough. Can’t really see the officiating being unfair to Hogs. Considering LSU had more penalties for more yards than AR. Also AR did not have a single holding call. Good luck Hogs. I actually am a fan except when you play LSU
One of the most dominating teams???? Great quarterback in Mond???? Somebody needs a drug test
Exactly. I really can’t name a journalist now that we should trust. There is still innocent until proven guilty
You can have all the audio you want. There is still no proof of any money changing hands. Why don’t you explain how Tua’s whole family can move to AL. These weren’t rich people. And they didn’t have jobs.
Did I say that? Don’t think so. While there was about $2000 of 100 dollar bills, there were thousands of fake bills.
You do about as much research on a topic as this poor excuse for a writer. While there was real money passed out. Almost all of it was fake. It had Odell Beckham’s picture on it.
Dude you need to get another job. Something you enjoy watching or doing. You are showing a severe dislike for LSU based on a USAToday report. Are you serious?!?!? Have you looked at a Usatoday lately? Or Guilbeau? He has been run off from every paper he ever worked for. There is a lot more to this story than PooSAToday chose to print. You seem to think people trust journalists in our society. Once upon a time they represented truth and fairness. Not so much anymore. You prove my point
Really? Can’t we all agree that jokes about the way Coach O talks are getting kinda old
Dumb Bel Edwards. Allows 20,000 people in a stadium that holds over a hundred thousand. Heard he was about to put our state on a curfew. Like a person out at midnight is more susceptible to Covid.
Are you trying to tell us that somebody went to the five and dime and got em some new teeth
And still saying the same thing. They don’t know