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He does know how to get more out of his pitchers but he sure blew up a lot of elbows since he got to Baton Rouge
Well played Tigers! Seem to be hitting another gear.
If the problem is permanent opponents, do away with permanent opponents. I don’t care what team you are the AD, Coach or fan of. If you are in the SEC and are whining about how tough your schedule is, it is not a good look and you are in the wrong conference. Toughen up buttercup.
You have already decided that you aren’t going to like it. All change isn’t bad. I can honestly say I didn’t like the old way of players getting a loaner from the local dealership, an envelope of cash from a booster. Shine a little sunshine on this thing. Get it out in the open and call it what it is
The list I saw has GA at 4 behind Alabama, Wash DC and Louisiana. 3 if you don’t count DC. I’m glad y’all have all those players over there. LSU likes to go steal some every year.
There has been no allegation that a game was fixed. Only that information was passed to an individual that was not released to the general public
The play had already been blown dead. It should have been a flag thrown anyway. And yes it was an impressive feat.
Taking a team with only 39 players, sign 30 new to go with them and win the SECW. I’m going to say that’s better than Stoopit, Mott the Heupel and 7-4 Fisher put together.
My bet would be House but I don’t think it will be in the MAC or even a lower tier P5. I really like Baker. It seems like every defense he has been involved in has made great improvements
If you are worried about Army then you are losing sleep over every other team on the schedule
Man some of you guys need to relax. This was just a guy playing what if. There is no right or wrong. It’s strictly fiction. Burreaux did go to Baton Rouge, had a great time and learned how to play football. Really well.
Herein lies the problem. He looks all world in practice. Always has. That is why they kept trying to play him in games.
I really can’t see anyone following this guy anywhere. He played for 3 different high schools and he “committed “ to 2 different universities so far. How long do you think he is going to sit and watch Georgia’s other can’t miss 5 star QBs? Georgia is a great program no doubt about it. I believe there is such a thing as a program being “too rich” for some players in today’s environment. I don’t see this guy as a wait your turn to play type.
3 high schools and 2 college commitments(so far). Kid definitely likes to put down roots.
This commitment is about as solid as Jello on a fork. It might make it but it sure looks shaky.
You aren’t going to say coaches and band and fans and trainers? I will say y’all grow a nice hedge. Why anyone would plant a hedge inside of a football stadium is beyond me.
I might not have liked the results of this past weekend but I certainly wasn’t embarrassed. If you are embarrassed I would suggest you not watch
Floyd doesn’t get to choose what pitches he throws. He just needs to get more confident in throwing what is called.
3 Tommy John surgeries can definitely upset a rotation. I don’t know if the conditioning staff hasn’t caught up to our new pitching coach or if it is just bad luck.
2020 recruiting class was an epic fail. Can’t deny it. Also an epic condemnation of the star rating system. These 4 and 5 star players haven’t played well at their second school either.
This really wasn’t news. If you were watching him in last game you knew it wasn’t going to be good news. Terrible setback for a great young pitcher
Who mentioned dynasty or lock on the West? He didn’t even say he was going to beat Bama
Lefty has been a Kelly hater from day one. LSU won the West last year. Probably had to win some “key” games to do that. You are right MC, goofy
Well we better find some pitching. Honestly I don’t think we have enough to make it through a tourney.
Johnson has a way of letting pitchers pitch their way out of trouble. Hopefully they are learning something. Man this team can hit though. Opposing pitchers can’t afford to take a deep breath much less relax for a minute.
Let’s pull back on the reins a minute. There is also a thing out there called a sophomore slump. I would love for all this to happen for LSU and honestly believe they will be good but sometimes it is easier to be the hunter than the hunted