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I would love to say Chase is better being the homer I am. He did disappoint me by sitting out this year but this has nothing to do with it. In my opinion Smith is the better of the two. The catch he made this year in the end zone against LSU was unbelievable. You don’t make that catch by accident and the list of people who can make it is short. As much as I like Chase, I don’t think he is on that list.
So you are saying Bama QB’s are no good? I’m going to have to disagree
First of all you know absolutely nothing about Chase or what type person he is. Secondly it shows what a cheap shot artist you are by trying to smear a young man with the actions of others.
Not trolling. Just stating what I have seen. He couldn’t cut in the PAC12. The PAC12?!?!? And it doesn’t matter that he was a freshman. Good QBs do it as freshmen. So I didn’t mean to hurt your little girly feelings. I’m so sorry. Pull your panties up cupcake
I’m still not a Daniels believer. Despite his stars he couldn’t cut it in the PAC12
Did you watch Bama play this year? Waddle? Look I’m a LSU homer but Devonta Smith would be my pick. Stud.
Boy this stirred up some folks. Beginning to think GA and FL fans don’t like each other.
And he was irritated that Coach O wouldn’t look the other way on those failed drug tests
I don’t know that he is lazy. He just thinks every ball should be thrown to him. If it’s not he pouts. When his number isn’t called he goes half speed. And then there are those 2 failed drug tests
While I think he is POY for SEC, at times his shot selection is terrible. I knew a player that avg over 50/game in high school. His favorite saying was if you are hot, you shoot. If your not hot, you shoot until you get hot. That’s Thomas.
He was an analyst and best recruiter? Are analysts supposed to be recruiting?
Boy you stirred those Bammers up. Guarantee you other than O’Brien they had never heard of any of those coaches before they were hired. That’s funny how they all jumped but you have to admit Lil Nicky is used to it and makes it work.
What NCAA violations? If O would get fired and Saban die GA might have a chance.
What degree of cheating keeps you out of the HOF?
Bama had the second most dominant season in football. As long as we are setting the record straight
SEC is loaded in baseball this year. Vandy is picked 2 in the East. I thought LSU was loaded and they are picked 4 in the West. For those of us who love baseball it is going to be a great year
Exactly my question. Why is he leaving Clemson? I do see why he would want to come to LSU. They have put a lot of good linebackers in the pros lately
Sorry. Fat thumb disease. This was not in answer to your comment. Obviously Stand alone comment
Pistol Pete Maravich is by far the greatest college player. Avg 44 over three years or something like that with no 3 pt line. Dale Brown rewatched all his games and estimated that it would have been 51/gm.
Why was Miami mentioned as a team that may draft him? I don’t know how you could say Harris is better than Henry. Both are certified studs. Isn’t Henry just a little bigger? Doesn’t matter. It’s like saying you want to get run over by a Freightliner instead of a Peterbilt. Freaky good RBs.
I’ll answer you both at once. The problems that have been reported are not problems caused by the football program. There are departments that are specifically responsible for these matters and they are the ones being investigated. Actually if any football player was charged with any crime they were suspended until those charges were cleared up or kicked off if they weren’t. That is what I was referring to in my original post. Orgeron is not responsible for the campus police, medical services or Title IX.
Orgeron is not on the hot seat. 12 months ago he was holding the Natty and was Coach of the Year. That off the field stuff isn’t Orgeron’s doing and the football fans don’t care about it. Kirby Smart is a great coach and is doing a great job. His only problem is that GA fired Mark Richt for doing the same thing. I don’t see either Coach on the hot seat
Poor President Dump. If he could only charge Orgeron rent for living in that empty space between his ears.
I loved watching Chase play but I would pick another guy from Louisiana before him. Devonta Smith would be my pick. Man that hurt my fingers typing a player from Bama over an LSU player. Truth though.
Did you read the article? He was listed. Every time I saw him he was getting burned