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It absolutely definitely will be Myles. Unless it’s Max.
Poor little ESAD. Maybe we can get you some free stimulus You should be embarrassed
I’m thinking that might be a little overreaction. What do you propose for a facemask penalty? 2 years? Clip gets you 6 months. Roughing the kicker?
The days of bone shattering hits in the NFL are over. Now you have a lot of arm tackling and wrestling a guy down
I’m with you Dave. The one handed catch against LSU in the end zone was tough to watch from my side but was the best catch I saw all year
Seems to be more to this. She was drinking in a bar. She threw her drink on him. He was not there when the police came but she was on the ground. Her friend said he hit her but she did not see it happen. The other witness said he did not hit her. The officer said she did not have an injury consistent with being punched. This article seems to have left some info out.
The coach of the Bengals said that didn’t happen because that is not how Burrow is. Burrow did tell them that Chase worked very hard and was obviously very talented but he never pushed for him
Let him live in his fantasy. WR room is loaded. Other than Bolden
Now this surprised me. Leaves OS because he wasn’t getting any looks. Goes to Bama that has more horses than Churchill Downs. Where does he think he will play at Bama? And Saban just said he wasn’t taking any transfers unless it was a position of need. Can’t play at OS so he goes to Bama. SMH
Well we knew the Saints wouldn’t sign him because he is from LSU. I’ll never understand Sean Payton
I’m not buying the Bama connection. Bama is loaded with receivers. Saban has already said he is not taking a transfer unless it was a position of need. This guy is complaining about opportunities and he ain’t getting them at Bama either
Tied for 4th is among favorites? Hmmm. How wide does “among” go?
Know them names? Can you explain what you mean with this corn dog reference? Is this supposed to mean something intelligent that is supposed to win an argument? Should we say I’m rubber and you are glue. Bounce off me and stick to you. Grow up. Seventh grade is over.
My absolute best wishes to Moses. I understand him to be a great guy and a great teammate
I’m going to call BS on the torn meniscus going undetected until after the season. They have the very best ortho specialists in the world 30 minutes down the road. I would be more inclined to believe a decision was made to play as long as he could handle the pain. As for Bama’s judgement on these type issues, they are skating on thin ice after watching Waddle limp around during the NC. That was ridiculous. Bama didn’t need him and it could have ruined Waddle’s future And I’m not so naive to think other schools don’t make these bad decisions too
Man I hope he takes this seriously and gets in condition. It’s a constant battle for him
Moses is a classic example of a kid that matured early and then burns up early. Miles offered him a scholarship when he was in the 8th grade and he looked like a grown man I really truly hate this. I know one person that knew him in high school and they said he was a great guy
For the expanded playoff to make any sense you have to show me a team that would have won the championship that got left out. Would A&M beat Bama last year. No. Not if they played them 5 times. Would UcF have beaten any of the playoff teams in 18 or whenever they cried so much. No. Would any team from the PAC12 or BYU or Boisie or Big12 or 10 other than Ohio State beat Bama last year or LSU the year before. No. Let me in. Kill the joke bowls. See what happens
If I was Burrow I would have rather had Sewell
Poor Jamin Davis. From Kentucky to Washington. You know he has to be wondering when he is going to catch a break
My sleeper pick at QB is Davis Mills. After Lawrence every QB is questionable
Did you see the catch Smith made against us in the end zone? Play of the year IMO. You can’t teach what Smith can do
I would take all 166 lbs of Smith as the first WR in the draft. Didn’t happen since Chase went first to Cincy. Another dumb Cincy move. I would have taken Sewell or someone to protect Burrow
Just heard Saints trying to trade up for Sewell. They ain’t taking Trask. I would rather see the QB from Stanford. Name slipped from my little pea brain
He is a dadgum good football player. These bonelheads just couldn’t spell his name
Waddle could flat out play. Hope his bad wheel gets fixed. Whoever let him play in the championship game did not have his best interest in mind. Y’all didn’t need him.
The Dolphins might be stupid enough to draft a WR with a busted wheel. They took a QB with a busted wheel too high last year