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If LSU is not a premier job I’m not sure what is. At worst it is in the top 5. The last 3 coaches have won Nattys. That ain’t a coincidence. Top pay. Top facilities. Top talent. If they offer it to me I’m taking it.
Because he is in KY. But I don’t think LSU is looking in that direction. I do admire the work he has done though
Yeah but he let Fulmer hang around where he continued to try to coach
Wishful thinking. Any other school win 3 Nattys this century besides Bama
Man I hope not. I was counting on watching Jimbo drive A&M into the ditch just like FSU.
You don’t win a Natty in spite of your HC.
Please give Jimbo another undeserved raise so he will stay there
Ignorant comment. 14-5 vs top ten ranked teams. You don’t win a Natty by accident.
I hear Bill O’Brien. Luke Fickel. Mel Tucker is supposedly a rumor but I think theat may be because LSU hired a black President in the past year. One thing for sure, they must get the blessing from TAF. That’s the Tiger Athletic Foundation and they pay 98% of his salary.
Water bottles are one thing but some fans brought things with the intent to throw them. Should be banned for life if identified.
Wow. Aren’t you a bit touchy. Fact is TN was lucky to be in that ballgame. The other fact is TN fans are the worst in the SEC. To bring things into a stadium with the express intent to throw them at the opposing team is despicable. Anyone identified as throwing any object onto the field should be banned for life. The worst part is that TN fans have this reputation. Sorry MC. I know you can take care of yourself but I couldn’t help it.
The way we played earlier in the year I’m glad to lose some of those starters. I know that sounds bad but LSU should never have 5th year seniors that are starting.
I agree with you. Playing Gators is always nerve wracking and usually the team that has no business winning wins. Or it seems like it
Boy he just barely missed the Florida/LSU game. Just 28 pointa
From outside looking in, no coach was going to have a chance until Fulmer got out of the way
Once we beat Bama in ‘19 I knew we would win the Natty. If we could get by them the rest didn’t scare me at all
O’Brien will running the show in BatonRouge next year. Y’all be nice to him up there. Just kidding. Hoping.
It’s not against the rules. Smart coaches use rules to their advantage. I don’t see a character flaw in coaching by the rules.
This phenomenon started with the hurry up offense. You see some really shady things happen like when they are running off the field and a coach motions them to go down. Not sure if there is a way to fix it
Bo Nix can only scramble for so long. Hogs win easy
Sherman was the first Superintendent. He didn’t found LSU.