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The transfer portal is fine if there wasn’t NIL. Now you have players that didn’t land a NIL deal the first go around so now they go to the portal and start accepting offers. I just saw where 3 portal signees for LSU got a NIL deal so I’m not pointing fingers at anyone. The other thing is if a player has a suspension for failed drug tests at a school he should have to serve that suspension at the new school. LSU had 3 starters that I know of in the last 2 years that left so they didn’t have to serve the suspension
Bennett needs to get out now and run for Senate. That is if the governorship is not up for election. His accomplishments or popularity will never be higher. Great job Stetson but know when to go.
I’m not bashing the guy either but he couldn’t start at USC. He didn’t start at GA until Bennett totally collapsed and then this year couldn’t beat him out again after he came back from an injury. Hope he finds a place
True. But y’all seemed to come out with extra intensity because Muss wasn’t there. We came out from the top looking like we were walking in mud. Y’all brought it and deserved the win
The only way Gilbert is on your team next year is if you can figure out how to get college credits for drug rehab.
Luckily for Stingley the NFL scouts won’t ask for the SDS experts in the comments section opinion
If Ricks is in there y’all have taken a step back.
Sour grapes maybe? Compensation levels are set in the contracts they sign. Raises, bonus. He just got a better deal and a chance to recruit and coach in a state where there are more top shelf WR per capita than any other. He had a great job at GA. Had just won a Natty.
All we can do is assume that is who he assaulted because the article does not say it. It listed all his athletic accomplishments though. Sadly, I don’t think this is the first time he has been arrested for beating on her and it seems that she might have been arrested for the same thing.
Well I can tell you one thing, nobody wants to play Auburn at home. That’s a tough environment. Glad we got ours over with.
Ricks had a reputation as a top DB but his stats don’t reflect it. If you took his 6 games and projected it for year it would be 22 tackles and 2 int. Ricks left for a NIL deal which he did not have at LSU
Thanks to all hogs with the great attitude. We have leaving out one door and coming in another. Crazy portal world we live in
Why go to Bama. Once Saban is gone the magic leaves with him. Would you want to follow the GOAT.
My thought on that is if you won the Natty you have earned the right to start at #1 the next year. You are the Champ until somebody knocks you off the throne. Anybody else getting named 1 is just a projection by a bunch of sports writers. GA earned it, they get to keep it.
Don’t know if he will leave or not. Not sure it is a coincidence that LSU boosters had a huge NIL meeting last week. He may just be saying ‘hey my recruitment is open too’. Makes more sense to me than he just decided he wanted to play somewhere else
Congratulations GA!! Y’all made the necessary adjustments you had to make after the SECCG. This article says we can’t make the joke that it’s been 40 years anymore. They didn’t say we couldn’t use the joke ‘See you here again in 2062’. Seriously y’all played a great game!
Natalie Grant has won more awards for her singing than you have toes and fingers. You give GA fans a bad name
Congrats GA. Y’all just looked like you played harder. You put the pressure on Young this time that you weren’t able to do before. Play calling for Bama was terrible especially after Williams went out.
AFan needs to do a little more research. Granted his team is still playing and he has more pressing issues. Wish I was him.
I want to hear one of them pronounce it. Or attempt to say what parish he is from. I do realize this is an inside joke for those of us from LA. Not Los Angeles
Probably not. He didn’t last time. His problem seems to be that he believes his Dline is better than it is. I have no dog in this hunt. Good luck to both teams. I hope that they both play their best game of the year
If GA doesn’t blitz more they won’t get any where near Young and they will be picked apart just like before. Bama’s OLine didn’t fall for GA stunts and switches. They were very disciplined and GA Dline ended up gassed.
That is the most ridiculous premise I have ever heard. If Smart was smart he would have beaten Bama and sent them out of the playoffs. He could care less about the SEC getting a larger paycheck. Take your ignorance and go away.
I am not pulling for either. Just wishing we were there. Everyone seems to think GA has the more talented team. I’m not so sure about that. I watched the SECCG. GA has to overcome their coaches
Another Louisiana WR showing out. For some reason we can grow them. Need some OL seeds to plant.
His problem at LSU was failed drug tests and a belief that he didn’t have to attend class. I told y’all last year that this dude was going to be a problem
Because the NFL and the NFL Players Assoc had better lawyers
Not sure why you say Daniels is being wasted. He can’t beat out a walk on.