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I reference USAtoday article of 12/10/2020. Not sure if that still is true. If not I bow to you for digging deeper.
LSU band is already practicing their horns down formation for halftime
TX can’t be any more arrogant than GA fans. At least TX has won a Natty this century
Shoerely they want do that. I shoe would miss it. Sorry that joke is free game until we play them again
Ridiculous. There may be the occasional 18 yr old that can play in the NFL but football is different than other sports. Lot of maturing takes place in those years
All I can say is this, TX’s Bevo better not try the same crap with LSU’s Mike as he did with GA’s Uga. Won’t end well.
I can just see Tiger Stadium when TX comes to town. Heck their band may form a hooks down formation at halftime
I think TX/OK are the ones picking where they want to go. Big 10 can’t get as big a TV package as SEC I wouldn’t think. Maybe.
I think the real end game is to win football games not how many teams are in your conference.
I read on a TX fan site that they don’t think they need the SEC. They say they have all the money they need and their own TV network. They think they should be independent. I mean we have some arrogant sob’s in the SEC but TX fans are arrogant azzholes even while they are losing
I’m with you. Regular ass spankings which they will receive will keep them humble
I take isshoe with you barely including LSShoe. It shoer seems like you shoeld give us more credit
He has a point with the stadium jabs. Did y’all put seats in that end of the stadium. That might be alright if you’re Harvard or Yale but this is the SEC. Only seats 60K and looks like it’s half full most of the time. Did Covid restrictions even bother yall
That one coach and program would be LSU. Haven’t seen anyone else schedule them
Hired a coach? When? Just because Sark went to Nick’s coaches rehab does not mean he is a good head coach all of a sudden
I have nothing to say about an analyst preseason guesses. So I’m just going to say, dang I’m ready for some college football
What happened on the 11th. Bama must be slipping
Good luck to everyone. I’m just ready for college football
Man I thought y’all would welcome a shot at Texas every year. After you slap them around a few years you would own the state of Texas.
It doesn’t surprise me that Florida would be against this move. Kirby Smart just messed his britches down in Georgia too. Don’t know why you wouldn’t welcome Nick and his boys with open arms.
Someone might turn that argument around on you if we talk about 2019. I’m not going to but I’m just saying
They can’t pull off alpha in their own conference. Alabama will Jap slap em back into their place
Did Negan change his name again? This guy ought to have writer’s cramp
Never seen him cuss out a reporter but I sure saw him give Lane Kiffin a few choice words. At least my limited lip reading abilities told me that. Also seen Nick eat a reporter’s rear out without cussing and I believe walk out of an interview
Take off the rose colored glasses. Saban already has let an agent influence his program. Mullen is off looking for new costumes for postgame. When asked about a NIL deal he said he didn’t think that was legal.
First off, Saban was talking out of school. Wasn’t his business to be talking about. What would he have said if Bryce Young held a press conference and started saying “I can’t believe Saban makes 10M”? Second, I think NIL is here to stay but I think we are seeing the peak of it now and then it will flatten out. Big gamble on Young actually winning a game. Might go down preseason and never start a game. Real estate company paying $10K for an interview. How many $10K do they have. Bad business decisions have a way of taking care of a situation. Like pouring gas on a fire. Big flare up and it dies down. Just my opinion. That and a quarter used to buy you a cup of coffee.