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Well...App State ran on yall's ass.
A long road back...they will have been down 3 years..NOT 23! 3 seasons, you people are mental cases with your articles.
Johnny needs get down there and give her a good tounge lashing and get that kitty under control.
Am I the only person who thinks Sandusky....? A slumber party...this guy is gonna get caught 5 knuckles deep in some recruit's rear end or in the recruit's younger sister. No way this ends well. For him or Michigan. What happens when some spoiled brat he racks up with feels he isn't getting the playing time he was promised and then starts saying Harbaugh was getting a little illegal use of hands at night. Epic Failure
Your a complete idiot. You take away 1 game from the regular season and add another round in. Anyone who doesn't want more football is a idiot.
OMG Trigger warnings for the vaginas in society...someone's yelling at someone..It is football take your blankets and run to your "safe space" and suck your thumbs.
Could only have been better if he told them to go f@#& themselves.. LoL
Not, sold on these hires. Looks like we're hodge podging a staff for this season.
This bowl charity, is exactly just that. It's time to end this nonsense adopt a full playoff bracket and sell the names of the first round match ups off as bowls and lets get real about this playoff system.
It's either his @$$ goes, or the A.D. and the rest of the board goes. We're not even having the discussions about it. If they don't fire his rear end then we will start calling for their job. It's simple. If they can't get a coach who can get the job done. Then we can find another A.D. and board who WILL find a coach who can.
All I want to know is how many chics did you Donkey punch when you were at Carolina?
South Carolina is on of those schools who will never win it all. It doesn't have the draw to bring in the athletic players needed. And if two National Championship coaches can't get it done there, its not going to happen. Just be thankful your golf courses were good enough to keep him around this long. I have $5 that's says he will be the Trojans head coach before next season
Horrible, may his family find peace and comfort in the memories of the good time they shared in his life.
It's simple. There are coaches out there who are waiting for UGA to back a dump truck full of cash up to their door and lure them away from the program they are at. Coaches aren't loyal, they are contractors, mercenaries if you will, you just have to find the right dollar figure to make them have a "health" problems to step away and come to your corner. Happens all the time.