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Speaking of Omaha, two outs, top of the ninth- pop up down the first base line, easy play, three AR players converge on the ball.. epic fail, a lost Natty -hog style. I'd rather be at home than embarrassed like that- Hotty Toddy
Joey freshwater is in Houston today and will either be the cougars head coach or oc at lsu by the end of the week-
Howard, first team all sec preseason team- what a joke.
He should have been tossed for that hit- clearly helmet to helmet.
Eason will not have a good game. Two words for you Clark and i've been saying them since before the the season started, Marquis Haynes. Have you see the Vine where #10 bull rushed Cam Robinson (giving away 100#) and put him on his a$$?
That "trophy" will look great right next to the National ButtChugging Championship trophy.
How it utk still in the top 25?
Let me google that for you.. The wheels are coming off the Gus bus-
" We've got a lot of great talent and we ALMOST beat So Alabama" LOL- They just suffered the worst loss in the SEC conference history and this tool thinks he has something to say-
I doubt Fadol plays much- This game could get ugly, Wommack is a genius.
How? Get hit by a truck before he reaches Neyland? You miss the App St game? Y'all suck and need a coach but please, carry on buttchugger.
Fuente > Jones I expect utk to lose to VA Tech in the hillbilly bowl.
It's like meth, but more sophisticated-
lol well at least they were SEC east champs all summer.
Does anyone know if Jones' one win against a ranked team was a forfeit?
Another insightful future analyst - "Money Talks" everywhere, litebrite.
You should be an analyst- that's some real insight you have there, seriously..
This witch hunt would have been over long ago if Slive was still commissioner- But UM should have taken the, guilty as hell, per Mullen, Au approach and said f you prove it- instead of cooperating.
The rest of the college football world will find exactly who Mr. Haynes is this fall.
You have a coach who is 1 - 16 against the top 25, beat somebody first.
Nice rooftops guys- Keep up the good work. You believe they pay people to do this crap??
Sounds like you're kinda partial to that penis too-