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Just my opinion, but I believe the defense will be better. While it's true, we had a very healthy turnover percentage, there were still tons of issues. Due to the inability to consistently get teams off the field, we literally had to outscore them. The 2021 record was very, very good, but not indicative of a solid, dependable defense. The Rebs could be better, but it will definitely depend on the guys up front. We'll see.
Arkansas baseball is my vote. They are so good at every facet of the game.
So many storylines and big moments, but don't understate the importance of TJ McCants. His homer in game one gave us the lead, and there's no game two rally without his scorching single to center. So, here's at least one Rebel saying "well done TJ!" What a team effort!!!
What an AMAZING accomplishment by Mississippi State and Ole Miss! Both play pretty good the rest of the country knows.
When you need a reminder to still believe in our country, there's young people like Tim Elko. It's all of us that make this country great!!!
Thanks for a classy post! FYI...your starting pitcher today was "lights out" dominant. No shame for anyone in this series. Great entertainment by everyone!!!
Perhaps no one outside the SEC footprint will ever understand the support member schools and most fans offer each other. It's a beautiful, Southern thing!!!
What a moment for all Rebels! It feels so long in coming. Couldn't be happier for this group of kids! Good luck tomorrow!!!
Wish Arch well, but I believe he missed a golden opportunity. Not many high school players could attend a school that literally reveres your entire family. Whether he attains superstar status or not, he could have created and cemented his place in Ole Miss football history. But if he didn't want to come to Ole Miss, I respect that. There will be a quarterback who plays for the Rebels, and who knows, he may be the next "big thing." Time will tell if Arch made the best decision.
Congrats to both teams. In a close game, you have to play clean and make plays. Arkansas did both, and they won. It's a shame this matchup isn't for the championship.
Was really happy for our team tonight. Solid pitching, timely offense and great job of coaching. But what I'm most proud of was the sportsmanship of our players. Respected the game. Respected the umpires. Respected Auburn.
Appreciate the support! Outside of the SEC, most people simply can't appreciate how hard it is to reach championships...much less play for them. And it's exponentially harder when you play in the SEC West. Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State & Texas A&M. Just no easy outs - regardless of sport.
The secret sauce to our renaissance at Ole Miss? Bjork is now at Texas A&M.
Congrats to the 2022 Diamond Rebs and Coach Bianco! Good luck in Omaha!!! And for all UM fans everywhere, not every comment or opinion requires a reaction. A little humility goes a long way. Just saying.
What's "despicable" is grown, respectable coaches claiming players aren't bought. Any player that has ability gets far more than just a scholarship and the chance to play for Alma Mater. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY. NIL just makes it more visible. College football has descended to a depth that may make it unsalvageable. Time will tell.
No, I was actually referring to Saban's comment "... if we’re going to do this, then everybody is going to benefit equally. I’m not going to create a caste system on our team."
Could be wrong, but wasn't Bryce Young one of the first college NIL millionaires? NIL will NEVER be fair or equal - just won't.
Congratulations to the Vols. Tennessee was definitely the better team this weekend.
The better players have always been paid - in some form or fashion. Now it's just a little more transparent. The biggest casualty from NIL is the removal of the perceived innocence of amateurism in sports.
If the transfer portal is indeed the future of college football, Lane is definitely crushing it on paper.
Really thought Kermit was going to be wildly successful at Ole Miss, but for whatever reason, it's just not happening. Maybe one more year is the recipe, we'll see.
Wish Plumlee all the success in the world! Great young man and consummate team player.
Played and watched a lot of baseball through the years...NEVER seen that before!
This "me first" attitude is cancer to any program. It's pretty clear the objective of the Williams family. Better make sure he uses some of his NIL money to support his offensive line. Otherwise "his trajectory" may necessitate a career change.
College sports fans will very soon have a decision to make. Many will invest in their personal hobbies and activities. Some will stay. The big question? From where will NEW fans come?