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No need to sound bitter or minimize his stats. Patterson is a very good player. Whether he takes the next step is yet to be seen. Wish it could be in red and blue, but it appears that will not be the case. And for that, we can only blame those responsible for our program.
Also, while I am ranting...ANY PLAYER who wants to transfer should be able to go wherever they choose...and without the hate and drama. The majority of the players did not sign up for this and to hold them hostage is JUST WRONG! If we want to salvage what small modicum of integrity that remains, we should beg them to stay but wish them well if they don't. It's their college experience, and you only get one time around.The NCAA may sometimes be arbitrary and capricious, but the simple fact remains. We did not have to cheat, spin and lie.
Hate to call you out, but you're wrong. It was ACTUALLY four sports - football, women's basketball, men's track AND women's track. What part of "lack of institutional control" am I missing??? I love Ole Miss, but I hate what we've become AND continue to be.
The people of Mississippi do deserve better! EVERY TIME something like this occurs, it only reinforces the negative stereotype of ALL Mississippians. Quite frankly, I'm tired of the lies, cheating, spin and excuses. AND I'm extremely sick AND tired of being tired!!! You can have honor and integrity and still be successful.
Not disagreeing with you. I simply have a problem with liars and cheaters. And it appears we have far too many.
Mystified with the "victim mentality" by some in the Ole Miss camp. Four major sports had ACADEMIC malfeasance - football coaches & ACT scores; women's basketball, men & women's track bogus classes and grades. And that's BEFORE any recruiting violations!!! Quite honestly, I'm surprised the sanctions weren't worse. The current Ole Miss AD stated past probationary transgressions should not have been considered in handing down penalties. In what world does he live in? When cancer recurs, you don't get to say "Hey I've already suffered for that." The past does matter.And yet, there has been NO CHANGE in the athletic administration. We are RESPONSIBLE for the sanctions and have no one to blame but ourselves. All efforts to "spin that" are just not true.
Here's a thought. Want to write a letter Vitter? How about your resignation? Oh, and please instruct your AD to do the same.
Agree. Until we make admin changes, NO ONE is going to believe we're moving in a different direction. I sincerely hope the cannibalism between Ole Miss and State stops. It' helping no one.
Want a lesson in crisis MIS-management? Contact the Ole Miss AD for more details. SMH
"Dirty" is your word - none mine. Luke was Tunsil's position coach. That's an undeniable fact. To assume Luke knew absolutely nothing is disingenuous at best. Of course plausible deniability has been the AD defense for Ole Miss from the beginning.The hiring of any coach from a staff under investigation will not lessen or reduce any pending sanctions. Other than making an in-house coaching switch, please tell me how anything has changed.
Hiring Luke will not lessen the pending NCAA sanctions one iota. None, zero, zilch, nada. The NCAA fiasco is our fault - plain and simple. And yet, we still have the same AD and coaches from the offending staff. Luke was given a FOUR YEAR, $9M contract!!!I'm amazed you truly believe waiting to make a course correction in a few years is somehow productive!
Literally worse than possible NCAA sanctions. Although Luke was not named in the NCAA investigation specifically, HE WAS THE POSITION COACH for Tunsil! You're telling me he NEVER suspected anything amiss as Tunsil arrived at practice for months in a "loaner" car illegally parked outside? And yet, he's now the HEAD COACH. We needed a clean start. But instead we keep Luke and the worst AD in the country!!!
If we don't change the ENTIRE athletic administration, no coach is going to make a difference. IMHOI could certainly be wrong, but I don't believe ANY quality coach will sign on with the existing train wreck.
If we don't change EVERYTHING, then NOTHING is going to change. I've never seen a more incompetent athletic administration. Ole Miss has always had amazing potential, but we can't get out of our own way.And yet, many believe our current AD is the answer. SMH
Another of the many and CONTINUING missteps of the current AD and staff. Ole Miss deserves better than our current situation. If we only hire a new coach, the problem remains.
Realize your comments are "rival" slanted, HOWEVER do not assume every Ole Miss alum supports our current AD!
There are many Ole Miss alumni who wonder the same? When he speaks of problems with the NCAA in the past five+ years, he acts as though he wasn't somehow there. FACT...most of the violations occurred during his watch. First we blamed rogue coaches, then Barney and boosters, then Freeze. If Bjork is good at anything, it's spin.