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Bjork didn't hire Freeze. And as for snakes, well...
Love the idea...hate the execution. Did this ever go before a focus group? This is embarrassing. But Bjork is still the AD, so we shouldn't expect any better.
Did any of you ACTUALLY watch his interview??? He was very thoughtful and diplomatic. He was asked a question, and he gave HIS opinion. In this country he's actually entitled to that! Saban treated both Jalen and Tua as NFL quarterbacks. You do what the system says. Although Saban runs the Bama program like an NFL machine, it's still college. Well, at least it's a version of it. Both of these guys want to play. But we all know only one can be the starter. BOTH stated they wanted to know where they stood. One got the answer he wanted; the other didn't. It's really that simple.
Timeout Jalen haters. Didn't Tua get quoted for essentially saying THE SAME THING about not getting to play last year? How HE THOUGHT ABOUT LEAVING? I realize Saban and Bama have been a recruiting machine, but trust me, every athlete wants to play...NOW! If anyone should know that, it's Saban. And that's not a knock on him or Bama. When you recruit and sign ONLY elite players, this type of blowback is inevitable. Every team loses players. But when you're a prover five star, it will always create headlines. It's simply the cost of doing business.
Ta’amu is the perfect example of why "star ratings" can be over-hyped.
The probation and sanctions remove many incentives for players. You can't blame them for wanting the most from their college experience. Hopefully, we have learned our lesson and will NEVER bring this upon ourselves again.
Gracious, everyone! Take a chill pill and let the kid play. Things didn't work out for him at Ole MIss. Heck, we've had a LOT of things that didn't work out as planned! He's not part of the future for the Rebels, but I'll wish him well just as I would ANY other college athlete. Whether he makes a difference or not for Michigan has ZERO impact on our season. My opinion? Shea...go play, have fun and enjoy your college experience. It's THE BEST TIME of your life!
Guess I'm a traditional type of guy...doesn't work for me.
Heart crushing…soul crushing…that didn’t just happen moment. Unfortunately, as a Rebel I’ve seen and experienced that pain before! Still, the Hogs have a chance, so make the most of it tonight. Good luck!
Heart crushing...soul crushing...that didn't just happen moment. Unfortunately, as a Rebel I've seen and experienced that pain before! Still, the Hogs have a chance, so make the most of it tonight. Good luck!
Why rail on the former coach? Fisher leveraged jobs for years to get where he is now. Lest you forget, his FSU team barely broke even last year in the ACC.
No shame in losing to Oregon State. From top to bottom, they are a really tough out. State had a great season. Best of luck to Arkansas!
Congratulations to all the SEC teams! Three in the tournament...three in the semi-finals. Well done!
Really? I'll give you we played very uninspired this weekend, but they hardly choked in the post season SEC tournament. I'll wish the best for the State team this weekend, but people like you make it difficult to be a good sport.
Best wishes to all SEC teams and Tennessee Tech. They are a really good team that plays with passion and purpose. Sad to say, but they were the much BETTER team this weekend in Oxford.
Now that was dramatic! Congrats to the Bulldogs for a great win!!!
Pretty cool for all THREE Mississippi D1 schools to be in the tournament! Hope they all advance. Good luck!!!
Doesn't matter what sport, Ole Miss/LSU is still one of the best pairings in the NCAA. The fans travel, are passionate and understand the nuances of the game regardless of sport. Best wishes to the Tigers in the Regionals, and here's hoping we meet up again in Omaha!
Wow, he crushed that pitch! This is what makes baseball fun...well, at least for the winning team.
Despite some of the NCAA issues, he did a phenomenal job with the limited resources of the time. He was the first coach in the modern era to make Ole Miss relevant again. Plus he was the most down to earth coach you'll ever find. Thanks for your contributions Coach, and heart felt condolences to your family.
This was clearly the right thing to do. You get one chance to be a college athlete. Unless you were part of the problem, you shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes of others. Still waiting for our AD to transfer.
Simply read the Ole Miss response to the COI, and you will understand why we NEVER get ANY mitigation of penalties nor benefit of doubt. The arrogance and tone of our officials makes even yarn spinners credible. The simple truth is Ole Miss cut corners, and it wasn't necessary. The current athletic administration doesn't GET IT, and my concern is THEY NEVER WILL.
Ole Miss was NEVER going to win this battle, but yet the current athletic administration kept the flames burning until the end. Now we're to believe it was just a disagreement over "wording?" The final outcome of this debacle was inevitable, and yet, the fan base was again subjected to another onslaught of negative publicity. I fear nothing will change until we have change.
Just a few thoughts... I've heard many declare the worst of the Ole Miss violations were discovered AFTER the first NOI. While that's true, a huge number of the incidents occurred before and during this time. Sadly, many more occurred afterward. That's why the NCAA administered its penalty and described it as a pattern of behavior. Did the Ole Miss administration mislead or lie to Patterson? I wasn't in the room, so I can't say with certainty. HOWEVER, there is no debate Ole Miss officials operated with self serving interests opposite NCAA guidelines. In light of the maelstrom of negativity surrounding the program, it makes no sense to continue this dialogue. Patterson is gone. He's not coming back. He's just a football player...and college kid. Wish him well, and let him go.
Bjork is the ULTIMATE WAOM! (The innate ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!) Until change comes, we'll see a steady stream of this.