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Wow, he crushed that pitch! This is what makes baseball fun...well, at least for the winning team.
Despite some of the NCAA issues, he did a phenomenal job with the limited resources of the time. He was the first coach in the modern era to make Ole Miss relevant again. Plus he was the most down to earth coach you'll ever find. Thanks for your contributions Coach, and heart felt condolences to your family.
This was clearly the right thing to do. You get one chance to be a college athlete. Unless you were part of the problem, you shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes of others. Still waiting for our AD to transfer.
Simply read the Ole Miss response to the COI, and you will understand why we NEVER get ANY mitigation of penalties nor benefit of doubt. The arrogance and tone of our officials makes even yarn spinners credible. The simple truth is Ole Miss cut corners, and it wasn't necessary. The current athletic administration doesn't GET IT, and my concern is THEY NEVER WILL.
Ole Miss was NEVER going to win this battle, but yet the current athletic administration kept the flames burning until the end. Now we're to believe it was just a disagreement over "wording?" The final outcome of this debacle was inevitable, and yet, the fan base was again subjected to another onslaught of negative publicity. I fear nothing will change until we have change.
Just a few thoughts... I've heard many declare the worst of the Ole Miss violations were discovered AFTER the first NOI. While that's true, a huge number of the incidents occurred before and during this time. Sadly, many more occurred afterward. That's why the NCAA administered its penalty and described it as a pattern of behavior. Did the Ole Miss administration mislead or lie to Patterson? I wasn't in the room, so I can't say with certainty. HOWEVER, there is no debate Ole Miss officials operated with self serving interests opposite NCAA guidelines. In light of the maelstrom of negativity surrounding the program, it makes no sense to continue this dialogue. Patterson is gone. He's not coming back. He's just a football player...and college kid. Wish him well, and let him go.
Bjork is the ULTIMATE WAOM! (The innate ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!) Until change comes, we'll see a steady stream of this.
Why is the Ole Miss administration still fighting a LOST battle??? Just let him go. Regardless anyone's reasoning, it's past time to move on!
Understand your frustration and the "no call" was inexcusable, but it should have never come down to one play at the end. Missed free throws, layups and the unwillingness to take outside shots by the State guards provided Notre Dame an opportunity. And even then, Schaefer should have made certain his players fouled on the inbound. No way can you let anyone throw up a Hail Mary. Keeping it close to home, however, it does seem both State and Ole Miss NEVER catch a break - EVER! Still, it was a tremendous season to even get to the championship game. Congratulations.
Take a good honest look at the Ole Miss athletic department. Look closely at nearly EVERY SINGLE SPORT. Examine our relationship with the self governing board of the NCAA - an association of which we are a voluntary member. Now explain to me why Bjork is still there.
Not really. Until Bjork is gone, positive change at Ole Miss will remain a dream. em6126 is not the only alum who feels this way.
What person in management PUBLICLY rails on a person who NEVER took a job with their organization??? No matter the reason, NOTHING is gained from this in the court of public opinion. Bjork is responsible for the current situation at Ole Miss! He was the sitting AD for the majority of infractions that occurred with women's basketball and track, men's track and football. If it weren't for the $41M+ we get annually from the SEC contract, our program would also be in financial shambles. His narcissistic persona and arrogance continue to poison any hopes of public redemption.
If the SEC conspired to prevent Freeze from getting any job, those individuals should be subsequently investigated for federal workplace violations. While I believe Freeze should have resigned from Ole Miss, he should not be prevented from seeking employment. If someone wants to hire him, then they should have that right. The hypocrisy of the NCAA, SEC and the current leadership at Ole Miss is insane.
This has to be an agent representation (or lack thereof) issue. I'll agree Miles' teams were not necessarily flashy, but few teams could match their success. Outside of Saban and Meyer, his winning percentage ranks near the top of his profession. Time will tell, but I believe Ole Miss whiffed on not hiring him.
I hate where we are as a society. So because EVERYONE cheats, we should be able to as well? And heaven forbid, it we're caught then we shouldn't have any consequences? And then whine and rant about how unfair the entire process is??? All I can say is WOW! That's not what I taught my kids. It is entirely possible to WIN with honor and integrity. The process may take longer and is definitely harder, but the success is LASTING and far more SWEETER!!! PLUS you don't have to constantly look over your shoulder.
More money...more negative publicity...AND more wasted time! What does it take to be fired in Oxford? Unless Santa is giving free passes this Christmas, this has little to absolutely no chance for success. Instead of genuine contrition and change, we seem ??? bent on earning the title REBELS. The penalties could have been far worse.
Realize this is an op-ed piece, so you're entitled to your opinion. BUT since you've established yourself as the judge, why not ask the REALLY tough question? And that would be, "Why is the very same ENABLING athletic administration still there?" My opinion - Freeze made major mistakes, and he is no longer at Ole Miss nor should he be. But for the record, the most egregious football infraction with the NCAA was the ACT cheating by coaches from the prior staff. That was a core Major 1 core violation that would have resulted in probation regardless of anything else.
No need to sound bitter or minimize his stats. Patterson is a very good player. Whether he takes the next step is yet to be seen. Wish it could be in red and blue, but it appears that will not be the case. And for that, we can only blame those responsible for our program.
Also, while I am ranting... ANY PLAYER who wants to transfer should be able to go wherever they choose...and without the hate and drama. The majority of the players did not sign up for this and to hold them hostage is JUST WRONG! If we want to salvage what small modicum of integrity that remains, we should beg them to stay but wish them well if they don't. It's their college experience, and you only get one time around. The NCAA may sometimes be arbitrary and capricious, but the simple fact remains. We did not have to cheat, spin and lie.
Hate to call you out, but you're wrong. It was ACTUALLY four sports - football, women's basketball, men's track AND women's track. What part of "lack of institutional control" am I missing??? I love Ole Miss, but I hate what we've become AND continue to be.
The people of Mississippi do deserve better! EVERY TIME something like this occurs, it only reinforces the negative stereotype of ALL Mississippians. Quite frankly, I'm tired of the lies, cheating, spin and excuses. AND I'm extremely sick AND tired of being tired!!! You can have honor and integrity and still be successful.
Not disagreeing with you. I simply have a problem with liars and cheaters. And it appears we have far too many.
Mystified with the "victim mentality" by some in the Ole Miss camp. Four major sports had ACADEMIC malfeasance - football coaches & ACT scores; women's basketball, men & women's track bogus classes and grades. And that's BEFORE any recruiting violations!!! Quite honestly, I'm surprised the sanctions weren't worse. The current Ole Miss AD stated past probationary transgressions should not have been considered in handing down penalties. In what world does he live in? When cancer recurs, you don't get to say "Hey I've already suffered for that." The past does matter. And yet, there has been NO CHANGE in the athletic administration. We are RESPONSIBLE for the sanctions and have no one to blame but ourselves. All efforts to "spin that" are just not true.
Here's a thought. Want to write a letter Vitter? How about your resignation? Oh, and please instruct your AD to do the same.
Agree. Until we make admin changes, NO ONE is going to believe we're moving in a different direction. I sincerely hope the cannibalism between Ole Miss and State stops. It' helping no one.
Want a lesson in crisis MIS-management? Contact the Ole Miss AD for more details. SMH