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Happy for him. Don't know him personally, but he seems to model all that's right with the title student/athlete. Congratulations!
Sorry it didn't work out Demarcus. Best wishes to you at South Florida! Have a great career and make a name for yourself!!!
Kiffin/Ole MIss is the perfect match. Let's hope he continues to see it that way!
I could very well be wrong, but a ten win season in the SEC is going to be tougher and tougher to accomplish...especially in the West division. Other than Saban/Alabama, parity is becoming more and more a reality in the SEC. Eight conference games leaves very little room for error, and you almost have to run the tables in non-conference. Just look what happened in the Covid-19 ten game 2020 season.
Malzahn and UCF could be a dynamic and scary mix for opponents. Realistically, name any school not named Alabama in the SEC where fans and alumni are satisfied. Since Saban has been at Alabama, EVERY SEC school has changed head coaches at least once...some of us a few more than that! Now that buyout...well, that's another story. But the Auburn administration can blame themselves for that. But they probably won't.
Didn't think it warranted a penalty either. The Tulsa player was running full speed and free until he hit the wall...uh Thompson.
Personally thought it was just a good football play by Thompson. What was he supposed to do - let the guy recover the kick???
Vol fans can now realize they're no longer in purgatory. Who knew the US Mint was in Knoxille!!!!!
Heupel may work out, but the odds are definitely against it. Read the Orlando Sentinel piece on his leaving, and it was pretty revealing. Despite what Heupel said, the UCF players, including their star quarterback, were quoted as saying he never told them he was leaving. They heard or saw it online - not a good look. With all the talk of offensive guru, Heupel was actually fired as the OC at Oklahoma. His predominant success came following Scott Frost at UCF, and that had downward trend. For me, I just think the Tennessee brand could/should be better. Seems Freeze is still too toxic, but it would have been interesting to see what he could have accomplished there.
Sort of a circuitous route, but I'm glad he's finally a Rebel like his Dad. Hope this works out for him and Ole Miss.
White's stock as a premier AD just took a serious hit. Hiring a fellow work-mate seems rather limiting. Over time, Heupel may work out, but it will definitely be a work in progress.
Really surprised! I thought UT could have done better.
Obviously, you didn't read the entire post. No one is blaming anyone. We were wrong and rightly sanctioned. The "disinformation" is that Freeze was severely sanctioned by the NCAA. That simply is not true. A two game suspension was hardly a severe punishment. He had no "show cause" or recruiting restriction placed on him. My entire post was directed to that fact. If Tennessee wants to hire him, there's really no NCAA reason not to. The stumbling block is merely perception and social media. This has nothing to do with Ole Miss. We have the right coach. If Tennessee thinks Freeze could be theirs, then they should have that right - without sanctimonious judgement from others.
Think Bama has ALWAYS been as they are now? Since BAMA and everyone else is squeaky clean in recruiting, here's a story from CBS/Dodd in 2015. ...Alabama was in definite danger of the death penalty.* There’s an asterisk there because the guy who said it -- who had some power to apply it -- has some qualifiers. Thirteen years ago, Tom Yeager uttered one of the most chilling phrases in NCAA infractions history. Alabama football, he said, was “absolutely staring down the barrel of a gun,” in the infamous Albert Means case. ...But back in 2002, eager Yeager was donating his time as the NCAA infractions committee chairman digging down on one of the most heinous cases in college history. Alabama was in the midst of having its name on four major cases in 14 years. It was a “repeat violator,” NCAA code for being eligible for the death penalty. It was Yeager and that committee that stepped back from the brink of nuking one of the top brands in sports. The penalties that were applied were bad enough: Five years probation, scholarship reductions and a two-year bowl ban. Alabama melted down. You can imagine what it would have done armed with the social media of today... Feeling really self-righteous? Read the entire story for a history reminder. Maybe then you'll stop the rhetoric and hate for everyone else.
Our probation at Ole Miss was probably the worst managed public relations fiasco in NCAA history. There was so much disinformation that people shared as truth. Just a few facts... - ACT violation did indeed occur under Houston Nutt - Asst. Coach let player sleep on his couch without demanding $33 (per NCAA) payment - Family of current player received a paid hotel room without payment - Freeze authorized hype video for prospective recruits (every school now does this!) - Asst. Coach let player hunt on his land without payment - Local store allegedly gave two recruits sportswear without payment - Two players who signed with rival said Ole Miss booster gave them a total of between $13k and 15.6K - ALL alleged cash improprieties for ALL violations per the official NCAA infraction letter...$35,181 - The punishment for Freeze was a two conference game coaching ban. Despite what so many assumed, there never was that much money involved. I'm not excusing our mistakes, looking for sympathy or attempting to spin the narrative. Ole Miss made mistakes. Hugh Freeze made mistakes. We've all moved on.
I would encourage every poster to take a good, long, honest look in the mirror. There is no debating Freeze made mistakes that were both egregious and public. His faith, family and professional career were drastically impacted. And yet, he didn't spin, deny, run or hide. He owned his mistakes and pledged to be a better person. What more could he do? Self-righteousness never looks good on anyone. Perhaps, that's the best lesson for us all.
Life as an Ole Miss fan is one continuous roller coaster! If there was ever a coach and school made for each other, then Lane and Ole Miss are it. Hopefully, he will stay and make history for the school and himself. All we need is a defense. But trust me, we REALLY need a defense!
Whether true or not, this is symbolic of what's wrong in our country. With social media, and well the media in general, it seems everyone's opinion is being floated as FACT. Sometimes it is, but more than often, it's not. This cancerous mindset continues to spread unabated without cure. If COVID-19 doesn't get you, then this disease certainly will. Words matter. Please think.
The writer makes a few valid points, BUT he totally misses the big picture - $MONEY! UT needs to modernize its thinking, but all the essential elements for success are there. It's disingenuous to promote facilities, huge fan base and a history of success do not matter. Tennessee is a large state with enormous financial resources. If the school secures leadership to effectively merge all those components, success will come. Even Butch Jones won nine games back to back in 2015-2016. Prior to Nick Saban, this same story could have been written about Alabama. We all know how that turned out, so I would caution anyone thinking the Vols will NEVER be relevant again.
Much respect Jaylen. You know your body better than anyone else. The doctors cleared you to play, and you trusted your instincts. This is why you'll win in life. Making the safe, easy play (or decision) will only take you so far. Life is always a calculated risk. Oh, and to think you made all those catches on basically one leg! GMs will salivate at what you will do on two!!
Doubt very seriously Auburn moves to a 3/4 defense. No matter how good the linebackers are, it's almost impossible to cover today's receivers, backs and tight ends. Ask Ohio State.
Najee, you're the MAN!!! That was incredibly funny and honest! Reporter obviously NEVER played!!!!
Don't think Bama was dominant this year? Played and beat EVERY SEC team this year with the exception of the two worst statistcally - South Carolina and Vanderbilt. Need an encore? Ole Miss scored 48 against the Tide - Ohio State and Notre Dame combined 38!!! And we know what happened in those three games. 2020 was a strange year for sure, but that Saban dominance was pretty familiar! Congratulations Alabama. You earned everything.
Not really familiar with Day, but that was a classy interview. No excuses - just simply the hard cold facts. Who knows how long it will last? But for right now, the Saban process makes it incredibly difficult to compete against Bama. In the SEC, we get a version of that EVERY week!
Saban IS the gold standard in coaching. Players change, coaches change, competition changes, but his program is ALWAYS competing for championships. Rockne, Bryant, Saban...a class of their own.
Maybe, but then again, maybe not. There is no doubt Saban is the best, but Kiffin is doing something special in Oxford. If Kiffin can continue to recruit his players and wants to forge his OWN legacy, then there's a chance the landscape of power could eventually shift in the SEC.
As any Ole Miss fan will attest, WE ALWAYS LIVE ON THE EDGE!!! Other conferences may not like it, but the SEC is a gut check every week. For BAMA to run the table in a conference only schedule tells you just how good they really are!
Hopefully with the off season, the coaches can work with JRP on route running and the nuances of being a slot receiver. If he buys in, he could be truly special!