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Personally, I really liked Johnson's game. Sure, he made some questionable throws, but nearly every quarterback does. With the right system, I believe he could really shine!
Totally agree with you. The decline has already begun...and it's sad.
Congratulations Will Anderson! This young man has it right! God does indeed have a plan for every person - whether you choose to embrace or believe that truth or not. In a skeptical, "me first" time, it is refreshing to see a person celebrate the success of others. Having seen this young man play, he certainly does not need a trophy to affirm his ability or passion for the game. He's already a winner.
I'll give Kelley props for this hire. Ditch the fake accent and let Wilson be the face of recruiting. He's really that good!
To an outsider, it appeared injuries and roster attrition were the two biggest issues for the Tigers this year...certainly not talent. When you play in the SEC West, there is just no margin for error. With all the injuries and outside noise, it was a great accomplishment to get to any bowl game under those circumstances.
Well, you want the bear, you got the bear. Be careful what you wish for...just saying.
Had no idea what LSU was about until he spoke with his agent??? That would give me pause as an LSU fan...or as an Ole Miss alum for that matter. SEC schools are passion 365/7. If you don't get that, then it's probably not for you.
Give Moffitt his due praise. Strength and conditioning are the bedrocks of any successful football program. The only constant through three LSU national titles was THIS!!! If this is the "kool-aid," then give me a Gatorade bath!
If there is such a thing as "coaching fit," then this is it. Nothing is forever, but Kiffin has the chance to become a legacy coach at Ole Miss. There are not many opportunities to do that anywhere in today's college football landscape.
As long as Saban remains at BAMA, it's a difficult task for any team. He recruits 4/5* talent routinely, coaches them up and motivates supremely when necessary. Having a really good team is not enough. Kiffin gets it.
Hate to break it to Georgia fans, but when Bama is properly motivated, they are a tough out regardless who is playing quarterback. Daniels may very well be an improvement, but it will not matter unless he can ALSO play defense.
Lighten up folks! Mike Leach was simply complimenting Matt Corral. He certainly understands there are great players everywhere. I personally thought it was very classy of Leach to be there.
"Good fit" is an often overworked idiom used by many to simplify complex scenarios - whether in business or this time, sports. Management success ultimately is defined by the masses as profitability or wins/championships in coaching. However, one does not achieve that benchmark without mastering multiple skillsets along the way. Based solely on past performance, Kelley should do well. But that will be only one of the many metrics that determine his current situation. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Don't believe me? Then check your IRA or investments.
No one knows how big Kelley will win at LSU. His teams will win games, but it will not be easy. EVERY week will be a test from some of the best college football teams and coaches in the country. Unless Kelley can recruit at or above the Orgeron level, championships will be difficult. Welcome to the SEC.
Hope he stays and builds HIS legacy. There may be more money elsewhere, but he would be hard pressed to find a better fit for his personality.
Certainly NO OTHER PLAYER meant more to the success of his team than Matt. Never backed down from competing...even when hurt.
SEC title and playoff spot in year one or two? While anything's possible, it certainly won't be easy to even win the SEC West. That's a really high expectation. Really would like a true LSU fan's opinion... What happens if he doesn't?
Final comment, and then I've got to actually work! Maybe it's time for coaching contracts to carry the same disclaimer the SEC requires for financial investments... "A fund's past performance does not necessarily predict future results."
For Kelley to be NC successful, he will have to recruit as well or better than coach "O." And that's a tall ask. For all his shortcomings as a head coach, "O" was almost unbeatable in living rooms.
Winning starts in the "living room." To quote..."players win games, coaches lose them." For Kelley to be uber successful, he must win recruiting. That's the bottom line.
Ironically, one of the key players during DiNardo's tenure is also one of the two assistants being retained - Kevin Faulk.
It is a valid comparison. DiNardo is generally credited with resurrecting the LSU football program. Prior to his arrival, LSU had six straight losing seasons. His first year LSU rebounded to 7-4-1 and then 10-2 in year two. Although he was very well thought of, he just wasn't able to sustain the momentum. Not insinuating Kelley won't be successful, I'm just commenting on the fact he's never coached or lived in the south. It will be different.
Big name...yes. Good coach...yes. Right fit...maybe. His biggest challenge will be adapting to a distinctly southern culture with absolutely no prior exposure. Will he be able to relate as well as Coach O or be considered an outsider? Saban proved it could be done, but he has always been a notable exception. Hiring is reminiscent of former ND player Gerry DiNardo who coached LSU in the '90s.
Young has had a very impressive season, but last night was not a crowning moment. Most of the game he was scrambling to stay upright and made numerous bad passes and decisions. At this point in the season, every quarterback has to deal with a restructured offensive line as well as missing skill players. It's almost laughable to read where BAMA fans complain about "having to use" their backups. Nearly every one of those guys was either a four or five star recruit! Give the Auburn defense some credit for playing lights out. The last drive would also never occurred had Auburn managed the last two minutes better on offense. The real hero at the end was the receiver who made a phenomenal adjustment on the game winning catch. Not many receivers make that catch at any time in any game.