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JRP is the model of student/athlete and consummate team player. What coach wouldn't love a team filled with this mindset? Best wishes young man!
Excellent factual post AND could not agree more. The driving force behind the popularity and profitability of college football has ALWAYS been driven by devoted alumni and fans from each school. The nostalgia and "reminiscing of our college days" will soon fade and be replaced with "likes" and social media. In my opinion, the assumption alumni will continue to sacrifice for alma mater is misguided.
College football as we have "known and loved" is already forever changed. Whether it's for the better is yet to be determined.
It's been a very long time since I personally misread a person so badly. Although he was eccentric at times, I actually liked Les Miles as a football coach. I never saw this coming.
NIL is the Pandora's Box of college sports. While college athletes were not allowed to legally receive a check for playing, only the naive assume they never received compensation - either directly or indirectly. For athletes who embraced higher education, it meant exiting college with a degree and ZERO debt. Think that's nothing? Try explaining it to those in the US with student loan debt. At the end of 2020, that amount had risen to 1.7 Trillion Dollars! But then, the term student/athlete disappeared a long time ago. So who's ultimately responsible for this meteoric rise in college sports revenue??? Is it the athletes? Is it the schools? Or is it the dreaded NCAA? Unfortunately, it's us - the fans of of the games and our schools. We pay for tickets, clothing and all types of merchandise supporting our favorite schools. And when our school calls for even more money via donations, we willingly open our checkbooks. And thus the spiral continues. And when will it be enough? Unfortunately, we all know that answer.
Since nearly every logo of every school is copyrighted, it's only a matter of time before school lawyers demand compensation as well. In a free-market society, NIL was inevitable. College sports is now BIG business entertainment, and everyone wants their share. But it wasn't always this way. Once upon a time, people played games because they loved the sport. Maybe it will be great for the players and schools, and maybe it will forever change sports in a positive way. It's just sad when money becomes the major motivating factor for everything we do in life. Just an opinion.
For the Rebels to make the next step, it is imperative to get the BEST defensive players in the state of Mississippi. Hope his commitment sticks and starts a new trend!!!
Congratulations to MSU! The most complete team won...plain and simple.
Congratulations to Mississippi State! Absolutely dominant performance and clearly the superior team.
One last comment... It's really SAD that any fan can't have an opinion without people assuming there is some hidden agenda or school bias. I don't have to defend my comments on the two prior games, the statistics speak for themselves. As for the detractors, the CWS is not "little league or a participation trophy league." Both teams are better than they are playing. FACT. Both deserved to be on the sport's biggest stage. However, had either played this way earlier, they would be home just like many others...including Ole Miss.
Wow! Obviously none of you took time to read the entire post. As I said, both teams are BETTER than they are playing. If you think games one and two were competitive, then you know absolutely nothing about baseball. As for bias, there is none. Like many others, Ole Miss did not deserve to be in Omaha. Simple as that. Even the ESPN announcers were baffled at the performance. If you're going to be a National Champion, then it should motivate you to play like one.
Hope Game Three is a better showing than the previous two. Fundamentally, both teams are struggling. Pitching has been absolutely awful by both teams - Vandy 13 walks - MSU 9 walks, 2 hit by pitch by both Vandy & MSU plus a combined 28 hits and 4 homers! Fielding has been suspect as well. Not sure if they're pressing, but I've seen both teams. Both are better than this.
It's tough when your rival succeeds, and you don't. But being bitter doesn't change anything. Without question, both Vandy and MSU are solid teams and deserve to be in the final. For the rest of us, well, here's looking to next year!
Sports was once an escape for the majority of us...but not longer. Why is it we can longer agree to disagree? Here's the simple truth. Every day, every person puts chemicals in their body which may or may not do them harm. Think not? How about that American staple peanut butter. Delicious and deadly at the same time. Vaccines, shots and medicine? Chances are EVERY single respondent on this board received MMR shots prior to entering elementary school. You may have had a choice. I did not. Wanted to go to school? You got the shots. Still remember the pain and anxiety by the way. COVID-19...deadly or not? So far I have lost middle aged friends and older to this potentially deadly disease. I've also had friends who contracted it with very few complications or even symptoms. COVID-19 seems to have its own agenda. For me, I haven't contracted it, but I did get the Pfizer shots. Is it a gamble? Maybe, but here's something to consider. Don't take the shots. You may be like the majority and survive with no infection or get it with little effect. Or you may get sick, miss work or possibly require hospitalization. No one will pay those unexpected bills for you though. Or get the nothing for it...have roughly 90+ efficacy...and take a calculated risk. That was my decision. No side effects then or now. Maybe I was lucky. Who knows? What I do know is this. Life is full or risks. There are simply no guarantees. Statistics are never important until you become one. Talk to a cancer patient for a sobering reminder of how precious and temporal life really is. No human being is invincible. Don't want to take the shot? I respect your decision. It's your life. Taking the shot? I respect your decision. It too is your life. But it's way past time to end the hateful rhetoric. It benefits no one and changes nothing.
I've always believed "change is good." However, the pending NIL will reveal just how much money has ALWAYS been circulating in the background. It will greatly benefit some schools and players. Others will probably be shocked at what their fair market value truly is. The biggest casualty will be fans' "perceived" nostalgic innocence of college sports and the student/athlete.
Really happy for Vandy, but THAT was a brutal way to lose!
Congratulations to MSU for a tremendous comeback win. Also congrats to UVA pitcher Griff McGarry, Vandy's Jack Leiter and State's Will Bednar. Pitching has been outstanding!!!
This is what keeps the game fun! Glad all of them have a sense of humor!!!
Leiter made only one bad pitch all night and certainly deserved a better fate. Totally shocked by the anemic hitting performance from the SEC thus far!
Great pitching always beats great hitting. MSU has enough of both to win the CWS. Congratulations!
Light hearted and funny!!! Reminds me of when sports was actually fun!
Nick Saban understands all the nuances of running a business. He has proven methodologies and procedures and doesn't deviate from them. The fact that he's a great coach is just a bonus.
This is a young man who truly gets it! Sports in general desperately needs more people like him. Best wishes for the future!!!
Congratulations to State! Great team win, and I wouldn't be surprised if they won everything in Omaha. Best of luck!
Watched some of the game, and this young lady throws some serious heat! Congratulations!!!
Contentious game, but there is NEVER an excuse for that. Very bad optics, and coach correctly didn't let it slide.