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Uh, I think you need to read the Wolken USA story again. Pretty sure Vadal Alexander played at LSU.
If giving money to college athletes is "NO BIG DEAL," then why did EVERYONE bury Ole Miss not to mention former National Champs USC and Ohio State? LSU had a phenomenal season on the field. They were clearly the best team in CFB. However, it's time for their program to face the same scrutiny as everyone else. The Wade fiasco, OBJ, Neck and the very concerning Funes charity hospital scandal are just the surface of a real problem going on now off the field. If you haven't heard of the $800,000 scandal paying LSU players, you're just being disingenuous.
This is one of the hazards of winning. Players leave early, coaches leave for better paying jobs, etc. etc. That's why you have to respect Saban. This happens every year, and Bama is still Bama. With that said, congrats to the Tigers and EH for an awesome year.
Not sure what was worse - Beckham giving players money or the obvious attempt to spin as fake money. Stupid both ways!
Fake money? Sure! He was just making another big ?!#%^@ LSU offer...or payment! Unbelievably stupid.
Congratulations to the LSU family! This was probably the most magical season I've ever seen by one team - especially Joe Burrow! Kudos to all Tigers - you earned it!!!
Hate is a powerful drug. Whether you like President Trump or not, he is the President of OUR country. I was proud the Superdome crowd understood that.
Totally agree. My dream is for the Egg Bowl to actually mean something nationally. With these two coaches, it could happen.
Totally support an era of civility between State and Ole Miss. Whether you're a Rebel or Bulldog, wouldn't it be great to be relevant on the national stage? Both schools have excellent coaches that can change the national narrative of Mississippi.
That wasn't an insult. It was just STUPID! Many of us feel the player should have been dismissed from the team AND the University. For the record, there is no place in any game for that total and complete lack of class and sportsmanship.
No knock on any coach, but the Rebels need a fresh start. Hopefully, all those not retained will land on their feet and do well.
I've ALWAYS felt a kneel down by your opponent inside YOUR five yard line is the ULTIMATE insult.
Good game by two very excellent teams. Also didn't believe that was a catch. The real reason Ohio State lost was trading field goals for touchdowns. As a Rebel, I've seen that script before, and it ALWAYS ends the same - LOSS.
Hey Okie, the Rebels hung 37 points and over 600 yards on the Tigers AND were NEVER trading "blows" with LSU. Call it what it is - LSU is vastly BETTER than everyone they have played this year! NEVER seen a quarterback play better or a team more on a mission! Give credit where credit is due.
A sobering reminder of how precious and fleeting life truly is. Heartfelt prayers for the McCord and Ensminger families. May God comfort you in your loss.
Good for them AND the Ole Miss program. With Lane and the new staff, the Rebels could be scary good on offense. Now, it we can just learn how to stop anyone...
Quite possibly the worst column I've read in some time. You do read your own notes, right? #118 in the country in Pass Defense. That's actually 8 spots worse than the previous disaster. With the right coach, Ole Miss can be competitive, but that coach is definitely not Luke, MM or RR.
The Luke story was never going to end any other way - whether now or later. Regardless how long the search takes, the Ole Miss administration needs to get this coaching hire right. We are out of mulligans.
What he did was wrong - plain and simple. You know nothing.