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No matter when it happens, it's tough to lose a Mom or Dad. Prayers for Lane and the entire Kiffin family.
IT'S TIME for colleges and universities stop subsidizing the NBA and NFL. The REASON schools fundamentally exist is for enhanced educational opportunities. If an individual wants to play professional sports, that's their choice. It's well past time to restore some semblance of expectation for all student-athletes and the classroom. Just my opinion.
Best way to manage spin??? Own your mistakes. This guy probably thinks he is never wrong about anything.
Congratulations to the Tennessee program! Hard to believe this is the school's first national championship in baseball. Once again, it just further proves how talented the SEC truly is. Consider this...Tennessee is the eighth Southeastern Conference school to win a national title in baseball. Those eight have combined for 16 titles. The SEC has won five in a row, all by different schools (Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, LSU and now Tennessee), and 10 of the last 15.
Watched the press conference and was amused how important this guy considers himself. TAMU will be just fine without him.
The self-righteousness of coaches and players today is insufferable.
Barring injuries, coaching will be 100% the deciding factor in our season. Since this staff assembled the roster, I'm very content to let the season play out. We will not be an easy opponent for ANYONE. IMO
Who really knows what "college" football will even look like in 2025 and beyond?
Did no one think there would be consequences for openly paying players? Like it or not, there's a reason for roster limits, salary caps, and bonafide contracts. Personally, I can't wait for the gnashing of teeth when players receive their first 1099 or W-2 from playing. Oh, you didn't think that was coming?
Totally agree. The 1973 NCAA Championship Game between UCLA and Memphis showcased the greatest college basketball performance I've ever witnessed. Walton's stat line was 21-22 from the field and 2-5 from the line - 44 points! Colorful but one of the best centers of all time. Rest in peace and condolences to his family.
Can't win championships without defense, and it looks like we'll have a solid front with backups for the first time in... Who am I kidding, forever! Maybe this will be the year. We'll see come September.
Congratulations to the Tigers! No matter the score, they keep battling every at bat. It's the way baseball is supposed to be played! Well done.
Guess this season will be the swan song of college sports.
Hard to fathom how far we've fallen in two short years. It's not just the losses - it's HOW we lose. When you don't do fundamentals well, you're simply not going to be successful. Congratulations to State.
Respect his faith and accomplishments, but I believe Dabo is deluding himself with his "they couldn't play for us" comment. No matter how good you are at evaluation or development, no one is perfect. There are players every year where the change of scenery, or team, allows them to have breakout seasons. Perhaps a better choice of phrasing might be "we just don't do NIL or pay players." But then, that wouldn't be true either.
Walk-on. I love it!!! Congratulations to him for believing in himself...and of course, his accomplishments! Impressive!!!
He's a football more, no less. The writer's priorities are severely misplaced. IMO
Okay, you got me. Didn't watch any of the NFL coverage, but did the Falcons really do that???
From a purely fan's perspective, I definitely did not see this coming. I thought Reescano was going to be a special back for Ole Miss. Seems to have all the measurables, so it's puzzling.
Walking him really went against normal baseball strategy. First and second base were occupied, so "double play" was in play PLUS he had already grounded into two earlier in the game. PLUS the guy hitting behind him already had RBI's in the game. So the walk just didn't make strategy sense. So what happens? They walk him, and the guy behind him gets the hit to put the game away. Agree with you. Uncool, bad baseball decision, and it cost them.
Just appreciate what he's doing! It's impressive! Although I don't follow your team, I'm certain the rest of the team isn't tanking their season either. Baseball is a fickle game. Who knows, they might turn it around!
Parrish is exceptionally quick and elusive in the open field. Probably being recruited as a running back/slot receiver. He would be a very good addition.
Funny, but I believe you're absolutely correct!!!
The old rule actually never made any sense. Just treat all students the same. If you're in good academic standing, you should be able to transfer. However, that academic part might be a problem for some.
A real "Spring Football Game" played against yourself makes absolutely no sense. Kudos to Lane for protecting his players from possible injuries.
Amazing how relaxed he was! Glad to see he was able to compartmentalize the coaching aspect of his life and move on. Best wishes!
So, the SEC can enforce a time limit transfer, BUT the NCAA can't. How is that even possible?