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Way past time to park the "It Just Means More" and the SEC chant. Results always make a more powerful statement. Of course, we've done nothing positive in recent years to promote the conference. Way past time for us to get our act together, too.
His reasoning is rock solid. It's his choice and his chance to chart the course for his life. Whether that ends up at Mississippi State or somewhere else, you can't blame him for wanting a life beyond football. Far too many kids think the NFL is their golden ticket. Best wishes to him wherever he goes.
Congratulations to Clemson! They were clearly the better team - in every way.
Always felt he was more comfortable as a DB coach. Best wishes Crime Dog!
That's the way it's done! Never leave any doubt. Great win TAMU!!!
Best wishes! The world certainly needs good men in leadership.
Amazing how many people failed to recognize this train wreck and take action. Hey, it's Hugh Freeze's fault. It's the NCAA's fault. It's global warming. It's the Tooth Fairy. No. It's WAOM. The cancer starts at the top, and now the entire program is dying. There's no spinning today.
What Ole Miss desperately needs is a major paradigm shift. Without that, we'll be discussing the next "whatever" next year.
Made a mistake. Updated bowl record. 0-1 Tie accomplished at San Jose State in 2012 with Kent Baer as interim Head Coach. My apologies.
OK, here's the full picture. Colorado 2018 #53 Defense Total Yards 5-6 Record 2017 #108 Defense Total Yards 5-7 Record 2016 #24 Defense Total Yards 10-4 Record 2015 #105 Defense Total Yards 4-9 Record 2014 #112 Defense Total Yards 2-10 Record 2013 #101 Defense Total Yards 4-8 Record San Jose State 2012 #28 Defense Total Yards 10-2 Record 2011 #77 Defense Total Yards 5-7 Record 2010 #119 Defense Total Yards 1-12 Record Source is NCAA FBS Statistics. Worth nearly $15M for the next three years?
??? Many times as a defensive coordinator you have control in regard to scheme and game preparation. As a head coach, you have COMPLETE control of everything including recruiting and the overall team. The referenced stats are for the last nine years. During that time, he has had only two winning seasons - one at each school. Will he be a good coach and fit for Ole Miss? Who knows. I'm not a Kool-aid fan. I'm a realist who would like to see Ole Miss win with honor sometime in my life. What's amazing? Those stats are good enough for about $15M (including buyout) for the next three years! Amazing.
The MacIntyre file... Head Coach 16-21 San Jose State 30-44 Colorado 46-65 Overall 0-1-1 Bowl Record Only 2 winning seasons in 9 years as Head Coach 2018 Colorado Defense #53 Total Yards for Season #46 Rushing Defense #72 Passing Defense #67 Scoring Defense Fired as HC at Colorado $10.3M Buyout Hired as Ole Miss Defensive Coordinator 3 Years - $4.5M Contract Only in America.
I'm not defending or JUDGING anyone. I'm pretty sure that's above my pay grade AND yours. Hope you realize that sin is sin. With God there is no difference. John 3:16 still applies to us all.
Everybody deserves a second chanceā€¦even the self-righteous social media posters. Best wishes and make the most of it!
Everybody deserves a second chance...even the self-righteous social media posters. Best wishes and make the most of it!
Our current AD has always been OUR NUMBER ONE PROBLEM. Just wait til the Kool-Aid drinkers realize he's doubled our athletic budget in the past six years. Without the SEC/ESPN money, we'd be bankrupt. And don't look now, but that money is far from assured going forward.
Let's take a timeout and review Luke's record at Ole Miss. For years 2012-2016 he was the offensive line coach and co-offensive coordinator for a couple of those years. The NCAA record book is the source. National Rank Rushing Offense 2012 - 45 2013 - 41 2014 - 70 2015 - 46 2016 - 103 As Head Coach 2017-2018 11-13 Overall 4-12 SEC Believe it or not, these "statistics" somehow qualify one for $3M a year and head coach in the most difficult conference in America! Love, passion and promises are sometimes just not enough.
NO, I believe the facts were pretty obvious. These were core violations of the NCAA bylaws and our arrogance in trying to spin the narrative galvanized every rational thinking enforcement member. There is simply no excuse for cheating. NONE!! And when you are Ole Miss OR Mississippi State, you have to be better than everyone else in compliance. It may not be completely fair, but it's COMPLETELY the truth.
Before you get too self-righteous, Mike Shula, DuBose, Price and others were your problems not that long ago. Oh, and let's not forget your little Albert Means issue. Easy to park that memory away, but realize Saban won't coach forever.
Just an FYI... Most of the egregious NCAA violations had nothing to do with the recruiting class in question. The ACT scandal with football occurred prior to Freeze. The grade changing and illegal payments were for women's basketball and men/women track teams from coaches HIRED AND VETTED by Bjork. Now Tunsil??? Who really knows the truth? Facts are Luke, the majority of current coaches and the AD WERE ALL THERE when Freeze was coach. To lay this on him is extremely convenient and preposterous. Of course, if I were an SEC opponent, I would beg for the current group to stay!!!
Just because some of us can see the "BIG" picture, the "kool-aid" is what it is. Spin it however you like.
Let's see, hmmm??? Looking for answers.... Here's one! FIRE BJORK!
All of this - from both sides - is precisely why the state of Mississippi simply cannot rise above the national stereotype. SMH
Last night was a national reminder on ESPN of how dysfunctional and cancerous the current Ole Miss leadership (pun intended) is. Keep any part of that group, and the future is more than bleak.
STILL BLAMING FREEZE????? With that astute "Bjork" reporting, you have ZERO credibility. Defensively, we are dead last in the SEC and nearly the ENTIRE country, and it's because of a coach who had back to back New Year's SIX appearances. And who, by the way, has been gone from the program for two seasons!!!! Really??? It is what it is. Ole Miss has ZERO leadership from top to bottom. The lack of talent is evident - in coaching!!!! I've already begun the purging process, but if change doesn't come, then I'm out. Not that anyone in Oxford will notice.
Now that's funny! Keeping it in perspective...good for him!!!
Well written, and I echo your sentiments. I may be wrong, but I believe MANY schools will regret passing on the Mad Hatter. There's no chance now, but I would have loved seeing him directing our program.