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Not saying he wasn't a good player - obviously he was. When he came ready to play, he was almost unstoppable. That just wasn't very often. For the nation's number one player and his undeniable talent, he never reached his ceiling IMO.
In my opinion, he was a bust at Ole Miss. Great potential and optics, but character issues and baggage always hindered him. It's sad to see such gifts wasted.
You missed my point. Is it impossible for people to be grateful anymore?
Understand all sides, but Burrow should exercise a little humility and be grateful for HIS opportunity. If he doesn't make it as a pro or spend time on his studies, he may be the one cleaning the office. Just saying...
I'm sure this camp is critical to his development. Much ado about nothing.
Maybe now folks can understand why we were delighted with an AD change. Sad.
Congrats Vandy! Great pitching, hitting and defense. Clearly the BEST team in college baseball this year.
Dude seriously needs some sliding lessons! Ouch!!!
For Auburn, that was BRUTAL!!! Congrats to the Bulldogs. They just simply wouldn't give up.
Congratulations to Arkansas! Better pitchers, better hitting and just better effort. Between State, Arkansas, Auburn and Vandy, the SEC is well represented at Omaha. Good luck to everyone!!!
Incredible to watch! His total command of all pitches, especially that wicked breaking ball, was amazing!!! But what was more astounding was his post game interview. In the days of the "ME" generation, he was genuinely humble, appreciative and team first. He represents his family and Vandy well!!! Congratulations!
I just can't stop : ) smiling!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck TAMU. Really.
Exactly. That's my point. Many of the current problems in college football could be erased with a more structured and transparent minor league system. The same could be said for basketball. Both the NFL and NBA are multi-billion dollar enterprises. It could be done, but corporate greed will never let it happen.
How about this??? For the best players (including those who think they are), college football is no more than the minor league of the NFL. Let's stop pretending most of these kids are there for an education. Whether it's football or basketball, the majority have their eyes on the big prize - not alma mater. Eventually, sweeping reform of the entire process will happen. The system already works pretty well for NCAA baseball. Why not use a similar model for the other sports?
Congratulations to Vandy. They just wouldn't quit. Their team hitting resume is legit. Everyone swings the bat well, and there are no easy outs. This team could possibly win it all. By the same token, congrats to Mike Bianco and the Rebel team as well. They weren't supposed to even be there. Vandy is just the better team from top to bottom.
Hey, we're not mad at TAMU or trolling you. I sincerely hope he works out for you. From the beginning of his time in Oxford, it's been the wrong fit. He was a complete dumpster fire for Ole Miss. And before anyone jumps on the "fund raising" wizard bus, remember our annual take from the SEC revenue pool is a cool $43.1 from 2019 alone. Other than that, he's left us quite a chunk of debt. He would have never left without another job. So believe me, we APPRECIATE TAMU!!!
Hate to burst your bubble, but NO ONE is sad to see Bjork go. Most people see only the NCAA problems. Trust me, the real issue is much broader. If he works out for TAMU, then great. But for us, it was the best possible outcome!
Here's a little perspective...with apologies to super villains everywhere! Thanos has been vanquished. Darth Sidious has been eliminated. Lex Luther is in prison. The Joker has been dismissed. The force has restored balance and restored the Infinity Stones. It's kind of like that!
How about... Congratulations and best wishes! : )
This may be the beginning of change in the governance of college athletics. It seems improper or even illegal payments to acquire players has been the status quo. Until now, most schools have been able to operate in the shadows with little to no consequence. Well, unless you're Ole Miss or some other favorite NCAA sacrifice. Since the feds have lifted the veil of rampant malfeasance in college basketball, change is inevitable. If anyone thinks LSU and a few other named schools are the only guilty parties, then you're just in denial. It would be awesome to believe your school always plays within the rules, but that would be disingenuous.
Congratulations to Zed! Sadly he never reached his potential at Ole Miss. Best wishes!
Apologies to Admiral Schofield, his teammates, coaches and the entire Tennessee fan base. The actions at the end of last night's game were classless and inexcusable. That should NEVER happen - anywhere or anytime. The majority of Ole Miss alumni and Mississippians DO NOT support or condone that type of boorish behavior.
Not a good look for Kermit. ALL coaches of today would do well to research, study and model John Wooden. That's how it's done!
Karma. When bad, inexplicable things continue, perhaps it's time to look inward. For me, I'm tired of the me against the world narrative. We are our own worst enemy.