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Wins are most definitely a Heisman factor. lol Show me a Heisman winner that was 6-6. for example. Use some common sense.
"it’s perfectly normal for a team to regress to a potential 8 game losing streak in year 3." Umm, no. Year 3 is when a team takes off. If it does not, you do not have the right coaching staff.
He was one of three Ole Miss players that were informed that the team was going in a different direction a few weeks ago. Between now and the 16th, you will see why.
Yeah, ok bud. If facts are considered "rah rah" by you, no sense in even continue the convo.Have fun trying to win the SEC West going forward. lmao
It doesn't take 8 years to build a program. Stupid to even think that. Pruitt has been awful. Period.
Sorry that you can't see that Kirby is stuck in the past. He tries to play old school SEC football ala pre-Kiffin days Alabama, and that does not work anymore. What he has done with the talent he has had is pretty underwhelming.
6 SEC Championships 3 National Championships
People always say that, but who knows if he can even catch a football. Maybe he can since he plays baseball as well.
Umm, not really bad new, when the involved parties have been informed weeks ago that Ole Miss was moving in a different direction.
It WILL be Corral. You see our coach is an offensive genius, and so is our OC. Georgia's is, well, not.
That was the first time he had went up against a "drop eight into coverage scheme", and it rattled him. By the following Monday, after looking at film and listening to the coaches, he said he learned what to do going forward. He has had no issues with that scheme going forward.
There is zero reason for Moore to stay. His draft stock is too high right now to risk, especially if he continues to ball out in the last 3 games.
One is not nearly the QB as the other. Corral will start the season as a Heisman frontrunner.
Hint: Ole Miss has the top offense in the SEC. They put up more yards than any team in history against Alabama this year. 128 years of Bama playing football. Give pause, and think about that for a moment. You had better thank your stars that Ole Miss has one of worst defenses in college football right now. Had that been an even average defense, you guys woulda got smoked. Apparently Lane Kiffin was spot on in evaluating which QB was best, and it is not even close.
The rankings are for play callers. Kiffin will not be calling the plays. Lebby will.
Want to Hire: Journalists that know how to do research before writing articles. Hint: Ole Miss' first game of the 2021 season is versus Louisville. Guess where - Atlanta. Learn to recognize when you have been trolled so you don't look so foolish with ignorant articles.