Red and Black

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7. Try to not hide under the bed curled up in the fetal position when the idea of playing UGA enters into Beamer's mind.
The Shoe-Toss will be as famous in history as the Butt-Fumble (NYJ for those who don't remember).
White and Cook appear to be our featured backs. Looks like a tall order to get the other four quality time on the field. Carroll may not see much of the field if at all. Maybe looking at a Red Shirt? Gotta get K-Mac and K-Milt into the mix!!
Hmmm....Yes it is isn't it. I remember one of those Robinsons from the Natty. Dude is a beast.
PS - Just had a horrible thought! --- Someone's gonna hit the transfer portal.
White - 5* Cook - 4* McIntosh - 4* Milton - 4* Edwards - 4* Carroll - 4* That's got to be the best RB room in the country.
Don't forget that UGA also has an incoming 4-Star with Lovasea Carroll.
The NFL may (notice I said may) view Mullen as damaged goods. Everything started out great until week 10. He was the darling of the East. Then you had the shoe-throw-loss, the SECCG loss, and the Cotton Bowl loss. Stir in a some NCAA investigations and Show Cause orders and voila! Or maybe not.
I believe ol' Stevie could have pulled it off but issues with ownership wrecked that train. At least that's how I remember it. Kinda like the ol' buying groceries - cooking thing.
I don't know man. There was only one Jimmy Johnson. A lot of CFB coaches flame out in the NFL.
I think that Corral to Plumlee connection could be deadly. That is if Plumlee decides to do the WR thing.
I think that ultimately, AU will be better in the long run with this new hire. Harsin seems like a no nonsense kinda guy. Not sure if Bobo is the answer at OC but he needed a local boy for recruiting purposes. Year 1 may be disappointing for Tiger fans with the loss of personnel and installing new schemes on both sides of the ball. I'm glad the Dawgs get them early. Thanks Gus.
Good article in that it emphasizes the offense. If UK can start scoring some more points, they could make some noise next year.
With the specter off a long, long off-season ahead of us, this is good article to start some speculation and theorizing on the 2021 season. For example, If UGA can get by Clemson, the Dawgs could run the table.
If only Big Mac hadn't fumbled and gifted the Suckeyes that 7 points. We're talking about a final score of 52 (maybe more) - 17.
Actually, I thought of Nick Saban as the G.O.A.T. a couple of years ago. Saban has had to play extra games in the form of the SECCG and CFP. Plus there is much more parity in the game. Alabama needs to rename T-Town as Sabanville and redesign the State Flag to show Saban's likeness.
And so it begins, eight months of off-season speculation. I would speculate that with JT Daniels, UGA could topple Notre Dame and maybe TAMU.
6. Why David Pollack is wrong about opt-outs..... Great player - Not so much a football analyst. 3. Ohio State is good enough to beat Alabama, too, but... Yeah - Let's hope they're spent emotionally.
That Corral to Plumlee connection did the trick. Good job by Ole Miss to take down #11.
Seemed like we were doing our typical "sleep walking" in the first half. When #13 got to the Bearcat's QB, we seemed to come alive.
Certainly adds an element of intrigue. But....if I was to lay money down, I'd take Alabama. That butt-whooping in 2014 is gonna motivate the Nickster.
That was certainly an entertaining second half. Love MSU’s full maroon uniforms. Love Tulsa’s RB # 24 Taylor.
I would say the QB room looks good for LSU next year. I do wonder if the loser of the competition to win the starting job for 2021 will enter the transfer portal.