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I don't think there should be an "Asterisk" next to anything this year. Whether that's UA v. UGA, the SECCG, or the Natty. We are all subject to the same problems. Last man standing wins the Natty without the asterisk.
I'm thinking maybe go with Kenny McIntosh and Kendall Milton as our 1-2 running back combination. Those two are showing great potential.
...""Game of the Week: Georgia at Alabama (-4)""... Definitely a high stakes game. I hope the Dawgs can get over that psychological hump that seems to exist whenever we play them. James Cook - After his performance at Arky, he was in my dog house. After his brief performance against Auburn, he’s out of the dog house. He was literally ripping Auburn a new one before hurting his shoulder. I hope he’s healed and sees some action against Alabama. Owen Condon - That dude sucks. Keep him off of the field. Tre McKitty and Darnell Washington - Two monster tight ends might be just what the doctor ordered. Perfect targets for the short to intermediate passing game. Alabama’s passing game is gonna be like a track meet. Hope we have the horses to keep up. I know DJ Daniel is not the best with the deep ball. Need long time-consuming drives to try to keep Alabama's offense off of the field. Good luck Dawgs!!!
The biggest threat to UGA is the back up quarterback! Just kidding. Jones looks like the real deal. The Dawgs are preparing for a Big Mac - Attack.
Yup - The Dawgs have been holding back with the playbook. Look for a bunch of new wrinkles on Saturday. UGA is gonna have to play mistake-free football.
DJ Daniel is gonna get picked on early and often. This is where we will miss Kelee Ringo.
Kirby Smart game plan after losing to Alabama..."Get rid of their backup quarterback."
When I speak about Alabama, I do so in terms of its current iteration with Nick Saban. Since Saban took over they've won the SECCG 6 times and played in another. That's dominance. I don't view it in terms of 1 game or 1 year. Modesty? Not sure where that came from. Other than the 2007 meeting, the Tide has had UGA's number. They've beaten us 5 times in a row.
UGA fans are not saying these "easy to say things." The author and the media are.
My post was sarcasm. UT fans were claiming their O-Line was the best in college football. I'm sure Bama's line is better.
The defense did well against the best offensive line in the history of the world.
It would appear that Ole Miss is the favorite in this year's Egg Bowl.
Why does Nick Saban do AFLAC commercials? He's already rich.
For this year, Mike Leach is working with what he inherited (except for KJ). Let's see how things are after a couple of recruiting cycles.
10. To- – Grantham, where’s the D? I've been calling Grantham the weak link for UF for two years. 8. That’s a $75 million man! That felt like a UF - FSU game. 2. Nobody knows the rule? How? Weird things happen at Jordan-Hare. Voodoo magic? 1. Georgia is king of the SEC East … or SEC? Let's stick with the East. Alabama is king of the hill until someone knocks them off.
@Justahypocrite22 - Check some of your brethren's posts leading up to the game.
If UGA doesn't stop with the slow sleepy starts, it's gonna come back to bite us some day. Next week probably.
I think Alabama might have something going on over there.
This website sure could use some more objective posts such as yours.
Thank you sir. Classy post. Man, some of your brethren posted some nasty stuff leading up to the game.
Breaking - Tennessee mascot seen scurrying back to Knoxville with his tail between his legs yelping like a scalded dog.
Breaking - Tennessee mascot seen scurrying back to Knoxville with his tail between his legs yelping like a scalded dog.
American Monarch - Classy post.
Weather - 80% chance of rain. Sustained winds of about 8 miles an hour. Such conditions will interfere with the passing game. Whoever has the superior ground game will win. UGA has the superior ground game. A competent O-Line with a 5-star running back and four 4-star running backs will wear down UT sometime in the second half.
UGA's defense has been getting a lot of attention lately but I think anyone underestimating Alabama's defense would do so to their own detriment.
UGA is gonna throw a bunch of folding chairs at your QB. He won't able to handle the ball without his fingers.
Actually, all the signs of a good receiver were there last year. He was doing great until he broke his hand (against Vandy I think).