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At 0.8897, he close to 4* territory. Stetson Bennett, Adonai Mitchell, Ladd McConkey and Jordan Davis all welcome you aboard. Tip of the hat to Coach Luke in getting the O-Line settled down.
I think he's UGA's MVP on offense so far this year. I know there are some SB IV fans out there that would disagree but I'm standing my ground on this one.
Thanks for the game Cats. Like your uniforms (the checkerboard shoulders maybe not). Good luck the rest of the way.
There's a lesson in there somewhere for Jim Chaney and James Coley.
McConkey and Mitchell.....Diamonds in the rough!
JT is better with the long ball. His familiarity with the playbook and his ability to read defenses allows Monken to open up the play book. I'm getting a bit antsy in wanting to see JT under center but gotta be careful with injuries. I think we can beat Kentucky with Bennett but the game would probably be closer because of that. Was hoping to get JT some live game reps before the WLOCP in case his services are needed for Florida. He's a baller though so maybe we'll be okay.
The difference is that Kirby has addressed the offensive side of the ball and he appears to be very serious about it. Recruiting a ton of receivers, a couple of high quality QB's, some awesome tight ends, and hiring a competent OC. Kirby needs to hand the keys to the car to Todd Monken. UGA does need its injured players back before the SECCG and CFP's if we're lucky enough to get that far.
Not knocking SB IV at all. I'm glad he's our back-up. He's much improved from last year. When we start playing teams with better defenses, I'd rather roll the dice with JTD.
JT is a more lethal threat with the long ball and has a higher football IQ and can read defenses better than Bennett. Stetson can only takes the Dawgs so far. Alabama provided the blueprint on how to beat him. I probably watch the Dawgs play more than McElroy and I feel the offense runs smoother with JT under center.
Does the NCAA have a policy and procedure in place for teams possessed by the devil?
Author makes no mention of voodoo. That 2017 AU squad was ranked #10 so that wasn't a monumental upset. Dawgs do seem to have Aubie's number as of late. Not gonna pass judgement on Harsin just yet. Coaches should probably be given a free pass for the first year. Gus didn't do Auburn any favors when he left though.
A great weekend for continued separation between contenders and pretenders. Arky/Ole Miss and UK/LSU games that is. AU will want to make a statement but may need some of that voodoo to get it done.
Alabama is #1. They are the reigning and defending champs. Besides, I don't want that #1 target on our backs or all the rat poison that comes with it.
Not to mention the SECCG and CFP's if we're lucky enough to get that far. Gonna need JTD for all that.
....""The Georgia defense, the foundation of the Dawgs’ College Football Playoff hype, has faced the 118th (Clemson), 84th (UAB), 115th (South Carolina), 120th (Vanderbilt) and 55th (Arkansas) ranked offenses in the nation"".... Great stats and that's why I'm not puffing my chest out yet. Although it should be noted that the Dawgs have played 2 ranked teams with 3 more on the horizon (I hope UK and UF remain ranked when they play UGA). Beating 5 ranked teams should do wonders for our resume.
If JT is a no go, SB IV is actually a good fit for the short to intermediate passing game. That is if Arky drops 7 or 8 in coverage. Kinda suspect that JT will at least start. Would like to see UGA go up early. GO DAWGS!!
Disagree. We had a Noon kickoff last week on the road that gave us a chance to develop an eraly morning routine. This week will be easy since the Dawgs are at home. Arky has to travel for what is basically an 11am kickoff.
#2 - Tykee isn't expected to play per an update by Kirby yesterday. #3 - Dawgs win comfortably. Wear and tear on Arky begins midway through the 3rd quarter.
Every little bit helps. I think the Dawgs win convincingly. Not expecting a blowout but UGA will leave little doubt who the better team is. Go Dawgs!
Agree about Kirby. He won't rush anyone back into the lineup. Good job on the short post.
Very disappointing. Can we at least have them back for Auburn? They need to be ready for the WLOCP and there's no substitute for live-game reps. Good news is that it looks like King Kearis is back. He had a couple of touches in the Vandy game.
My over-reaction is that we are 1/3 done with the regular season already. OMG!
Arky likes to run the ball. Was looking for aTm's rush defense stat. Didn't see them in the top 50. Could be a long day for aTm if Arky gets going on the ground.
That's encouraging. I know Coach Luke may want to move on someday but as long as he's at UGA, he needs to be 110% committed to that O-Line.
Dell McGee is a rock star. Pay the man! For this individual, where was coach Luke in the recruiting process?
Whatever happens with the TAMU - Arky game, I hope Arky remains ranked. I hope Auburn remains ranked too. Why? UGA would have a nice resume with having played 4 ranked teams during the regular season. Go Dawgs!
1) No injuries. 2) Get the 2nd and 3rd teams some live game reps (includes Carson Beck). 3) Use the game to get better and not for revenge after Vandy ducked us twice last year.
Whoa. Let's tap the brakes a bit. It was nice to break Clemson's will to live but it's just too early for all that Natty talk.