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I think OU has the offensive scheme to hang in the SEC. Depth and defense are concerns. TU on the other hand may end up as a middle-of-the-road team. Ehlinger is gone and they haven't exactly been lighting it up in an easier conference. Like you said, at least it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.
...."Yeah, you know that Steve Sarkisian guy".... No disrespect but I need to see what Sark can do without all the talent that Bama had the last two years. I know he took a miserable Washington squad and made them respectable. Did okay at USC that one year. Maybe the SEC brand will help with recruiting. I think Sark has his work cut out for him at TU (UT is Tennessee).
I understand and I'm not sure how things are gonna shake out. I certainly don't claim to have the answer. Just trying to level the playing field with tOSU's and Clemson's cupcake schedules.
An extra conference game along with that extra game in the form of a playoff game makes for a long road the the Natty. For the first time ever, I'm open to eliminating the SECCG. Pick the champ based on record, stats, H2H's, etc.
Is this the last pre-season poll with the current 14? How would it look if Texas (Horns Down!) and OU were included?
Looks about right. LSU is a wildcard depending on how big they bounce back from 2020. They could slip into the #2 spot possibly. At this point, I think UK and Mizzou are interchangeable. All depends if UK can generate a pass game. If Bama gets to the SECCG, then all that talk about a new OC, the O-line, and new QB goes away. That team will effectively have a year's experience under their belt.
What I like about SEC media days is that it means fall camp is around the corner and week 1 is just six weeks away. I think this is the longest off-season I've ever had. I'm ready for some football.
Outstanding! But I think we need another one for this cycle. Don't forget, Lovasea Carroll got switched to DB. Maybe since Tykee Smith and Derion Kendrick got added he can switch back?
Good to see UGA getting some love. Praying that Lady Luck smiles on us this year.
Don't care for Texas. Buncha snakes. Some shenanigans going on with that Big 8 / SWC merger. They'll try and pull a fast one.
It would be nice to have his services for the SECCG or CFP's if we're lucky enough to get there. Personally, I think he will rehab all the up to next year's NFL combine.
Gotta get through fall camp with zero injuries. That would give me some - that words off limits.
Nice post. Other than SCAR in 2019, losing a game that it shouldn't is more of a Mark Richt phenomena than a Kirby Smart one (not counting Kirby's first year). During the regular season under Kirby, UGA's only losses were to Alabama, LSU, a hot 2017 AU team, and a record setting 2020 UF team.
Isn't there an emerging concept that using multiple RB's is preferred over using a single go-to guy all season long as it relates to the NFL? An RB would still have a ton of tread on the tires and gas in the tank when should they get drafted. UGA has used this approach with success. Wouldn't that skew the stats?
""Look at the SEC’s best scoring defense from the last decade""..... Wow. I fully expected to see LSU on that list.
Interesting sub-story to the UGA - Clem's Son game. Seriously though, no more funny business there Derion. Let's show the NFL scouts what ya got.
I was thinking the biggest "X Factor" would be injuries. For UGA, I guess if I had to pick one single player, Cook would be a great choice. Jordan Davis would be another great selection.
The two games played so far have been an exchange of butt whippings. Tonight should be very entertaining.
I know UGA recruited him. Did the Dawgs dodge a bullet? How many years of eligibility does he have? The talent is there - just unlucky I guess.
Georgia is out of it so I haven't been following too closely but I don't understand all the hate for Vanderbilt. I agree that NC State got screwed but how is that Vandy's fault? Unless I'm missing something like the Commodores intentionally planting the virus in the NC State camp, how do we assess blame on them? Regardless, I'm Happy that the SEC will hoist the trophy.
My big question on stadiums this year is about Jordan-Hare. Will the voodoo continue or did it leave with Gus?
Much better. Bo Pelini should give his paycheck back to LSU.
The people who give UGA a hard time about the playoffs forget that Alabama is in the way. Florida got reminded about that last year. Other than the Gators and Dawgs, I don't see anyone else getting the pleasure of playing Alabama in the SECCG for awhile.
The game against Clemson, the WLOCP, the SECCG, injuries, and a few lucky bounces will define UGA's chances to get to the playoffs.
Hiring Herm Edwards means you're not serious about winning. He's not even a .500 pro coach and barely a .500 college coach (IIRC).
There are still a few questions about the Dawg's offense. 1) If JT gets hurt, who takes over? And what kind of drop-off in production will there be?? 2) Will D. Blaylock and Marcus R-J be ready by week 1?? 3) Can UGA find the right mixture on the O-Line and how long will it take then to gel?? But other than that, yes, it does appear that UGA should make a run at the playoffs.
Having lost that Three-Headed monster from last year (Trask, Pitts, Toney), one would be compelled to think the Gators will be taking a step back this year. But Dan Mullen is a great play-caller and his offenses at UF are usually competitive so there is that.
Sounds like he's got some recruiting skills. If he can help bring in elite talent, then he is most welcomed.
With Arik Gilbert's arrival and his apparent switch to WR, D-Rob probably felt he wasn't gonna be getting too many touches.