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As a Dawg fan I hate to say this but since 2007, the success of the SEC is because of Nick Saban. He came and he conquered and forced the rest of the SEC to get better making the conference what it is today.
They will regale each other with memories of the 2006 and 2008 seasons.
MattyJ - I think some people are stuck in 2020. The Bennett of 2020 is not the same as the Bennett of 2022. Todd Monken did an incredible job of developing him.
There are questions surrounding the 2023 Dawgs of which none is bigger than the question at the QB position. The schedule sets up nicely and by the end of the year, no one will be a rookie (Freshman) anymore as they'll a full season of SEC play under their belt. I think the UGA will be ready for the SECCG and/or CFP's if we're lucky enough to get that far.
UGA lost 13 or 14 to the portal last year. So far this year we're at 12 I think.
Dawgs will be okay as long as Spurlin recovers 100% from the collarbone injury. We play FSU in 2027. The Thomas transfer will add a little subplot. The flip drops UGA to #2 in the 2024 rankings.
I think Mike should slow his roll there a little bit. I don't necessarily disagree but for me I think the Dawgs need to start beating Alabama with a little bit of regularity before making such a claim. Definitely at a point where UA and UGA playing can be likened to a clash of titans.
Bobo left during the Richt era and was firmly entrenched as the HC at CSU when Kirby came online.
Not disagreeing with you but I'd like to know what information you used to draw that conclusion if you could please share that.
Agree. He would pretty much have to light it up to get his draft stock up.
IMHO.... Beck gets the start, BVG transfers, and Stockton ends up the hier-apparent for 2024.
2022: 27-13 2021: 41-17 2020: 44-21 2019: 43-14 2018: 38-12 2017: 41-0 That's right - Shutup!
I'm okay with that. In fact I hope Coach Boom sticks around to help scheme, coach, and recruit - things he is very good at.
Schumann, it would appear, is the heir apparent of the defense. After Muschamp moves on (whenever that may be), the DC slot will be his and his alone.
Coach Napier's seat is cool if not cold. He's a no-nonsense kinda dude and I'm certain he and the UF braintrust had a long talk about what needs to transpire to bring about a turnaround. Dan Mullen didn't do the Gators any favors on the recruiting front. Todd Grantham's defenses never had toxic-free cultures. It's gonna take time. I would review after the 2024 season.
I think the worst thing that could have happened for TCU was that tOSU took UGA to the brink of disaster. Hopefully that got the Dawgs' attention and they now have been requainted with their own vulnerabilites. Hopefully they are working feverishly to rectify any shortcomings and have re-focused on what it takes to win a football game against a high-quality opponent. Go Dawgs! Woof!!
If the sole criterion is physicality, then I would pick the Dawgs without question.
I had a similar thought for Kendall Milton. He's been looking very strong the last couple of games. I love me some Kenny McIntosh but getting Kendall back makes the Dawgs' ground game scary.
I thought I saw Joe Burrow on the field wearing #13 last week.
George Pickens picked Beck as the QB to throw to him during the combine. Quite the endorsement.