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Obviously you like to selectively forget all the trash talk from the Gator trolls over the last two weeks. Real classy on your part.
When I click on the Rich Rodriguez video I get the Coach Boom clip. Anybody else have that problem.
This is an identical cut and paste comment from the previous thread.
I never imagined that after week 6 we would have four new QB's starting for the SEC East. Possibly five depending on Kelly Bryant's injury.
That new QB and those two big receivers they have should give UT some hope.
There was one moment of officiating that I'm happy about - When the referee took out that UT player who was gonna tackle Tae Crowder who got the scoop-6.
Transforming a concept into words can be challenging at times. I wasn't implying that Auburn WILL shut down UF's passing game. I was suggesting it as a game plan. Same with Florida. I wasn't implying that Florida WILL shut down AU's run game. I was suggesting it as a game plan. Try giving people the benefit of the doubt sometimes. Maybe engage them in constructive conversation instead of automatically knowing exactly what every poster is thinking and rebuking them at every turn.
Auburn vs. Florida - Game of the week - Can't wait! Auburn should shut down UF's passing game and force the Gators into a ground game which hasn't been very prolific yet this season. Florida should shut down AU's running game which has been more impressive than the passing game so far although Bo Nix may be on the verge of taking it to the next level. UGA vs. UT - I remember to 90's very well. UT fans were only happy to stick it to Georgia. With that in mind, I hope UGA hangs 50 on the Lady Vols.
I remember when UT fans were laughing and making fun of Nick Chubb's injury. That was sickening. With that in mind, I hope the Dawgs hang 50 on the Lady Vols.
Shame on Notre Dame for using fake injuries to slow UGA's offense.
.....""Right now LSU is widely seen as the best SEC team after Bama""..... How widely are they seen as the best team after Bama when UGA is ahead of LSU in both the AP poll and Coach's poll? Maybe you should take it easy on the insults and try a more mature approach to your comments.
At week three, who would you be penciling in?
Ugh - not this self-aggrandizing fool again.
There are a few commenters here whose posts I ignore. I see their name and skip right to next comment. This guy is one of them. If he was as holy as he thinks he is he would be on a sideline somewhere coaching.
I skip over his comments.
That's a nice wish list for the Tigers. Mizzou hasn't had a whole lot to cheer for since 2014. #9 is an eye popper.
Johnny Football was both a curse and a blessing. He won a lot of games but it also meant that Kevin Sumlin was retained as head coach. TAMU is so much better off without that idiot Kevin Sumlin.
9. Auburn will beat Georgia but lose to Alabama - BOOOO!!!!
Nakobe has been dinged up the last few days. Has he been cleared for full contact?
Ugh - nevermind - UT and UK probably won't be ranked so the game against the Gators may be their best shot.
All I know is that I'll be watching the USC - UNC game at 3:30 and the Gamecocks better win. I hope USC blows them out of the water. On second thought................ #6.) Muschamp ends streak against Top 25 teams - This one seems like a possibility if USC can stay healthy. They'll have UK and UF at home and the game @ UT should be winnable.