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For the above posters discussing the SECCG, I heard some speculation that the 2021 SECCG was designed to get two SEC teams in the CFP. Alabama "won" the SECCG, got into the playoffs, and in return, UGA "won" the Title. Was there a conspiracy?
When it comes to Alabama, I don't break things down to positions or any particular side of the ball like I do with some other teams. The way I see it is that as long as Nick Saban is prowling the sidelines, the Tide will always be force to be reckoned with. I hate it. It sucks. But that's the way it is.
The Mag-nolia State is Mag-nificent. Very happy for Ole Miss. Congrats to the Rebels!
Stacy Searels is our new OL coach. His "trademark" is a good running game so I feel we are in good hands.
Todd Monken is the real deal. He will find a way to make the offense better.
Was wondering who to root for in the CWS. Ole Miss's trophy case is terribly anemic so I think I'll root for the Reb/Sharks. No disrespect to the other SEC teams.
HEY! I ain't going down without a fight!! Seriously though, do something about those helmet stripes. Yuk.
I don't think Auburn will make much noise this year but if the Tigers play disciplined football they should at least be competitive. Still having a hard time condemning Harsin for last year but very interested to see how things unfold going forward.
I wonder how much NIL is a part of the negotiations.
Honorary mention to Spurrier and Bobby Bowden (although not SEC). I think Saban really wasn't calling out Jimbo specifically but his goal was to bring attention to the pitfalls of NIL. And he did a great job of doing that.
Doesn't matter. Alabama would curb-stomp the Longhorns at 4am or 11pm.
It's hard for me to pass judgement on a first-year coach. I've always felt they should get a pass for the first year unless there's something aggregious to address. So if blame needs to be assessed for Auburn's shortcomings last year, it should fall on Gus. Harsin is now "on-the-clock" and should only be judged going forward. The AU fanbase will undoubtedly place him under the microscope. They seem merciless at times but I can understand why if your passionate about your team.
It's always bothered me that Kirby (a former DB) wasn't recruiting and developing shut-down corners and killer safeties while the HC at UGA (with a few exceptions - e.g.Deandre Baker). Good passing teams have always had success against the Dawgs. Looking at your stats, maybe that's finally being remedied. Go Dawgs!
Once t.u. and Okie are in, I say we tell the NCAA to F themselves. The SEC should govern itself.
Somehow I think Alabama will be okay no matter what format is settled on.
If we go to 9 conference games, would that change anybody's mind about having a CG for the SEC? We already beat each other up pretty good and the winner of the SECCG would have played 10 conference games while tOSU and Clemson waltz right into the CFP's (2021 notwithstanding).
I haven't broken down USC's stats like this article has but what I was thinking is that there may be a talent issue. 2020 - 19th rated class. 2021 - 79th rated class. 2022 - 25th rated class. I'm sure Carolina has some good folks on the coaching but the "Jimmies and Joes" argument would seem to be appropriate in this case.
8. OU's and tu's win-loss record will take a hit. OU's nearly perennial conference records of 8-1 or 9-0 will have a few less W's and a few more L's. tu's conference record is already abysmal. More of the same.
Dawgs should get half credit for Jermaine Johnson and half credit for Cade Mays. So technically the Dawgs put 16 in The League.. Just kidding. What an awesome draft!
Also, it wasn't through the portal it was a decommit then recommit. ahead of myself didn't I? Thanks for the redirection.
Agree that UF needs a running game but I say that because I think it's critical for AR15's success. Billy might just be the guy to get it going on the ground. I'm glad Dameon Pierce is gone though.
Curious that he didn't choose LSU with Brian Kelly who I'm guessing recruited him some while still at South Bend.
Georgia — The cornerback depth..... Dawgs just picked a CB through the portal. A 4* decommit from Notre Dame. Could use another one or two though.
Napier likes to run the ball (at least he did at Lousiana). I think AR15's chances of success may hinge on good running game.
Going Retro. Players have to use beepers now too.