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Did I offend you in another life? I know that I have never insulted you or one of your comments ever here on SDS.
Thanks afl. Very nice to read level-headed comments from other fan bases. We're still gonna need help from Lady Luck me thinks.
Don't care for Paawwlll but he's right about Alabama. The Tide seems to have UGA's number. It's frustrating as heck but we're definitely nipping at their heels. As for Florida, I think UGA gets the W this year. Most of the football universe thinks that too. As far as the JTD Heisman hype-train. Let's just tap the brakes on that one. Go Dawgs!!
And I totally respect that. After all, he's got a ton of experience. Muschamp is no slouch - I just don't think he's elite. Gotta have elite people to be an elite team. Happy that he serves as an analyst though.
Linebackers coach: Glenn Schumann (Georgia)........ When Dan Lanning moves on to an HC job, I think Coach Schumann would be a great selection to take over the DC slot. Kirby may end up giving that position to Muschamp though. Don't really have any level of comfort with that idea.
I like Stokes over Campbell. Tyson was a P.I. machine. He did better in his junior but man it was frustrating that he wouldn't turn his head around and look for the ball.
Yup! See my comment below. Beck is supposedly the real deal. BVG and Gunner are gonna have to earn that start.
By all accounts, Carson Beck has some real skills. I'm beginning to feel comfortable with the idea of him as our #2. As for Stockton? That's a tough one. Is he willing to sit for two years until BVG declares for the draft? Agree that in all likelihood, one of those does hit the portal.
Agree but there's only one Nick Saban. Many have tried to duplicate his coaching model but no one has succeeded. Kirby seems to be the closest though. The Dawgs needs to start beating Alabama at least every once in awhile. Doing so would to elevate UGA's stature to a point where those 4* and 5* recruits would start hanging around like they do at Alabama.
Carson Beck will be QB #2 for 2021. JTD declares for the draft and BVG will be the starter in 2022. What happens with Beck in 2022 is uncertain. IMHO.
I think LSU returns a bunch of starters on both sides of the ball. LSU fans need to verify that for me. Anyway, my point is that whoever the QB is, and it does sound like Myles has a good chance, that person is going to have a better supporting cast to work with. I think LSU bounces back this year big time. I'm not gonna say they'll take down Alabama but the Tigers should be in the mix for that #2 slot in the West.
The happiest person on the Plains has to be Bo Nix. He now has people who can develop him. I'm willing to bet that somewhere along the line he cursed Gus's name. Maybe he will share his thoughts on all that once he goes pro.
Bill's first act as Alabama's OC will be whatever Coach Saban tells him it to be.
..."One important note regarding this rule, the SEC overrules any NCAA decisions..." Like it or not, the SEC is the 800 pound gorilla of college football. I know that the Suckeyes and Clem's Son make a bit of noise too so but their conferences overall barely achieve 150 pound chimpanzee status.
Short concise response...Love it...Good job. I'm not sure WTH is going on either but if the NCAA is involved, it won't end well. Man I hate the NCAA with the burning of the Sun.
Okay. I think I see the problem. The author stated that Tykee has 3 years of eligibility leading me to think he's a sophomore. I think he's a junior so with that in mind, your comment makes sense.
Okay, here's what the Gators need to do for 2021. Start the game without your best D-lineman, your best safety, and your best receiver. Then injure your quarterback's shoulder three minutes into the game and insert a second stringer. Still think you're gonna duplicate those numbers?
I honestly don't understand your comment. He will be back because he "didn't" live up to the hype?
The NCAA is evil. The SEC should form their own governing body free of those fools in Indiana (I'm guessing they are still there).
Correction - add in the postseason and it's about 30 points per game.
I think the Gator offense will be at the mercy of Todd Grantham. The Gator offense will be forced to score more points because the defense under Grantham is not where it should be. The Gators allowed an average of 26 points per game last year. Add in the post season and that goes up to about 27 points per game. That's a lot of points (if my math is correct that is). Now before GatorNation tries to dump on me, just remember I've read a lot of Gator comments about the defense and some of those comments weren't very kind. So this is not a Dawg trashing the Gators but an informed opinion.
I don't care about UCF. And since Gus is no longer in the SEC, I don't care to read about him either. Tons of respect for Gus and I wish him well for sure but I'd much rather read about Auburn under Harsin.
Over time and with a few recruiting classes, I think I'd be more worried about AU's defense under Mason that Steele. No disrespect to Steele but Mason is different breed of cat (pun for the Tiger fans).
Sounds like he has a good attitude. That will serve him well in Kirby's defense. What is really note-worthy is those three years of eligibility. If he proves to be a competent player, UGA could have the Star position locked up for the next 2 or 3 years. That mass exodus of DB's from 2020 is disturbing. Just like that mass exodus of WR's in 2018. Kirby needs to avoid that at all positions in the future.
I saw all shoulder. If anything there's a case for attempted murder - LOL!