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So your boy mentions a game from 1936 and gets a pass but if I stay on topic I'm out of line. Try policing your own people first.
Yeah that certainly happened in the last decade. Idiot!
So your telling UGA fans to quit using what-ifs and then you immediately use a what-if when talking about dropped passes by Alabama. Can't spell stupid without UT.
You Gator fans are constantly the tampons we thought you were.
Dan Mullen is a Steve Spurrier wanna-be. Dan Mullen will never be Steve Spurrier's equal.
Hey dip$hit - Deandre Baker was a senior and exhausted his eligibility. USC jr. travels to Athens this year - can't wait to put the beat down on you worthless a$$wipes.
They forgot to show the tweet where Kirby Smart says TruDawg is and idiot.
This would have never happened under Mark Richt. Right TruDumbDawg?
I'm sure DM is terrified at your ability to cut and paste.
2018 UGA vs. UF................ Fromm was 17-24 / 240 yards / 3 touchdowns. 30 attempts and a win seems achievable.
Anyone with half a brain knows your comments are trash. Bill Belichick's praise trumps your stupidity.
Tennessee fires its greatest coach ever then ends up wandering aimlessly in the desert for the last ten years. Can't spell stupid without UT.
Agree 100%. I don't know if Coley is an upgrade but I'm sure we're not taking a step back with him. I think he gets along with Kirby a lot better than Chaney. There was some palpable friction between Chaney and Kirby. I can't wait for next season.
100% agree. Jimbo Fisher wanting his services speaks volumes.
You speak as if you are all-knowing so we will just let you figure that out.