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As well they should. Deebo should have kept his mouth shut. #humbleyourself
They are itching for an upset. Ask FL how that worked out last year. "anyone can throw a slant" it should be close to the same outcome. UGA didn't show any cards Saturday.
Not really whining, we can do without the media rat poison anyways. Its just a statement of fact that UGA gets no love outside its own fanbase.
Is it me or is our defense struggling to tackle? Tighten up UGA, I understand not showing all your cards offensively but send a statement with the D. Interior was playing way too soft.
We get zero coverage, all they want to show is the final play last year. ESPN spent about 10 seconds talking about UGA. How Clemson (that beat a nobody. But that’s ok. Dawgs will show them next week when we beat down the yard birds.