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Uk having another 1,000 yard rusher is a very lazy prediction. With our offensive system it will always produce a 1,000 rusher. How about something like we bear Florida again, auburn, or Georgia due to our uptick in development and recruiting.
Why is the only white guy, “athletically limited” he’s not that slow or bad? Had a nice breakaway dunk last night of the alley oop. Kinda wondering what the meaning behind that is
OH HEY EVERYBODY LOOK HERE! He’s got no comeback other than “jokes on you” and “I take it reading comprehension is not your strong suit” lol hoss but if this is really what y’all are excited about for your program then excuse me in previously saying this is a joke. This is just more proof that SC fans are deranged and can’t have a simple discussion if not resorting to petty insults and kindergarten comebacks
A career backup in the ACC who only has 1300 career yards...facing much better a program that already has a rocky running game I see this as a joke
How at all does this mean a W against UK? Our front seven is our second best unit other than Oline so I hardly see how this comment makes sense brother but we will see
I agree with the Kash Daniel pick but don’t you think maybe the guy that’s replacing Benny or the guy replacing Allen is pretty important lol
Sheesh if the playoff were expanded this past year we would have teams like Wazzu and Uk possibly make it in. Tbh I kinda like the sound of that
UK slips...dude no one outside of a few sec fan bases knew who Josh Allen Or Benny Snell were. Much less the rest of our draft picks. And I know for a fact they have several offensive weapons that no one knows about as well as the number 4 sec defensive line according to SDS. Plus the return of Kash and Chris oats up the middle And josh paschal coming back from cancer and Landon young coming off a torn ACL. Very little talk about the blue chip players we didn’t have playing last year but do this year...seems to me post articles are taking the easy route and saying we will slip. Bad Bad reporting
Dude I love college football. Just at much maybe more as the next guy. But as an huge SEC fan. It’s a travesty that teams like SC get picked to be at the top of the list. Same thing with mizzou man I’m not just saying SC. But Kelly Bryant had a horrible TD/Int ratio and people are so high on them they can’t see the ground. Idk I’m wrong about them. But maybe literally everyone else is wrong idk
Well...I think everyone outside of Columbia is sick of hearing how Bentley will be a top SEC QB and USC will be top tier. Can’t wait to see those “no respect” cats beat y’all 6 years in a row
What kind of research? The kind that finds y’all have been overhyped the past 3 years and will be lucky to win 5 games this year? Yeah after my research that’s what I’ve found.
My man y’all were hailed as the team to take down UGA last year and every single football pundit and writer drooled over Bentley. I don’t see at all how what you said makes sense
SC feels the glory of great pre season placement and expectations but always seem to find a way to be gutter trash both on and off the field. Interesting how group thinky the sec is. Oh well they were good 9 years ago so who’s to say they won’t be the same this year? They real in good recruiting classes yet Teams like Kentucky who are consistently in the 20-30 in recruiting beat them and to the spectators eye beat them pretty handedly the past few years.
Been to both stadiums. Williams Bryce is bigger but Kroger packs a different punch. SC fans also seem to be a little more personal and disrespectful I think that’s what Bowden was saying.