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And I highly doubt that Florida will be the last team that we see with this issue this season unfortunately.
Can't believe y'all are arguing with Bama fans. They are Bama fans. Of course they know more than any football analyst. They are Bama fans. They know all things about football. Just ask them. Math, reading, and science, may be a challenge, but football? They know it all. They dominate at all things football. I looked for them at the SEC championship game this year to ask them about it, but couldn't find one for some reason.
GatorFan9696 hit the nail on the head.Coley was promoted due to his recruiting prowess. Getting all of the right weapons is useless if you don't know how to use them.
Tale of two cities here. Seeing Spurrier's reaction with 2 minutes left and then Mullen's reaction after the game makes you think they were both watching two different games. I personally hope Mullen continues to stick behind his man (Franks) for the rest of the season.
Cant think of a more appropriate place for Auburn to play than a penitentiary.