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Lane was legitimately the best choice. DeBoer almost gave away the win against Texas with terrible calls. Win percentage impressive - but does not translate into trendlines in the toughest conference. Hang in there Lane - Bama open again soon.
If UGA had taken care of business - FSU would be in. This all happened because the committee wasn’t going to choose between Texas and Bama. Kirby let down two fan bases.
I'm a State fan opreb... I never thought we would raid the OU Staff. Sounds like we are going to keep proven coaches who are already on staff as a first priority before going out to market.
April 10, 2012 FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- Arkansas fired head coach Bobby Petrino on Tuesday, publicly dressing him down for unfairly hiring his mistress and intentionally misleading his boss about everything from their relationship to her presence at the motorcycle accident that ultimately cost him his job. November 28, 2023 Welcome home Bobby!!! You're a Winner
We all thought bringing Mullen back made sense - until it didn't. Sure, Lebby is an assistant moving up, but I think he's further along than most and so far, I like his messaging. Former OU OC's that made a splash as Head Ball Coach... Mike Leach, Josh Heupel, Chuck Long, Lincoln Riley and Barry Switzer.
Nothing but love and good luck for Will. Great years at HailState! Interesting that with a 30 day window, he chose today to make it official. Lebby seems to be the best option for him at State for a capstone season. Lots of prolific QB's (now and soon) in the portal for Lebby to make a superstar.
Deja vu… another coordinator to get excited about. Not really surprised. Hired Selmon from OU. Kinda like when Scott Stricklin went to Florida- he took Mullen.
LegalTiger - Chiz is a great coach. I’ll put him second on my wish list after Mullen. That’s a big honor, because I had Coach O in my second spot.
The time for hiring coordinators, small college coaches and emotional picks is over at State. Mullen proved he could win - even at Florida. I think this is a one horse selection.
Dan, we forgive you. Come on back to StarkVegas… Wait, I’ve got Coach O on the line. Hey someone pick up line 2, Bobby Petrino and Jimbo Fisher are looking to be Co-HC for half the price.
According to a source I just made up for this post, Lane Kiffin is rumored to be the next HC at Texas A&M. Discuss among yourselves…
Greg Knox is a great man and an incredible coach. As a lifelong Mississippi State fan I can tell you that his bowl win against Louisville in the TaxSlayer Bowl when Mullen walked for Florida is one for the ages. Coach Knox - beat FSU, win your bowl game and expect a phone call from Mike Leach - we'd love to have you back in Starkville!!!!!
And then on 12/31/2020 a Vanderbilt fan found an opening to contribute to the CFB conversation. Well played.
And that same day, aTm has to face LSU in addition to the Bears
Apparently on November 28th, Northern Miss is playing a Double Header against Mississippi State and aTm
So based on this creative piece of sports journalism, you would have readers believe that Mississippi State ranks near the bottom in QB Talent because Dak Prescott was a 3-Star Recruit? Seems to me that MSU is loaded with QB talent and the bench is the deepest of all schools. You keep drooling over the 5-Stars and we'll keep reading your 1-Star ramblings
I can't believe Chad Kelly is not on this list! Police all over the Magnolia State are watching him as we speak.
Not having Les (wins and antics) in the SEC would be a shame. Plus - I love that he is the Anti-Saban in the league. No offense to Saban - I don't want him putting a hex on me....
Haters gonna hate... I would say that top to bottom the SEC West has as strong a coaching cadre as any division in any conference. Coming from the Big 10 made it easy in year one to question Bielema - Last season was a wake up call that Arkansas is on the move up back up and Bielema can be credited with that.
I can't believe that saying "Hotty Toddy" and drinking out of plastic cups did not make the list!
UGA - Preseason Darling until the reality of playing throws cold water each year. You have no business commenting on UM's loss. On behalf of all SEC West teams STFU!
Poor sportsmanship by a kid who got a second chance to be part of the team (medical scholarship). What a shame - Sumlin, show the character he lacked and kick him off the team and his free ride.
It's too bad Ethan Levine is going to be fired at the end of this year. We will all miss his insight and predictions. Now who is going to tell us that players are leaving for the NFL ahead of even the players?
Dear John Chavis, You are clearly a tremendous coach with a legacy of success at every stop you have made in your career. The LSU faithful love having you as a coach and the players have held true to the recruitment and produced on the field. And it is evident from your current salary that the administration and Coach Miles find value in your legacy. Why would you jump for a few more dollars to another school? Respectfully submitted, SEC Fan
All cood's have a shelf-life and the really good one's become head coaches. Even Mike Bobo, who had an incredible run at UGA, is now a head coach. I'm sure even Collin's will get an opportunity to coach at a higher level... Look how it paid off for Manny Diaz when he left MSU for Texas.
Fans are not the best judge of net worth. The fact that an OC gets the opportunity to be a HC is the best compliment a program can have. He will do great at CSU.
Thank you for not putting Arkansas in your list of destination jobs. Now stop worrying about Mullen and beat Texas!