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And that same day, aTm has to face LSU in addition to the Bears
Apparently on November 28th, Northern Miss is playing a Double Header against Mississippi State and aTm
So based on this creative piece of sports journalism, you would have readers believe that Mississippi State ranks near the bottom in QB Talent because Dak Prescott was a 3-Star Recruit? Seems to me that MSU is loaded with QB talent and the bench is the deepest of all schools. You keep drooling over the 5-Stars and we'll keep reading your 1-Star ramblings
I can't believe Chad Kelly is not on this list! Police all over the Magnolia State are watching him as we speak.
Not having Les (wins and antics) in the SEC would be a shame. Plus - I love that he is the Anti-Saban in the league. No offense to Saban - I don't want him putting a hex on me....
Haters gonna hate... I would say that top to bottom the SEC West has as strong a coaching cadre as any division in any conference. Coming from the Big 10 made it easy in year one to question Bielema - Last season was a wake up call that Arkansas is on the move up back up and Bielema can be credited with that.
I can't believe that saying "Hotty Toddy" and drinking out of plastic cups did not make the list!
UGA - Preseason Darling until the reality of playing throws cold water each year. You have no business commenting on UM's loss. On behalf of all SEC West teams STFU!
Poor sportsmanship by a kid who got a second chance to be part of the team (medical scholarship). What a shame - Sumlin, show the character he lacked and kick him off the team and his free ride.
It's too bad Ethan Levine is going to be fired at the end of this year. We will all miss his insight and predictions. Now who is going to tell us that players are leaving for the NFL ahead of even the players?
Dear John Chavis, You are clearly a tremendous coach with a legacy of success at every stop you have made in your career. The LSU faithful love having you as a coach and the players have held true to the recruitment and produced on the field. And it is evident from your current salary that the administration and Coach Miles find value in your legacy. Why would you jump for a few more dollars to another school? Respectfully submitted, SEC Fan
All cood's have a shelf-life and the really good one's become head coaches. Even Mike Bobo, who had an incredible run at UGA, is now a head coach. I'm sure even Collin's will get an opportunity to coach at a higher level... Look how it paid off for Manny Diaz when he left MSU for Texas.
Fans are not the best judge of net worth. The fact that an OC gets the opportunity to be a HC is the best compliment a program can have. He will do great at CSU.
Thank you for not putting Arkansas in your list of destination jobs. Now stop worrying about Mullen and beat Texas!
Well said... Mississippi does not need that type of news story going into 2015. Hope your coach does the right thing and Freeze(s) his out of his commitment.
In the spirit of bowl season - after the smoke has cleared from SEC Play.... Go Hogs - put the hurt on Texas!!!!!!!!!
Collins was a great coach - but the wrong emphasis has been placed on his players. The media would like to say - "Look what Collins did with 2* and 3* talent". I would say Collins had something in Starkville that he may never see again - Great kids and heart from players that were overlooked by noobs who cannot judge talent. Mississippi State will be fine on Defense because the players are the true superstars. Geoff, make sure you get Manny's phone number - he can give you advice on how to find a job after you try to catch lightening in Florida land flat on your face.
Mullen IS high - High on kicking Auburn all over StarkVegas...
Predictions are just that! If the Dawgs make a statement on Saturday that they do not have a hangover from the loss at Bama and win the game we all feel is the most important of the seaso on 11/29 - We stay in the top 4.
You have a legitimate chance of having 7 wins on the season. Congrats to the Hogs for making a late statement.
Best of luck to Chason. This may be a blessing for the young man because State is loaded right now with QB talent. Understand when a HS Coach is worrried for one of his student players. But at least Mullen was transparent with him and let him know in advance that he likely would not factor into the team in 2015. As for a judge of talent at QB, Mullen has proved he may be the best.
If you listen to a radio broadcast of a CFB, you usually listen to the feed from the home team announcers. It's hard to be upset if your team is visiting and the announcer seem biased. Watching a game on CBS and seeing Danielson hold up a poster of Nick Saban with one hand while he exhales with every call for the Tide is the TV equivelent of staying at a lower priced hotel room with thin walls and hoping the guests in the next room "finish" what they are doing so you can go to sleep. GD proved he has "staying power" when it comes to Bama. I'll admit I'm a Bulldog fan, but come on Gary, your tantric broadcast went on a little long. And, Nick Saban would appreciate it if you would stop driving by his house at night...
You have to admit...that's funny and ArkansasFan left the door wide open. In all reality, the way Arkansas is playing right now, they would roll over Memphis! Like Mississippi State last year - we blew out Rice because we were a "late" entry in the bowl conversation. Excited that the Hog are back.
LSU absolutely deserves to be in the AP 25. There strength of schedule and record with only two loses in the SEC West keep them in the hunt.
"You can put lipstick on a pig - but its still a pig" - At least on Saturdays
BSUMS - Kudos for the olive branch. I think the love-hate relationship has always existed, but I absolutely agree with you... Ole Miss and MSU are no longer the bottom dwellers in the SEC. Look out everyone - Title hopes end for teams playing schools with Mississippi in their name - even some love for the once and future Golden Eagles who have signature wins against Bama and Auburn. #HailState
Great comment Jon! When it comes to recruiting - win your state.