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Good win for the cocks. Glad to see the bats and pitching working together in Unisom. Beat LSU and keep the roosters crowing.
Here's one. During a dropped strike the runner has to figure out WITH HIS BACK TURNED if the first baseman is catching a bad throw down the line or out of bounds. Thus, he must not touch the green bag and touch the white bag. Accident waiting to happen and it will.
After a six game skid, Gamecocks were a dangerous team to play. Glad they got it done and the chicken curse has been remedied!
Coach Paris has a calm demeanor coaching style. He once said, "yelling at a student for not doing well in school, is that going to turn this kid around or shut him down?" Paraphrasing, but Paris is very likeable. Now my Saturday's are again no chores and watching Gamecock basketball. What a difference a year makes. They earned these wins.
I think a larger field than twelve would depend on the competition level of a twelve team playoff. However, logic doesn't matter. Money drives this train
Only if we had an O-Line last year so he wasn't running for his life every game.
I saw him play him play in Iraq in front of the Al Faw Palace, in Baghdad. He and one other band member played acoustic guitars and sang his patriotic songs.
He was a southern fried patriot for our service members and America. He was a real man. Love his music. RIP
I agree canceling games because of an alleged slur from a Volley Ball player was ridiculous. It was alleged not proven to be true and she's a basketball coach not a volley ball. In this day and time, alleged and opinions means factual.
I was skeptical also. Needed to know the KY win wasn't a fluke. The defense is stout. The shots keep falling. Nice to see the rooster crowing for the top 25, or maybe top 15.
I agree and Auburn fans should agree. I think Durkin watched Full Metal Jacket movie and Bobby Knight documentaries too many times
Two road wins and early leads in both surprised me. This team has grit. Tennessee never quit and mostly owned us in the paint. Though SC defense, 3's, and FT's just kept coming. Paris has SC slowing the pace and playing methodical and articulate. I'd like to see some more backdoor cuts.
Exactly how do you control a mob approaching in four different directions? At least the first offense should be a warning.
The "like getting a root canal without the novocaine" was funny. I can see why he said that because I watched the game and Kentucky WAS having a hard time scoring. I hope this continues.
Can't we enjoy the moment of upsetting a #6 seed? If the portal gets us a win over a top ten team, that's good for the fans and gamecock basketball. Who did we lose from out of state and where did they go?
LaNorris Sellers is 6'3 245lbs. I hope that 15th of 16th ranking is WAaaay off. Also hope he is very good at running for his life! He'll get to do a lot of that!
Georgia is to blame for the CFB playoff teams. Georgia let Milroe run down their throats. Their defense was suspect when they were down 14 - 3 at the half to South Carolina. Georgia loses to Bama in SECCG. Mucked it all up.
Noted he didn't say Michigan or Florida St., but left out Bama
Interesting comments half and half on staying or going for the big money NFL. I think he will make the decision base on his predicted draft stock. Our OL and injured receivers surely decrease his stats, so what he has done this year has been amazing, considering.
Jax, I could agree more. We lost top play makers to the portal, but if we can replace them next year using the portal, Gamecocks may be able to make some noise.
Very stupid response and also how many coaches in the FBS could coach a #1 recruiting class to CFP's. The answer = a lot.
Not over the top at all. You've never watch Riley Leanard from Duke obviously. They were legit with him. He's a stud, big, strong, fast, and tough. Can't replace that. you also need to add Cam Rising and Jalon Daniels Kansas, and probably Mcnamara Iowa. I think this article is spot on. What if LSU lost Jayden Daniels? That's what I thought!
We need to start cheating and paying recruits!
No divisions next year, how far from the bottom will the Gamecocks be? At this point, I'd be all-in for buying recruits for about four years and taking the repercussions later.
They discovered Anderson as our RB 1. We have a fourth and 1 or 2 right after an unbelievable fake punt. Every single fan would not have ran our itty bitty RB up the middle. Just super bad coaching. You put the strongest RB you have and line up a NT behind him to push him through. Duh, how freaking hard is that? Instead, OC calls a certain tackle for a loss on fourth down.
Truist Park home of the Atlanta Braves is the most upscale, clean, and entertaining MLB probably of them all. Way better than the ones I've been too. If this billion dollar project is anything like Truist Park, entertainment, food, and bars here we come. ...and yes with no rip rap.
I half expected "us" to be on the list, but I guess it is a complement for "us" not being on the list. Though it is for some teams. We were probably rewarded for being one step over Mediocrity. Finally!!!
Welcome to Gamecock country where we are building something special