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We got a good glimpse of DB U's claim of both teams. Think they skip a generation.
So, rickt you are a Clemson fan. Before the Deshaun Watson era, you guys coined the phrase Clemsoning, while we were building good recruiting program. Suddenly, in two years our recruiting program fell apart after Spurrier announced he may have one year left. Sigh!!! Been struggling since.
Also #10 is factually incorrect. We've been to Atlanta in 2010, the year we knocked #1 Alabama off the throne. Also, we got John Cooper, the head coach of Ohio State fired by beating them in back-to-back Gator Bowls, thanks to Lou Holtz. Houston Barber you can shove it, cause it ain't all bad like the picture you painted.
I will only address #8. We have not been blown out for decades by Clemson. Before the last four losses, we had won 5 in a row. Famous Steve Spurrier quote: "With all that talent GA has, seems like they'd win more".
You are being compared to Clemson, and Dabo gave his entire roster playing time. That's a blow-out. Your run game wasn't as good as expected.