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Losing four starters especially play-makers seems egregious. Has to be about money. Seems as if Oregon is recruiting other teams' players before the season ends. NCAA should look into this.
SC's air raid vs ND's rushing attack. I'll take the Gamecocks.
RonMex, the colors are sort of close also. Auburn burnt orange and navy blue. Clemson orange and purple. I think the purple came from borrowed navy blue jersey's when coach John went to Clemson. Read it somewhere.
Besides the Playoff games, very few matchups are teams that are closely ranked. Most bowl games are lopsided rankings
TN & Clemson are playing in the "South Carolina Ruined My Season Bowl". Formerly known as the " All Orange" Orange Bowl.
I see TN defense about the same as UNC's, that KlubniK slaughtered through the air. So, that point of UNC's defense being the worse in the ACC is for naught. If I were TN fan, I'd be worried about about Clemson's Defense. Air raid is the only way you will beat them if you can avoid the pressure and throw on the run. That's how SC beat them.
SC and ND will play two different styles of football. Beamer has noted that they can't play two TEs sets, so they will air raid they ball. ND has run the ball 60% of their plays. That won't beat a SC defense. SC would have destroyed So.Cal with their pathetic defense and ND lost with a run heavy offense. Look for SC to roll in this game.
Wow, Arkansas will have more starters opting out or in the transfer portal than the cocks. We both have to hope our backup depth will prevail.
Michigan QB's have been sacked 13 times. Georgia has allowed only 7 sacks against tougher, bigger defenses. It's rigged.
Just about all, if not all of our play makers will not play in the game. Will be our second string with some starters. Doesn't give you a confidence boost. We were playing so well and now the play-makers are sitting out. Sucks
We are in need of TE's after I think it was three that left SC to the transfer portal. Though, we should pass on this kid. Who would have guessed the TE position would be one of the main position to fill the transfer portal?
Well, we are left wondering why those four got picked among all the others on each team.
This story is very inaccurate at best. Forget everything you read.
OldGray. Agreed 100%. I root for Bennet. Walk-on ncaa cfp champ, but he doesn't have the lofty stats. Wish he did, but he doesn't, period.
The North Carolina QB threw 40 TDs, and add whatever he threw in the ACC Championship game. You should check out the other players stats while taking those bias blinders off.
He's probably not happy having to carry the load at RB because our top 2 RB were hurt most of the season. Tough loss for Beamer. FSU is interested in him.
Notre Dame demolished Clemson, thus it would be extra sweet to demolish Notre Dame. Gamecocks' 1 -2 RBs will be healthy finally. Have a refurbished passing game. Good match-up and not such an easy one either.
Kelly Bryant and DJ or almost identical. I knew you guys wouldn't be happy with Bryant. Hope Rattler lights up ND in the Gator bowl
@Pruitts, that Klubnik kid looks like the real deal. Clemson lost to SC because of DJ. Against NC, Klub threw three tds his first three possessions. One was the longest pass this year for Clemson. Dabo should have started that kid a lot earlier in the season. A lot of Tiger fans are PO'd about it.
IF he gets drafted, he will get minimum league salary. He has to stay another year to get the money. He went from rags to riches in just his last two games. Though the author is correct. The last two games was the only games with a healthy OL. He never stayed in the pocket except those last two games. Huge difference for him.
This "rivalry" doesn't even move the needle.
I predict Clemson is going to penetrate SC's OL forcing Spencer to scramble a lot. Clemson is vulnerable against a good run offense, but our two starting RB are or maybe out. If so, Spencer will have to scramble until someone is open. This is the best chance for SC to beat Clemson.
Exactly, Joyner QB'd some great plays. Whey hasn't he been doing that all year. GET THE BALL IN YOUR PLAY MAKER's HANDS. Hasn't done it all year and suddenly he does.
Our passing attack was non-existent the first eight games. I don't know who to blame. Our receiving corps not open? Rattler not staying in the pocket with knee jerk reactions to scramble too early? O-line? OC? I've watch every game and Rattler was scrambling constantly until we played the Vols.
David thanks for the laugh. We finally got the performance expected of Spencer Rattler the 9th game of the season!
The Vols defense was gutted practically on every play without our top 2 running backs. You would think they would realize we were more one dimensional than usual and aim to stop the passing attack. Looked like they just couldn't not matter what.
A team with a record of 7-4 doesn't suck overall. Mediocre maybe, with some flashes of prowess
vfl, well said. Best comment on the internet today. Every fan base has some bad ones, but gwhite is at another level
What? Spencer Rattler isn't in the top five? Our promising five star? Ah, yea don't answer that