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UT18 UK15 All field goals lol. Also why the hell is no one in the flats when we know Georgia lined up to bring every one in the box. Very bad play calling by the OC. In the 2nd half of that game. Hope he can figure that out. Maybe get the guy a burger at the half so he ain't hungry by the 4th.
1st Half of that Georgia game we was throwin down field. 2nd half we didn't try until it seemed like 3 mins left on the clock. OC needs to figure that out or needs to let someone else do the play calling against Georgia next time .Also if they would bench JG and bring him in after the half it seems to bring the best out in him. Lets him know he is replacable. If he gonna be out there acting like he ain't been there before then I'd rather see a freshman in there who really never has been there before. At least we'd have a real excuse to why we lost.