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You say something bout sucking a big one Butch. I couldn't quite understand you.
And I also thought it was a terrible hire I remember freaking out on my brother when it happened. Cause I felt like we been there done that but I guess not. He did decent with the Dawgs but the Dawgs have also always been decent because of recruiting peeps wanna be a dawg.
That ain't fair to put on Pruitt. All our past failures have put Pruitt in a bad position. To be honest it be hard for any coach to recruit players to Tennessee. Gonna take more than 5 years to clean up this wreck of a program. Cancel culture is a b!$ch. We should of never fired pulmer the first time, when he had one bad season.Because we have fired or ran off every coach since doing so. Pulmer has heart he played at Tennessee coached it and lives it he's the right man for the job. Pruitt needs a few more years be4 we throw him under the bus. Because at the end of the day Pruitt was part of multiple championship caliper teams he's got the right stuff. But it gonna take him more than 3 years to put this turned over train back on the track.
Yeap they drafted him in 2019 he signed a 40 mil contract. They prop did it so he doesn't get picked up by the Jets.
The announcers said he signed a 40 mil contract with boston redsox after one pitch tryout. (Franks)
Yeah we got the money just went up on tution to pay for it lol.
You can't fire no one else jus gotta eat it we can't be part of cancel culture anymore. It all started the first time we fire pulmer. Been on a fire spree every sense. Big reason we never have any Good players. If we fire pruitt then we need to hire a high school or middle school level coach we need to apparently go back to the basics of basics an learn what it means to play football. But really the biggest issue we have is our fan base throwing the team under bus at first signs of failure.
Yeah Saban was right he shouldn't of brought that ball out from that deep. He'd still be playing if he hadn't. But if I was him I would of done the same thing I mean they where playing Tennessee. If he was gonna have a chance of breaking a big one I'd imagine it would of came against us the way the season been going
Maybe he can play D to. Or pay that player off. I see the second option. I mean his parents got a divorce so he could play that's little bit serious. They gotta turn around an pay to get remarried. It cost on average 12500 to 15000 to get a divorce in cali. 425 for the first paper. Hell I'd make him go to the worst team in Georgia. To a team that actually needs a 4 star QB. See if he still wants to play then.
We should of fired the OC not the dline coach. They fired him like it's his fault. The dline looked perfect to me. Them boys played 95% of the game where was the O. That's right we ain't got no O. We got Jim Chaney. So it really doesn't matter what QB is in. We will loose if he making the play calls. They sent the backup out thier on Saturday an forced him to throw a int instead of handing it off for his very first play in for JG so that tells me everything I needed to know bout this coaching staff. If it was JG first play they would of ran a HB pass so he didn't have to hurt his arm.
First 3 drives where turnovers. To say we gave up in the 3 rd is very nice of you at best
UT18 UK15 All field goals lol. Also why the hell is no one in the flats when we know Georgia lined up to bring every one in the box. Very bad play calling by the OC. In the 2nd half of that game. Hope he can figure that out. Maybe get the guy a burger at the half so he ain't hungry by the 4th.
1st Half of that Georgia game we was throwin down field. 2nd half we didn't try until it seemed like 3 mins left on the clock. OC needs to figure that out or needs to let someone else do the play calling against Georgia next time .Also if they would bench JG and bring him in after the half it seems to bring the best out in him. Lets him know he is replacable. If he gonna be out there acting like he ain't been there before then I'd rather see a freshman in there who really never has been there before. At least we'd have a real excuse to why we lost.