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There's a reason Alabama is the No. 1 team in the country and the defending National Champion. Saban knows how to attack a team where they're weakest. Tennessee is riddled with injuries on defense, especially at the linebacker position. Having only two backers left a huge hole that Bama exploited all day. I was hoping my vols would be competitive today, but all credit to Alabama for the perfect game plan and a nearly flawless game in all three phases.
I think this game is one of those that it really doesn't matter how well or poorly either team has played up to the game. Florida has found ways to win the game the past two years and dominated the Vols most of the previous nine years of the current streak. I disagree with your statement about Butch Jones and the Vols not knowing how to finish games this season as they have done that every game this so far this year. But, this is the first TRUE game of the season for both of these teams and until Tennessee can figure out how to win against Florida this game will continue to make me nervous every time it approaches.
As a Tennessee fan I am going to have to say that 89 percent is too high! Florida is in the Vols head and has been since the current streak broke 5. Until Tennessee can stop finding ways to let Florida win like they did the last two seasons and actually beat the Gators, I will continue to be nervous for this game every time it approaches. Go Vols!
Notre Dame has a TV deal with NBC making them nationally televised every week of the season. Because of this they have fans all over the country.
I doubt Tennessee is going to lose 9 games in 2014. Tennessee and Ohio State are the only two teams in FBS to never lose 8+ games in a season. They were only one win away from a bowl game this year. Considering the level of talent that has been brought in by Butch Jones in this year's recruiting class it seems very probable that they can win at least 6 games next year.