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This guy is such a clown. I'd be pretty embarrassed if I were a Memphis alum/fan.
Lost his job? He got hurt and missed the rest of the season. Obviously he would have had to compete to win the job in 2019 like he had to the past two years, but the article seems to insinuate Ryan Willis beat him out for the job which is fake news.
You're confusing "hated" with "mild annoyance". Question: if Flerda beats Michigan in the Peach Bowl this year can they also claim a natty? Or will they just be the national champions of flerda? I'll hang up and listen, pawwwl.
Looks like the train is already beginning to come off the tracks. Unfortunately for Richt, I don't think being a "gewd Christian maohn" will matter as much to the Miami fans as it did to the Georgia fans. I look forward to hearing him call games on ESPN the Ocho in two years.
This is just dumb, why poke the bear? Georgia will probably make a point of running for 300+ yards on them now.
Overall this is probably very true, but as an outsider that was fortunate to finally visit College Station last fall for the Bama game, me and the person I was with definitely get it now. Very cool college town, obviously a very good school academically, insanely impressive campus and facilities. Took a look at the endowment and my bwhat hole got real tight.
Video came out Friday where he can be heard using a derogatory, racist term to refer to some A&M teammates. That's why he got kicked off the team.