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My razorbacks got robbed. But compared to the last few years. I'm still very hopefull for the team. But arkansas will beat LSU this season
I'm so tired of you damn people whining about that pos petrino he's gone.. get the hell over it my god!!! You do know there is other coaches out there right? You all sound like a bunch of cry babies If hes so good then why hasn't he been to the championship game yet? Hes one step ahead of mediocrity.
Screw petrino! Hes a jackass why would you want someone with no moral compass to speak of? Oh yeah cause winning games is more important then the integrity of the university. But bret and long do need to go
So lets hear all the excuses why you not only lost but got your asses kicked!!! #whothehellarethegators
Lets go hogs. You got your hands full this week
Bosshog please go cheere for another team. Like the longhorns cause their idiots and so are you. And you call yourself a razorback. Sorry but you are not a fan at all you are a troll