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Just curious did playing at Clemson get him drafted lower than UTs Palmer or is it because Palmer is just flat out better?
The problem is youre assuming someone cares about Missouri but no one does....
If Barnes can see that Keon and Jaden are our offense we will be fine with them and Fulky Pons and Viscovi
Maybe hell go to ole miss after kiffin runs out for a decent job maybe
He didnt have grades though its been reported everywhere. If the kid wants to go there he needs to do what he needs to do. Pretty simple
Wow.....should everyone else just close shop? Probably lol
I hope for yalls sake friend miraculously figures this out because he ruined our o line....good luck
Haha good luck with that. Hasnt worked out for yall since he was there
If yall are so confident why havent i seen a UT depth chart? Lol....yall dont have the cahones
Shoot he was a man amongst boys standing out like a high round pick here so i know good and well hed be starting there unless he doesnt want the competition.....
Wooooooow. Thats not even right lol. You know theres a reeeeeeally good chance him gray and johnson were all TOLD by admins that they had to leave.....you know....money and all
Im super excited to see him leave. Now he gets a chance to possibly work for a qualified qb coach. He was under developed and under appreciated. I hope he kills it
Well at least you can hang your cap on the fact that your football team can become post season losers with your basketball team now so thats a plus right
Orrrrr why doesnt one of the teams we beat skip out. I mean if they lost to us they must really suck right?
Im super ok with Kentucky sucking. Its glorious actually
What he really means is he isnt at liberty to talk about how much money hes been offered lol
Woah....that michigan comment might actually be the perfect fit.
I was just talking about how hes gonna fizzle out if they didnt like what gus was doing then bam i see this. From a UT fan i hope they hold on to Pearl for a while cause he really didnt do much(if anything) that bad over here and is a super solid coach
Yea this reminds me of daniel tosh reading the nick saban autobiography to children lol. That and kiffins krimson korner were hilarious
Floridas misfortunes will always be a win for Tennessee
I sure hope they do. Send floridas heisman hopes straight down the toilet please lol
All he really did was ride brian kellys coat tails everywhere he went.
Im tired of seeing all these UT guys end ip at clemson
Make it or break it here for sure. Really need to bring Lewis back into play
Heck everyone recruits GA. Pruitt has pulled someone outta covington as well lol
My point still stands that they dont care because they just dont. They show that pretty blatantly. Baseball team would get a spaceship if they asked for it lol. Also definitely gonna call bs on that last part because if saban sent up his practice team vandy would immediately be favored by at least 7
Allow me to show sympathy to all gator fans.....yall gonna loooooooooooooooose