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Not a legit list unless youve got Guarantano and other teams defense imho
Are we still talking about this? Where is all the talk about everyone else in this conference doing this? If we are going to beat this to death lets get everyone elses numbers and praise them till were blue faced
Ive seen some pretty wicked stuff coming from pretty much every sec school before/during/after games but ive seen much more of the people on the same side as them shut it down. Everyones got crazy fans. I have had to tell more UT fans to shut up and sit down than id like to admit lol
These are facts you just got your head to far up his butt
Bamalicious. Omg hes done that so many times its not funny but yea he has taken a knee to us many times as well but dont sit here and act like he never has
Yea lets pull that one off at arkansas first and yall let us know how far it takes you
Nah those are our titles not sure how you craped that out bit ok. Btw you can thank tennessee for making your sorry colts relevant there for a while. Wont happen again lol
If you think ut is the florida state of sec then that makes georgia virginia i believe. All that talk and nothing to show for it. Try looking past the 4 year mark and tell me what you see from your nationally relevant program
Ive seen saban do that multiple times.....so hes classless now? Or actually that means hes been that way a loooong time
So no one says anything when kiffin does this but on no big bad cincinnati in here trying to male people look bad......this isnt little league maybe the ECU coach should be mad at himself for letting his whole team down
I think the rest of the country likes to watch our games to see in which way we will lose the game and how brutal our beat down is......maybe im wrong
I think they figure they never use editing so the comment section shouldnt get any either...
They say whole team. I assume we have all guessed right then that saban doesnt even acknowledge special teams lol
I know youre proud my man but GA is gonna drag Mizzou
Yea kinda like florida players also not going to the seccg right?
What exactly does that make georgia? Cause they have nothing....
So youre pretty much saying....no disrespect intended then slapping dude in the mouth? Lol
Yea ill be listening on the radio lol. Why add insult to injury having ole gary suck bama off the whole time hahahahaha
Have fun losing to bama twice. Oh my bad i mean losing to SC and probably Mizzou and giving the east to florida
Yall just keep trying to pack that garbage stadium with people while your coach has covid......yea yall are looking real good right now. Thank goodness you have that defense to rely on in desperate times...
Woooooooow..... im dumbfounded that he is calling that out. I mean i understand completely. I love JG and also have seen we are hurting him more than he is hurting any one else but.......woooooooow
Yea i know youre used to garbage but gtfoh with that. Our defense was BAD against kentucky. I cant believe they were scoring like tgat
Im not the coach but barring REAL injuries i think maurer should of been #2 there. Would it of helped idk probably not but its just a hanging in the air question now
Idk what makes you think ours hasnt been proven. We clearly got a better o line this year and last years was better than yalls current. Ill give kentucky credit where its due but if yall think we didnt give yall this game by not shooting ourselves in the foot but the FACE your delusional