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Youre expecting too much from these lazy writers. Everyone else was better or same so he had to throw a wrench in there somewhere. He wont be there so i feel like were good
You must still be in your binge. Thats not healthy dude but hey a dreamer has to dream #put the bottle down
Bold words being that yalls was about 20 years before ours. Oh thats right you were there the other year and pulled an Atlanta/Georgia move and choked on water.
I hear ya but we did take the better quarterback (out of Marrieta) and as a matter of fact we have quite a few from north Atlanta. We just dont recruit Macon and Warner Robbins where the real hillbillies live. Oh but good luck with carson beck or that “super star” from wake forrest... youre gonna need it
Congrats to yall! Great season with the best cap you could get!
Oh no did your feelings get hurt too? Maybe you and dumbo can go get therapy together. On a side note i wouldnt recommend an sec site to talk trash it wont work well
Have you not watched your games? Coley is garbage and Justin Fields is laughing his butt off at yall..... How bout them puppies
I love it this is Ohio State in a nutshell. They are complaining to a Ohio HOMER telling him he is bias against them...... He literally talks about how great they are non stop. They really make us Volunteer fans look as sane as it gets and i still have videos of burning mattresses from the Kiffin fiasco
Woah there why dont you put down the meth, loosen up your jean shorts and remember yall got.... #beatbybutch
I think i saw a couple florida players will
Why keep referencing cam and gus he never had him and still got there. Yall suck
Yea later game extra practice bigger stage we will take i. Not worried about it hopefully we will take this and turn it into more WINS next year
Ive watched some stuff and i m fairly sure Guarantano will do just fine.....and wait till you see our O line aganst yalls D I figure we will get at leadt 2 picks but we will see
I think as long as theyre ready they will dominate this game and im sure they will be....I wish no luck but good luck
He is clearly saying Alabama sucks and the only good thing coming out of it is I20
I understand to an extent.........but i feel like their time is about up
Hopefully its something that will be good by the championship game.
I think that was understood...
Not so much. Half of our guys are freshmen. He had to hand make that O-line Good luck on trying to keep Stoops though because im pretty sure if he leaves your either getting a no one(who will most certainly suck for at LEAST 3-5 years) Or hey you might get Joker P back who knows fingers crossed
It will switch i promise...once saban is gone and lsu loses burrow he is in again....i think hes a hell of a coach and hope them the best
Not even the slightest bit of the truth here..........nope not a drop
As much as i hate the Gators this is certainly more proof why the semino’s are just never up to anything decent
No one is putting us there till we beat Kentucky most likely
That was a close one. I personally cant believe how georigas defense caved in the 2nd. They need to get ready for A&M cause we want them to close that out strong. Really good game though hopefully Tennessee can start playing them ghe same soon.