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That’s an absolutely absurd comment bunker buster. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Me too. Looked like they had it last 2 mins of regulation but they got all nervous.
The defense actually played really well in last years Iron Bowl. The offense didn't hold up their end of the weight.
These are the exact same things I've noticed and it's driving me nuts. They won't chase their shots and get offensive rebounds no matter what. Bama had so much potential this year and squandered it away.
When you're the little brother trying to always play catch up, this is what you get. A constant state of hot seat.
All 4 games Auburn lost last year were away from their stadium. They're not nearly as good away from home.
My thoughts exactly. I know the ones ejected were because they left the bench, but it looked like in terms of the actual fight that South Carolina players were the only ones doing anything wrong.
Yeah, his move just comes off as pretentious to me.
You mixed up the scores with the 2014 championship and semi-final. Alabama lost 42-35 in the first round.
Their HC is gonna coach the bowl game if I'm not mistaken, and they'll be fired up to send him off with a win. This game has the chance to be like Utah-Bama was after 08 when Bama lost the SECCG. Auburn better not take this for granted.
Auburn fan hoping Alabama will lose... Shocker.
Looks like he starts dumpster fires everywhere he gets involved.
I said Jalen regressed, which he clearly did. Go back and read some of my previous posts about him. I've defended him, and I like him as our QB. I never once said he's garbage. Being the 3rd best QB in the league is garbage to you? What are you smoking on?
The only reason you don't see this for Alabama/Auburn is because they usually aren't hiring (a full time) coach at the same time. I bet they wrote this just to throw a bone between two dogs and sit back and watch the action.
Yeah Jalen should drop below Stidham and Drew Lock without a doubt. He regressed like he did at the end of last season.
I've been pondering the same thing. Go dawgs this weekend!
Little brother complex on full display.
Because as soon as you come out publicly, thousands of people that blindly love him for their team will suddenly hate you.
Your note should just be don't use flawed logic.
I don't think it was so friendly when the west bulldogs visited the east bulldogs.
You want to trade a proven winner with his backup based on what? Last night Jalen threw some absolute dimes. He's definitely improved as a passer since last season.
Why would he care? He's not gonna be there next year to suffer the consequences...
exactly. 1-4 doesn't matter as long as Bama doesn't get left on the outside looking in.
I hope Mizzou wins and forces the Florida administration to think long and hard about that decision to fire McElwain.
I'm actually kind of happy to see the target shift onto Georgia's shoulders for the time being.
I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one that noticed that.
TrahanSolo, go on youtube and watch the video. There's a Tennessee fan in the 3rd row that's flipping Bo the bird as he runs up. I don't think Bo meant any disrespect to the guy in the first row. I think he aimed it at that guy behind him. He shouldn't have done it regardless, but it's not nearly as bad as the Tenn player this past saturday.
Shawnfenn; it appears as if you're throwing race in for absolutely no reason. He has every right to be upset with a player when the team is 1-4. That's called frustration.
Seems like he got to you bunker buster. You're quite the keyboard warrior. All bark but no bite.
I'm no English major, but I think The People is referring to incorrect comma usage.