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Huh? You don’t think the 4 who will probably be in the playoffs is the best available
And then you just have people go to other stadiums and just start rushing the field. Heck boosters buying 1000s of tickets to get people to go on the road in case their team loses and then rush the field
Seems like Ricky is upset. Couldn’t leave up to all that smack talk UT fans have been singing
I’m right there with you. Could not stand hearing him talk
That’s the same attitude Alabama had before they got beat, I hope UT rides in on That high horse. I personally don’t believe the Dawgs are going to overlook them, and I pray they don’t. UGA has had some struggles but hopefully they have worked that out. Tennessee can win but I’m not crowning anyone yet because they beat an Alabama team that should be 3-3
If the team didn’t, the fans sure did. Never seen a stadium empty so fast. Especially that cockpit… Glad I only didn’t have to hear sandstorm much. No offense, but I hate that dang song
What does that have to do with this video or post? I mean it would be like me saying did you see LSU get beat in basically a home game? See they have nothing to do with the orbert
Yeah Stafford doesn’t count does he… Which before you say anything I will agree Kirby doesn’t promote QB or help them out that much as far as development. But Again Stafford did win the Super Bowl lol
After seeing both play, I would draft and start Jones over Trask. And I doBT have a Dawg in the fight, just saying without bias who looks better on the field and paper
Defense was awol for most of the game and then when we do get some stops Bennett did his thing, all fails back on coaching and the head coach. He didn’t make the adjustments to fix the issues he just mentioned. Kirby plays Alabama like UGA played y’all in the 90’s.
For me it was our defense or well lack of it. And when UGA finally got the defensive stops, Bennett did his thing. But the defense didn’t get off the field and had so many busted coverages. You can’t do that against a good team and that was one of the best games I’ve seen Alabama play. We got our coached and out played, well all but Bowers… Frustrating hearing Kirby like it was nothing and knowing he’s not going to change.
Kirby is averaging one more W and one less L a season than Richt. Only difference is Richt was a much better person, personality wise. Being a UGA fan, saying next year is common but also sickening and tiring…
Is that where the football team has been? I didn't know they even still played football in Missouri...
Didn't UT fans say that about Phil Fulmer too
I liked it, it did get alittle loud and long towards the end. Buck I agree with ya on the rap. I think it is better for highlight videos, I would of liked to seen this one start out slow ad then pick up the pace. But Hey Go Dawgs!!!
Why don't you start it up, I'll join! :D
Both are good, but I would ten to 1 rather have Green than Jones. Just my opinion. Pro wise I believe AJ has just been better in the pro's.
As a Georgia fan, I hope you do well! Will be pulling for ya.
As a UGA fan I feel the same way about Ohio State as you! I can't STAND Urban Meyer!
I would like to see Bauta get some reps next year. I liked seeing Shockley come in and play even with Greene being our QB! I would love to have a QB that can scramble and pick up the first down or atleast a few yards when nothing else is open!
Humm, didn't see this one coming! Hopefully it will work. I liked his daddy!
I like Sonny Cumbie or Doug Meacham from TCU! I know TCU doesn't play in the SEC and they play teams that normally don't have an offense. But either one of the OC's from TCU I think could do an AWESOME job at Georgia! Either one will have more weapons and better players to coach, plus they aren't predictable and know how to call a sound game. Blowout or close they have the tools to prepare our offense! IMO
I think one of the OC's from TCU Doug Meacham or Sonny Cumbie could be an interesting prospect.