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It's almost as if the author is confusing "under appreciated" with "overshadowed." I never felt like AJ was under appreciated but I can certainly see how he might get overshadowed in discussions about Bama's all time best QBs with former QBs like Hurts, Tagovailoa, and Jones in the mix. Plus, there's this funny thing called recency bias :)
I'd argue a decline in attendance has just as much to do with the sky rocketing costs of attending a major game as it does with everything else you mentioned. It all combines to create what we're seeing-rising costs to attend; ease of access to watch the game live from your own couch (remember, at one time there weren't 25 games available to stream so you HAD to attend to watch it); the same teams in the hunt every year and, therefore, making bowl games irrelevant; and players opting out, creating the potential for a less than stellar performance since the team leaders aren't playing. We're witnessing a major shift from all angles.
This is absurd, and is exactly why (sane) UGA fans catch so much crap. Mass punishment isn't effective; take it from a veteran.
Seeing as how a mask keeps the wearer from potentially spreading the virus but does not keep the wearer from contracting the virus, all you're doing is making the point that those who aren't wearing masks are the problem here. Much like herd immunity, it only works if everyone does it.
Dude/Dudette-we're literally crushed for Tua. Everyone is upset because he is a potential all time great/HOF QB. I don't believe for one second Coach Saban doesn't care about his players. I think this is a product of the stupid system that rewards teams for blowing out other teams. Bama HAD to have a massive game against MSU to keep their (albeit small) CFP hopes alive. No one is sitting on a high horse here and if you can't see how much of a shame it is that your starting, recently injured QB was playing when y'all were up 35-7 then you're simply following blindly. This injury was not another ankle injury but when you're not 100%, you are absolutely more injury prone because you have to compensate.
"Derrick Brown and Co. will be able to shut down the rushing attack of D’Andre Swift..." Second straight 100+ yard game for Swift. "Williams proved that he can handle the load against a top SEC defense when he rushed for 130 yards against LSU and then backed that up with 24 rushes for 93 yards against Ole Miss." UGA held Whitlow to 23 yards on 11 attempts, an average of 2.1 yards per carry. It wasn't pretty at times but I'll take the W.
And hence you understand our frustration with the coaching staff
Welp-that comment did not age well. Additionally, what about Bama's schedule and wins shows they deserve a shot over UGA? Their one game against a ranked opponent resulted in a L. I'm sure the whole "but, but, but SCar!" comment is next. Yup-great teams have a bad day every now and then but it doesn't discount everything else UGA has done to include 3 top 20 wins and a couple of conference shutouts. Needless to say, we'll all be yelling "War Eagle" during the Iron Bowl. Can't wait to see Mac Brown play against an actual defense.
Exactly. Danielson and the RTR crew just love to leave out this pertinent fact.
I hate to tell you this as a fan of the SEC, but Bama is not one of the best four teams this year. You lost your one game against a ranked opponent. Don't believe me? Go listen to some commentary from former players/experts. This isn't anywhere close to Bama's best team. You can say a casual fan on a message board "knows very little" but I'd love to see you make that argument with Kirk Herbstreit, et al who actually played the sport professionally.
You know you have a class act for a QB when every other team in your conference is on message boards internet-wide wishing him well. Tua is an incredible human being and he has the entire CFB and NFL world pulling for him. The same certainly can't be said for some other SEC QBs.
Ah yes-because 1970s football is what we're aiming for here. The good ol days of ensuring as many players got concussed as possible just to keep you entertained. If you want to watch UFC, watch UFC.
We can always count on that backwards visor during those locker room celebrations :) I love watching CKS get psyched after a win. He turns into a teenager and I'm here for it!
This comment did not age well :)
Legitimate question: when did Bama fans start hating UGA and cheering for UF?
It's always fun to read hot takes from people who somehow have some insider information that no one else has. I love when fans try and explain what's going on inside a locker room and on a team. Looking at you, virtualkelly
Tonytiger-Honestly, how can you argue with the following statement? "UGA played one of the worst games they've played in the past few years, SCar played one of the best." I don't understand how that's either cocky or inaccurate. SCar deserved that win but it's as if you want to concoct some sort of alternate universe where SCar is all of a sudden a better team than UGA. Did the team who played better win? Absolutely. Did it take them 2OT to win? Yup, just as if it would have taken UGA 2OT to win had we won and we (deservedly) would have moved down the rankings. The game went into 2OT and it was a game that showcased all of SCar's strengths and best attributes while also showcasing a ton of UGA mistakes. Only a disingenuous person makes the claim that SCar is a better team overall.
LSUMC-what other high profile team(s) have gotten over the Bama/Clemson hump? 10 and 11 win seasons will keep recruits flowing in because it means the team is at least in the conversation. I never thought about it that way but Greg McElroy and Danny Kanell pointed it out on their morning radio show and they're absolutely correct. This idea that your program is a failure if you have not won the Natty is absurd. However, having the players, schemes, coaches, and performances to make sure you control your destiny makes all the difference in the world. I'd rather be a part of a program that has recent 11+ win seasons and is only a loss away from CFP and/or Natty than a program with 7/8 win seasons.
The team that played better and capitalized off mistakes won on Sat. No one in this country, other than disingenuous and/or blind fans, believes SCar is a better team than UGA. SCar played lights out and they deserved that win! UGA played one of the worst, if not THE worst, games of the past few years. That's what major upsets require-a great team to have a truly awful day and the average opponent to capitalize. UGA and SCar play 10 times, UGA wins 9 of those times. SCar won the 1 game when it mattered. Congrats to the Gamecocks and Coach Muschamp. It does not, however, erase what the teams did before and will do after so we'll see where everyone stands come Dec.
TA&M isn't a military school. It is listed as one of six senior military colleges, which points to the fact that it maintains a ROTC Corps of Cadets under Title 10 of the US Code. The student population for TA&M is listed at 68,600. The Corps has ~2,000 cadets. Of the 2,000, roughly 45% actually commission per their website. It's not USMA 2.0.
In what way is UT's schedule more competitive year in and year out? First, the SEC annually has more top 25 teams than the Big 12. Second, you played La Tech and Rice for your OOC games this year; not exactly championship caliber. Third, you played Tulsa and a 5-7 Maryland team last year; again, not exactly a gauntlet. We play 8 conference games, you play 10. If your beef is with that type of schedule the only thing I can say is the SECW has FAR more competition than the Big 12, esp near the top. Even the mid tier teams play better than the Big 12's mid tier teams. Until the CFP committee decides to punish us for only playing 8 conference games, we'll keep our schedule. Guess what-it hasn't hurt us at the highest levels of play. UT handed UGA a loss last year, and we deserved that loss. We played like garbage. The year prior, we beat the same OU team to whom you lost that year 29-24. If teams from the SEC made it to the post season and continually got their asses handed to them then perhaps I'd buy your argument but the fact is we have a fairly decent record in the post season, especially at the highest levels. Ugh-gross, I can't believe I just had to defend Bama.
Finally-a level headed Auburn fan. Y'all are not complete garbage, your QB shows tons of promise, and you played an insane Defense courtesy of the Gators. Auburn came into the season under the radar and as soon as y'all started winning some games, I suppose a lot of your fan base drank the media Kool Aid. We are all just one game away from a loss (Clemson and Bama included). Auburn is still a good team and, if your D shows up along with some decent O, will challenge LSU in a good game.
Dude-seriously? I have not encountered one UGA fan who won't admit (for obvious reasons) Bama has had our number. Good grief. Unless you're a unicorn (i.e. an Auburn and Bama fan), I'm not real sure about the point of your post. Yup-UGA hasn't managed to bring it home since 1980. Yawn---eye roll.
We certainly own that title until we can do something about it. One of these days, it will come to fruition.
I'm no engineer but I would imagine you can seat 102,000 because your stadium can hold 102,000. It would be great if Sanford could expand (as another Dawg mentioned). Overselling the stadium is downright wrong and UGA should be ashamed; it's not an airline flight where you can bump people and offer them free flights.
If you've ever been anywhere near Clemson, SC you'll completely and totally understand that photograph. There are some gorgeous parts of SC; Clemson (and Anderson) ain't it.
By this logic, Bama wants to be Miami. Bama has the Ball Out Belt, which is another piece of turnover swag modeled after the Turnover Chain. Get a grip, Bama
What happens with a three-way tie? Let's imagine LSU beats Bama, Auburn beats LSU, and Bama beats Auburn? They all have one loss from a SECW team. Does it come down to highest AP ranking to determine which team goes to the SECC? Then-let's imagine UGA runs the table in the regular season and loses in the SECC after beating four top-25 teams (assuming TAM remains in the poll). Now there are four SEC teams with one loss. Nightmare scenario for the committee.
As trash as the ACC is right now, it's still better than the AAC. I think we all know conferences aren't created equal, which is why I'll never support conference champions getting auto bids to CFP.