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No, you are right that the moment definitely seemed like it got to him today. He'll be alright, that was the loudest stadium I've ever been in and with that early score it didn't do anything but get louder.
And if Auburn had a QB who was looking down field and hitting his open receivers it easily could have been flipped 3 tds the other way. What's your point?
Auburn may have lost this in the swamp but if you think that your pups are gonna win in Jordan Hare this year you have another thing coming. Talk about barely squeaking by mediocre teams, is ND suddenly elite? And that O line that was supposed to be the best in the country getting stopped for no gain on 4th and 1?
Wait are you claiming ND as a top tier victory now? I thought all you Dawgs knew that ND was a poser and it was gonna be a thrashing?
Pick one game? The preceding sentence was literally about a different game.
Are you also considering that the only passing your QB has done was against KY and Towson? And when you look at how great your passing game is, remember that they have to throw the ball because THEY CAN'T RUN IT. That might skew the numbers a tad
But how many true freshmen on viable teams have started against them? The sample size is probably so small that the stat says nothing.
You do remember it was Kentucky that he had to lead a comeback against right? And not last year's "new and improved" Kentucky, but this year's version without Josh Allen, Benny Snell, or even their starting QB. The A&M game wasn't nearly as close as the score might suggest, the last TD was a result of corners playing deep and letting the underneath stuff go while the clock ran out. I've actually watched the Auburn D-Line and pressures are a notoriously subjective stat. If Trask holds that ball more than 3 seconds on a regular basis he's gonna be staring at the sky a lot tomorrow.
This line drives me crazy. Sean White had the highest completion percentage in the SEC for a while and he was homegrown. Granted, he couldn't stop partying and ended up getting kicked off but he absolutely showed progression. Just because Jeremy Johnson didn't pan out and Gus has gone after transfers there is a perception that he can't develop his own talent. Two of the QBs that you mention went to the title game and the third was one game away. Would anyone actually argue with a transfer that was talented enough to get you that kind of success?
Paid for? Most of these kids weren't offered scholarships by other major programs. That's literally the theme of most of Bruce's pregame speeches that the show during every game. Pull back and enjoy rooting for the coach who falls apart when it matters.
Especially with McClain, he gets talked about every offseason as an emerging talent then barely hits the field.
Undoubtedly, I'm hoping someone, be it Jibunour, Moultry or some as yet unknown player will step up to create a pass rush the way that Jeff Holland did two years ago. D-line was very good last year but without a pure edge rusher they didn't get the pressure you'd like to see on opposing QBs.
I'd guess that it's only one that's out, and that's Malik Willis. It seems like Jarret and Bo are neck and neck and both have seemed to be very committed to the program. I doubt that Sandberg ever expected to hit the field, he's there more as a senior presence and for some depth but I could certainly be wrong on that front. Only time will tell but I actually feel pretty good about the position going into the year, I doubt any of them will be on the Freshman All-American team but if they are just decent then the receiving corps could do a lot with that.
Far right rallies advocating race war seem pretty anti-American. And don't forget that half of Texas thinks that they can leave whenever they want and talk about it constantly.
You remember from history class that the civil war took 4 years and countless lives to retain the status of our country as a unified sovereign nation from your history class right? Thank God it ended the way it did but it was far from sure thing and we should avoid making light of the greatest loss of American life in history to talk sh!t about a football game.
When you say that Gus will overlook completely unacceptable behavior, what are you talking about? I acknowledge that he has given kids second chances that have had issues elsewhere but they don't get in trouble once he gets ahold of them. On the other hand you have kids at Bama getting arrested for guns with stripped serial numbers and pot and the charges magically disappear. Kids on UGA getting arrested hours after the SEC championship. I'm not saying that UGA or UA are dirty programs but we all live in glass houses here. Football is a business and the coaches want very badly to win. That goes for Gus, Kirby, and Saban and if you think that Gus is demonstrably worse then that is just personal bias.
How many draft picks were sitting out from the UCF squad? Once JD got hurt and Carlton Davis was sitting before the draft AU was down 2 starters in the secondary and lo and behold Milton was suddenly able to light it up in the second half. If you think that the game didn't mean a lot more to UCF than AU then you are drinking the Kool-Aid.
The reason they haven't stretched the field is that the team has shown an inability to convert on those attempts. Either Stidham wildly overthrows his target or the receiver drops it. As far as "poise under pressure" I don't think the author has watched much AU football this year, last year he hung in and delivered but this year he has been feeling phantom pressure and seems to have no pocket presence. Whether Stidham is rolling out into the end that his tackle was blocking well instead of stepping up in the pocket, getting rid of the ball after 2 seconds with no pressure or holding it for 5 seconds until the protection inevitably breaks down, Stidham has not handled pressure well this year at all. Shown he can take lick?; definitely. I appreciate all he has done for AU football and he certainly hasn't quit on the team to this point but the gripes with Malzahn's utilization of Stidham have their root in Stidham's play this year, not with a failure to use his abilities.
The reality is that SEC officiating has just been subpar this year. They aren't doing it to help any team, they're just blowing calls for and against everyone. It's just luck whether you get helped or screwed.
Well yeah, Snell and Williams are really similar backs. Both are slippery and run hard but they're undersized speed backs. I think anyone would choose a Thunder and Lightnight type combo over 2 backs that bring basically the same skill set to the table.
Stidham had a pretty decent game. If it wasn't for drops by his receivers he could have been at 80% completions and close to 300 yards if I remember correctly. Not saying he was perfect but that was as good of a game as I've seen from him since Washington.
Not to mention that Carlton Davis sat out bc he didn't want to get hurt before the draft so that when Jeremiah Dinson got hurt we were down the 2 best players in the secondary. Notice that UCF couldn't throw at all in the first half but suddenly they lit it up in the second half.
I don't know if you watched the UT-AU game but Guarantano (I have no idea if I spelled that correctly) was making great throws all game and his receivers were making great catches. Granted, the pass rush wasn't great but he was hitting the kind of throws that are almost indefensible if the receivers come up with the ball. Most of the year they have looked awful and that defense is bad but they have the potential on that team to do some damage when it's all clicking.
Ohio State got crushed by Purdue. Purdue. One more time, Purdue. If they're not overrated...
Honestly Tech can't compete in this day and age. Their admissions and academic requirements are so difficult that they just aren't going to be able to get the talent. I know Stanford has done it but I think that the sheen of that Stanford degree allows them to recruit nationally with ease so they have a big pool of potential smart kids while Tech has to stick with GA kids and smart second tier athletes from the region.
You don't have the right to have people not think you're a scumbag just because the government can't prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Professional standards and the standard to avoid incarceration are, and should be, quite different.