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The Leota infatuation is also indicative that he just looked at box scores and the games (except maybe Iron Bowl). Has promise but honestly didn't play all that much for large portions of the year.
The richness of a bammer accusing AU fans of working at Wendy's is going to give me gout.
This guy has no idea what he's watching. Nix was significantly better this year and, frankly, was a very good qb overall after the GA State game. His accuracy numbers would have been significantly higher if it wasn't for the drops by the receiving corps, which inexplicably is graded at the same level. The comment about the secondary being asked to run man coverage is also just wrong. That was accurate in the Iron Bowl, but they were asked to run zone all season and were substantially less effective in that coverage than the same players were in press man last year. Finally, the grade on the d line being as high as it is simply doesn't comport with their performance all season. This is another case where the Iron Bowl seems to have somehow overshadowed the performance over the rest of the season.
Beyond a reasonable doubt is the common standard for criminal conviction. Not arrest and not charging. Maybe a credible allegation, or reasonable suspicion.
LSUSMC: this is it. Exactly. That's what rape is; no consent = rape. The bs of "she didn't fight back" has been removed from the law everywhere that I'm aware of.
Well that's just heartwarming. Here's hoping it's a good game, irrespective of who wins.
People thought the same thing about Vince Dooley. Born and raised in AL and and Auburn man through and through, but when his alma mater came calling he was entrenched at UGA and felt loyalty there. I don't think it's inconceivable that Dabo would be in the same boat at Clemson with Bama calling.
At this point I think that OM to UM would be a lateral move. UM has history and it's in one of the most talent rich regions of any state, but it's ACC and their off campus stadium and odd atmosphere take away. By the same token, not too many young stars with some NIL $ in their pocket would turn up their nose at the chance to spend their college years in Miami. OM has more recent success and has SEC network money coming in. The draw of playing in the SEC is significant as well, and I'm sure many kids would like a more traditional college town experience. All comes out as a wash to me, though I recognize that reasonable minds could (and will) disagree.
He literally said it was based on Vegas. Maybe this article was altered after your comment; I don't know how that works here. Given that journalistic standards I don't expect that they'll have a footnote to explain any changes, as you would see on a newspaper's website.
Yeah I guess Hooker doens't know how to read a spread.
1000%. These articles all assume that he hasn't had it but the reality is that he just hasn't said.
I clicked on four of those tweets and not one was an AU fan. Big 10, UAB, Boston reporter, etc.
And even there he was just diet Saban. He relied on having a massive talent advantage and even then only snuck it out against an AU roster that won 3 games the year before to win the lone natty that he'll ever get. I never got it last year either, he barely beat an AU team bad enough that it got the coach fired.
Yeah man, a lot of us at AU needed that hope scholarship at UGA in case the AU scholarships didn't come through.
I'm expecting a few 3 and outs for AU to start and at some point the crowd does come out of it. If they can get a good start and look alive to get the fans in early they may have a chance to rattle some UGA players who have never been in a truly hostile environment. That might lead to penalties and turnvovers, which I think you're right, are the only way AU wins. I think the FPI percent I saw (somewhere around 15% chance AU wins) is about right.
That's rich coming from thUGA. I've been to BR and TTown as an AU fan and I can say that, bar none, UGA fans are the absolute worst. All the way from grown men to nicely dressed college boys, even to the ladies and girls, just wow. In most fanbases the worst behavior is confined to the t shirt fans. UGA takes pride in it. I'll close with a quote from one your favorite cheers "Ain't nothing finer in the land than a drunk obnoxious Georgia fan"
Tank has not looked like the same player from last year. He has gotten shoestrung time and and time again and doesn't seem to have the same balance that made him so dangerous last year. I don't know the cause, that's just what it looks like to me.
That cajun cookie monster has more in common with Gene Chizik than a lack of sideburns.
Honestly, given the quality of reporting on this site, we should just be glad they got the stat right.
Absolutely not. And can't write either, that sentence was a cluster.
I hate to be this guy but a "writer" who mistakes digress and regress? I'm not asking for independent fact checking, I know the price of what I'm getting here, but a proof read? Just one?
It was a bad call. There were also AU players closer to the ball than any Arky players, but they stopped at the whistle. Honestly OM has a lot more to be salty about, but I guess when you're used to having your brains beaten in by a team like Gus did to the Razorbacks it does things to you.
So that's why the record is 61-56-8 all time? 56 times doesn't seem so rare to me.
For the Kick 6, there was no CFP committee. That was the last year of BCS.
Dawg, you can't call out his grammar and then misspell differentiate.
Makes sense, I remember hearing that AU was in the mix back when Coach G was there. Wishing him all the best in Knockersville