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I've been having the same thought. I just don't know how you say no to the kind of talent Pearl is landing if they'll come, even if they won't stick around.
The sad reality that I've seen is that job hopping is the only way to move up. I would love to have an employer that valued and invested in me but so many seem to have decided that employees just leave anyway so the best option is to get as much out of them for as little as possible. This means that the employee is looking for a new job basically as soon as they start. There are certainly a lot of exceptions but that's largely been my experience as well as that of friends my age.
Thank God I'm not the only one thinking this. Dude seems like the kind to call anyone who disagrees with him a snowflake while lamenting the success of people different than him.
I just have to jump in here to say that this narrative that UF was anywhere close to beating Bama is laughable. UA was substantially ahead and let UF climb back in after they got off the gas. Ole Miss actually came fairly close, they get a turnover at any point in that game and it might have actually changed the outcome.
Old habits die hard, still has his UGA issue Dodge Charger apparently.
That’s a good point. I’m not a tax guy but I bet if he keeps it in his name and then provides a no-charge lease to her that would be less than $15k a year in value and then in a couple of years the car will be cheap enough to just transfer it
It's my understanding that Wooten was the 4th LB, a great contributor to the locker room and a great leader of men that his teammates respected and listened to. I'm proud of him for doing what he thinks best for himself and his soon-to-be-growing family. With that being said, I'm not sure how much of an adverse impact this has on the linebacking corps. I was hearing speculation about how they would get him on the field and there were some exciting concepts, like moving Pappoe to a SS-like position in certain sets to get more of the linebackers out there. I suppose that is probably out the window now but the conversations were fun while they lasted.
With you there. I'm hopeful it's not over but congrats to Bama on this one.
Once again, O'Gara wants to shoot from the hip and doesn't want to check things before speaking. The law varies from state-to-state but it doesn't obligate him to get a head coaching job; it does mean that if he is sand bagging because he knows the buyout is going to make up the difference that is bad faith. He doesn't have to get a Power-5 head coaching job; he does have to take a reasonably similar job that pays more instead of cooling his heels and enjoying reduced responsibility. Basically, you are obligated to act as if you didn't have the buyout. Anyone who argues that Bert would be taking $50k a year if he didn't have the buyout is full of it.
There is a theory in contracts called mitigation, which requires that the party who is supposedly damaged to try to make economically efficient use of their assets. Burt may not have been worth whatever he was getting paid but he could have gotten a lot more than $50k a year. Arkansas is going to be on the hook for the delta between what he could have earned and what he made but this is bad faith.
This is what needs to happen. The buyouts are already absurd but that's where the market has gone. Schools need to enforce the terms of their contracts and not let coaches get away with taking nominal pay because they know the job they got fired from will make up the difference. This is the first step, hopefully Arkansas wins at trial and this is a cautionary tale for any other coaches who think they can get away with with violating the mitigation requirements.
I hate to tell ya but Death Valley is worse than the Swamp in my experience. I'm certain that has something to do with visiting both as an AU fan but, where UF fans were mostly pretty nice, when I went to BR I had multiple fans lightly hitting me as I walked to my seat and when I turned to say something they just in my face and screamed, along with all of their buddies around them. I found it pretty startling after having had a great time tailgating with LSU fans all day but it was different inside the stadium.
To be fair, Stidham is in the NFL and, from what I hear, the projected starter in New England. The starter from before that quit football after getting beat out by Stidham. The year before was obviously a mess and before that you had Nick Marshall, who, while certainly not an NFL QB, was outstanding in Gus's offense and got AU to a NC appearance. And before any comments about transfer QBs, Lincoln Riley has had all transfers so it's not relevant. None of this is to say that Gus has done a good job developing QBs, because I think he's done a middling job at best, but it is intended to address your comment.
I think he means that the there's a big gap between the highs and the lows so it's hard to evaluate.
Connor, can we please move on from the "Cam Newton comparisons" bit. Gatewood is great; I wish him the best and I think that the rest of the AU family does as well. But the Cam comparison nonsense got started because Malzahn said he "looked like Cam" physically. Because he was 6'5" 230 playing QB in an AU uniform. Nobody was comparing their games, at least not anyone who had actually watched. Gatewood has a strong arm but had a lot of polish left to put on it. This isn't the first time you've said it and I doubt it will be the last but please, just let it go.
You want to talk about crybabies, Nick Richards whines like a 4 year old. Unbecoming.
Fizzled out is a pretty strong reaction for losing a couple of games on the road with the most talented player on your team out and then losing in Rupp. A losing streak maybe but fizzled out?
So if the 5* kids are only getting drafted at 72% and the 4*s are likely lower than that, how does it translate into 95% getting generational wealth? Not to say that AU does any better; I have literally no idea. Just wondering how that lines up with your initial statement?
I believe Daniel Thomas also hit 24 reps on the bench press. Not that any of this matters but I was very impressed at that coming from a safety.
Bigotry is usually protected by the 1st Amendment. That doesn't meant that it isn't bigoted. Just because the 1st Amendment protects your right to say something, doesn't mean there shouldn't be consequences.
I really wonder if SDS has editors or not. Please hire one; the writing is so bad it distracts from any point you're making.
That's assuming that the only variable is recruiting rankings. There's no arguing that a bad coach can take a great roster and underachieve or that a great coach can take a mediocre roster and overachieve. The average roster thing can be seen best at the top of the game, to win a championship you've got to have a top 15 roster according to history. That's because having a high quality roster is a necessary condition, not a sufficient one. Once you get to the top few teams, they all have good coaches and good rosters. If you don't have enough talent on the roster then it doesn't matter how good an on-field coach or developer of talent you are. Now as far as the misses, as long as more 5* kids end up getting drafted than 4* and more 4* than 3* I think the rankings are basically getting it right. Not perfect but better than nothing.
Obviously you're not literally claiming a recruiting national championship. That's a reference to all the UGA fans who see the recruiting rankings and proclaim, "We have displaced Bama and will now be taking their championships!" But then don't.
It's incredible with the bounty of talent that's overfilling that roster that he never found a QB worth pigsh*t right? Or maybe your program is a joke and got rid of a guy who has been more successful at every stop before your school?
Exactly. Same story as usual, commit to AU and you get dropped, pick another school and... Doesn't actually matter, same kids coming in, just without the clout in the rankings.
100% agree with both comments here. Stingley deserved it and Nix won it because he started coast to coast at QB
I think that because this is arguably within the employment context since he's being interviewed as the OC his speech isn't protected. Admin law wasn't exactly my strongest class though so take that with a grain of salt.
George Pickens was an academic risk in HS and when he was committed to AU a lot of people were concerned that he wasn't going to qualify. Not saying that I wouldn't have been very happy to have him, he is an electric player and will only get better I'm sure.