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I'll agree that his weakness is creating his own shot but he has a quick first step and the fact that he is such a strong outside shooter means that defenders in a rush to close out can overpursue, giving him a lane. As he puts on some weight, he will be more physically able to maintain position as he drive to the lane. I doubt be will ever be a big creator off the dribble, but the elite shooting combined with good athleticism and great size bode well for his future. He also showed best in the biggest games for the most part. He was able to take over and make deep contested threes when the team was down late. He was a true freshman and was not asked to be the leader on this team, but he has the natural ability and skill to lead by example on an NBA roster with a couple of years to hone skills and grow into that big frame.
This is it. Should not have moved on from Gus for this. Harsin was very obviously not ready for big boy ball. He seems to have adjusted somewhat but we'll see if it was enough. I think the roster is good enough to win 7 or 8 games but it will require some creative play design with some quick passing to open up some running lanes for Tank. I don't think that the O Line is awful, just mediocre. Bottom half of the SEC but not bottom third. The question is whether Harsin and understudy are able to scheme around that to get some quick stuff open. The inclusion of more tight ends in the game might be a useful wrinkle; more power blockers for the run game and tough matchups in the passing game. We'll see. Defense has plenty of talent in the starters if they can find a way to mix and match for depth to keep fresh by the 4th they could be really good.
I think that it was a bit less, if I recall correctly $22mil was the total for all of the fired coaches. Regardless, you are correct that it was structured as a straight payout, no offset for another salary paid to him during the remaining contract period.
Please point us toward those accusations. Problems with him; yes. Claims that he doesn't relate well to certain of his players; yes. Racism? Not anywhere I saw.
The Falcons troll was pretty epic. As said elsewhere, I'm not an anime fan myself but you can't argue the cleverness of the trolling in there.
It's good to see Tech embracing the fact that they are effectively THE university of Atlanta, one of the most talent rich metros in the country.
Supposedly that concussion got him pretty bad. I feel for the kid and hope he does well at his nextstop
No friend, you stated the definition. "Imminent harmful or offensive contact." Imminent being the key word; unless he was on the phone while she was five feet away then you made the opposite point. That said, the fight was over a cell phone and he hit her. That's battery, assault too if he hit her where she could see it coming.
This is the most misleading headline. I think that, at this point, basically every kid who could make a G-League team is going through the eval process. Nothing lost, and they can get valuable insight from NBA scouts and coaches as to areas that they can work on in order to be a more valuable prospect at the next level. Good on Vescovi for doing this and Barnes for presumably encouragin it but these headlines are ridiculous.
That makes 5 of the last 6 against UK in AU Arena. That's a bit more than once a decade. As far as hitting shots out of his ass, this must be your first AU bball game of the season. He has the dagger step and high release to shoot over anyone, and has done so all season long. If anything, this was not his best day shooting.
I won't totally agree with your claim that Washington would have contributed the difference since AU was clawing back before he went down, but I think UK has a better chance to win than AU if he didn't get hurt. UK played a phenomenal game in those early minutes and I hope Washington is ok, he'll be a lot of fun to watch when he's back. I see why Bruce wanted him so badly as a recruit.
This is the same class where Bo Nix was a 5*. The reality is that the recruiting services feel the need to have multiple 5* QBs in a class and so the best get bumped up, even if they aren't really deserving.
God forbid you give a kid a hotdog and fail to be forthcoming about it. Give me a break.
No, we saw with the Mizzou tutor thing from a couple of years ago that cooperating is maybe the worst thing you can do. Thinking that the NCAA is fair in its punishments is absurd.
The extent of his involvement was determined to be failing to know everything his assistant coaches were doing. Not saying that the failure as a judge of character is nothing, but I know I'm not hoping Bama gets the hammer dropped on them for whatever their infractions were.
Sutpens, my thoughts exactly. UF didn't want that smoke and knew that there was a very real chance that the, with the state of UF football over the past 10 years, that would be an L to an upstart an hour-and-a-half down the road. Instead, they're now going to play a UCF team which had several of its top offensive players taken out with season ending injuries (QB, WR, RB off the top of my head, though I don't keep up with UCF so there may be more). This is the narcissism of UF on full display; the rest of the state's football teams (except UCF, which they refused to schedule) are circling the drain and UF thinks they're pissing down on them because UF is on the rim instead of in the water.
Maybe for strictly SEC fans, but I think that a lot of people will be interested in seeing the result of a game that UF and UCF have been fighting out about scheduling for years.
The Leota infatuation is also indicative that he just looked at box scores and the games (except maybe Iron Bowl). Has promise but honestly didn't play all that much for large portions of the year.
The richness of a bammer accusing AU fans of working at Wendy's is going to give me gout.
This guy has no idea what he's watching. Nix was significantly better this year and, frankly, was a very good qb overall after the GA State game. His accuracy numbers would have been significantly higher if it wasn't for the drops by the receiving corps, which inexplicably is graded at the same level. The comment about the secondary being asked to run man coverage is also just wrong. That was accurate in the Iron Bowl, but they were asked to run zone all season and were substantially less effective in that coverage than the same players were in press man last year. Finally, the grade on the d line being as high as it is simply doesn't comport with their performance all season. This is another case where the Iron Bowl seems to have somehow overshadowed the performance over the rest of the season.
Beyond a reasonable doubt is the common standard for criminal conviction. Not arrest and not charging. Maybe a credible allegation, or reasonable suspicion.
LSUSMC: this is it. Exactly. That's what rape is; no consent = rape. The bs of "she didn't fight back" has been removed from the law everywhere that I'm aware of.
Well that's just heartwarming. Here's hoping it's a good game, irrespective of who wins.
People thought the same thing about Vince Dooley. Born and raised in AL and and Auburn man through and through, but when his alma mater came calling he was entrenched at UGA and felt loyalty there. I don't think it's inconceivable that Dabo would be in the same boat at Clemson with Bama calling.
At this point I think that OM to UM would be a lateral move. UM has history and it's in one of the most talent rich regions of any state, but it's ACC and their off campus stadium and odd atmosphere take away. By the same token, not too many young stars with some NIL $ in their pocket would turn up their nose at the chance to spend their college years in Miami. OM has more recent success and has SEC network money coming in. The draw of playing in the SEC is significant as well, and I'm sure many kids would like a more traditional college town experience. All comes out as a wash to me, though I recognize that reasonable minds could (and will) disagree.
He literally said it was based on Vegas. Maybe this article was altered after your comment; I don't know how that works here. Given that journalistic standards I don't expect that they'll have a footnote to explain any changes, as you would see on a newspaper's website.