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The reality is that SEC officiating has just been subpar this year. They aren't doing it to help any team, they're just blowing calls for and against everyone. It's just luck whether you get helped or screwed.
Well yeah, Snell and Williams are really similar backs. Both are slippery and run hard but they're undersized speed backs. I think anyone would choose a Thunder and Lightnight type combo over 2 backs that bring basically the same skill set to the table.
Stidham had a pretty decent game. If it wasn't for drops by his receivers he could have been at 80% completions and close to 300 yards if I remember correctly. Not saying he was perfect but that was as good of a game as I've seen from him since Washington.
Not to mention that Carlton Davis sat out bc he didn't want to get hurt before the draft so that when Jeremiah Dinson got hurt we were down the 2 best players in the secondary. Notice that UCF couldn't throw at all in the first half but suddenly they lit it up in the second half.
I don't know if you watched the UT-AU game but Guarantano (I have no idea if I spelled that correctly) was making great throws all game and his receivers were making great catches. Granted, the pass rush wasn't great but he was hitting the kind of throws that are almost indefensible if the receivers come up with the ball. Most of the year they have looked awful and that defense is bad but they have the potential on that team to do some damage when it's all clicking.
Ohio State got crushed by Purdue. Purdue. One more time, Purdue. If they're not overrated...
Honestly Tech can't compete in this day and age. Their admissions and academic requirements are so difficult that they just aren't going to be able to get the talent. I know Stanford has done it but I think that the sheen of that Stanford degree allows them to recruit nationally with ease so they have a big pool of potential smart kids while Tech has to stick with GA kids and smart second tier athletes from the region.
You don't have the right to have people not think you're a scumbag just because the government can't prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Professional standards and the standard to avoid incarceration are, and should be, quite different.
I don't think you understand how conduct policies work. Are you suggesting that a public employee would not be subject to termination for making public racist statements in a private capacity? Or that laws prohibiting disclosure of classified documents by security personnel are unconstitutional because they infringe on the right to freedom of speech? This isn't a political issue at all unless you are on some sort of fringe where the whole world is a political issue in your kulturkampf. Racist speech at public, university-sponsored event, by a university-affiliated individual, is bad. Does that strike you as political?
Gotta love that burst step coming off of contact! Hope he can get his whole life back on track, on and off field.
Your tax dollars? You know that major football programs generate millions of dollars a year beyond what those students on the team receive in benefits right?
That was meant to say Fromm had a stronger O-Line and 2 RBs he could rely on; I was unclear in the above post.
Don't forget how good Stidham looked against UGA in round 1 last season and how bad Fromm looked. The reality is that Stidham has played 5 games more than Fromm but has had a stronger offensive line and had 2 stellar RBs instead of 1 last year. All good QBs have bad games early in their careers and Stidham had one on Saturday; not time to sell the farm just yet. LB Mike, Fitzgerald as better than Mond, Lock, or Stidham is laughable. A QB has to be able to throw the ball and he has not shown an ability to do that.
How have they played 4 times since 2014? I may be confused but that seems like it's only been 3 football seasons.
Nobody calls Ole Miss the Hot Toddies, in spite of their revolving door of mascots. The Tide is a shortening of their nickname, the crimson tide so that doesn't make much sense as a retort. The point is that there are other teams with confusing cheers/nicknames/mascots. Plainsmen hasn't been used since the '70s so it seems reasonable that a professional sportswriter could figure it out.
I'm tired of this fumble nonsense. Saying they have 6 takeaways and 4 turnovers is misleading. 3 fumbles by kids who won't see the field last week. 1 that mattered from a RS freshman who, I would imagine, has learned his lesson in practice this week if his mom didn't get it to him after the game. Beyond that, these are pretty weak for "bold" predictions. If it's a low scoring game then obviously kickers will play a key role, Devin White will be all over the field, and Nick Brosette will struggle. Turnovers would also play into that. Not bad predictions but Kirby is right, O-line is probably the only one that qualifies as bold.
Pretty sure Washington was preseason #6, they're down to #10 now.
Your use of the word manor where you meant to use manner certainly plays into the stereotype.
The market is a voting machine in the short term and a weighing machine in the long term. This is pure theorizing at this point, until you have results reporting there is no real impact.
The pledge of allegiance only took its current form in 1952 when a preacher added the words "under God."
Spoken like a true dictator. "I love freedom so much, anyone who disrespects it should be locked up"
Come directly from? Not from the political philosophers who first formed and then espoused those ideals? Now if you want to talk about protection of rights and freedom then maybe but the thing is, words matter. So try to use them correctly.
You're right, this is the first advertisement in history to engage in hyperbole.
So that's why the mediator approved his case to move forward to trial? That means there is sufficient factual basis to require a court to hear it.
You know one person in a class of people then you can judge 'em all right UGARMYRet?
Enjoying the acceleration of the deficit too? Screw the kids right? Mortgage the future to juice the present, this is AMERICA
One thing to add; our O-Line looked like something you scrape off the bottom of your shoe. Prince Tega was one of the few bright spots but a lot of the game they either looked confused on pick ups or just got physically beat. Herb Hand left them in a bad way and there is some serious cleanup to be done.
SFA does good work, always well researched and usually insightful as to the history and context as well as the stuff that's actually on the plate. I'm looking forward to it.
@Volbeef you said Socialist Democrat. Socialism is an economic theory, Socialist Democrat is a political philosophy. So that is politics. Take a lap and think about your poorly constructed argument backpedaling.