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I'm going to disagree, though not entirely. They need to get close to the talent level, they don't necessarily have to get better players. If you have good evaluators and strong culture then it can absolutely get you to the promised land. I'd argue that Gus recruited well enough on a composite level to be right there with the top of the conference, as evidenced by the fact that he played for the SEC title in '17. The issue was getting the talent where he needed it (O-line) and making sure that he had the roster stocked so that when players graduated there were ready replacements. Having that strategy is what endeared Kevin Steele to AU fans but the offensive side of the ball never seemed to have the same strategy. At any rate, my overarching point is just that, while Saban's strategy is based on overwhelming talent and he is the best in the game, it's not the only way to do it.
Jimbo has never beaten Saban. The title of the article is that he is closing the gap. The score of the game last year does not indicate that that is the case. Year-to-year there is variability but that doesn't change the fact that on-field results are all that really matter, and Bama beats A&M like a drum every year. In fact, the scores for the past three years have been nearly identical.
Gotta agree there, players have so much support that it boggles the mind to think that they wouldn't have some help from the schools with getting their taxes filed.
I just took a look at their methodology and it's basically data driven. My guess is that the trailing nature of data still indicates a lot of the good without taking into account the rampant uncontrolled growth that's strangling the good parts of Austin.
Frankly, based on the cities included here I would guess that Athens was not big enough to qualify.
Not only that but this isn't allowed under the new rules, just like Reggie Bush's infractions wouldn't be. You still can't be paid to play, which includes getting free or discounted services for no benefit to the giver. If you want to give a discount in exchange for a social media should-out, that's fine. That's not my understanding of what happened here with the tattoos.
Coach G is always a threat to pick up a commit from a kid who can take his coaching style. He is tremendous if a player can take an old-school butt chewing when he's not meeting the standard. Derek Brown and Marlon Davidson both showed what he can achieve with the right talent level and personality type.
That's like saying that Democrats want to overthrow our system of government because they're not republicans, when the reality is that they continue to support a republican system of government but don't support Republicans. Using common political terms as the proper names for parties certainly confuses discourse but fighting over whether classical liberalism or the modern interpretation has the right to the word is beyond petty.
When was the last time UGA beat Bama? Just to refresh my memory since you want to throw shade about AU not being as good as Bama.
100%. The offensive line still blocks for their qb even though both guards and the center probably don't make as much as a middling qb by himself.
It is a fascinating topic. NFL players who were being shipped off to war were training at various universities and were allowed to compete on their teams in those years. Auburn didn't have that luxury and apparently fielded a team that included some local high school kids who were under 18 but that obviously didn't end well and I believe they missed a year because the coach took off to enlist. I've always meant to dig more into it after hearing about that. I can't speak to Carolina's history during the period; my knowledge on the subject comes solely from a piece in the War Eagle Reader a few years back.
Good for him, I'm impressed that he switched positions to WR and then to DB to remain a part of the team. He wasn't going to be a contributor this season and I hope that he finds a place where he can get on the field.
Pet peeve but "road to hoe?" You don't hoe a road, you hoe a row. Nick ain't dumb so I bet he didn't say that, meaning he was misquoted and then it was reprinted here.
The standard for criminal prosecution is not intended to be dispositive of whether it happened or not. It's strongly slanted in favor of the accused, from start to finish.
Holy cow, have you seen most of your state? I know there are a lot of people who know what dentists are in Nashville but they all came from somewhere else. Might want to pump the brakes, some of us still remember Fulmer's team where half of the starting lineup was out due to arrests.
Or he might have been able to parlay an undefeated season into recruiting better players, who would have been sophomores last year. He was fine as Mizzou's OC after he got fired from the same position at OU.
Your argument that you keep thumping, namely that just potential, not production, left UT, makes no sense in conjunction with the other things you argue. You say that the old staff was bad and that players regressed, with the apparent implication being that they aren't a big loss because of that. The hope for the future seems to be that the new staff develops better. Doesn't losing the best potential on your team hurt when that new staff comes in? You still need potential even with coaching. Also, Heupel's UCF teams never beat a SEC school, so I don't know what you're talking about.
You're conflating issues. Tax-exempt status for an organization and tax exempt status for beneficiaries of that organization are two separate issues. One of the problems with the major tax reform bill was that it treated certain scholarship benefits as taxable income, potentially creating a situation where students would have to take out loans to pay for their scholarships. I believe it was resolved through regulations but this ruling doesn't have to do with paying them, it has to do with providing additional "academic" benefits like study abroad, technology allowances, etc.
I'm inclined to agree except with the cluster of an offense. It might have looked better if Seth actually caught the ball when it was thrown at him. Not an indictment, he's a college kid and I know I did some dumb stuff when I was his age. Hopefully in the NFL he'll view it as his job and take it more seriously.
1. Pots and kettles. I went to school in Athens and I saw how the football players act. 2. Watch out everybody! USMC is gonna suit up with his brothers and beat up our Tigers.
I was surprised when LSU won the award for best O Line in the championship year. I thought they were very up and down and that the success was frankly in spite of the O Line based on great scheme and skill talent rather than because they were road graders or elite pass protectors.
Frankly for AU too, a couple good years with a great coach and we forget.
Most I've seen aren't viewing it as a gimme, but I think most of us think that it's a 60-40 game one way or the other depending on who you ask. Having it pencilled in as a definite loss is what doesn't make sense to me.
I'm just here to say, make sure we call Kool Aid by his name. Get out of here with that Ga'Quincy nonsense, that is one of the best nicknames in years and I want it honored. I was sad he didn't come to AU but I will be even sadder if I don't get to hear announcers make some terrible pun out of the nickname during his time at UAT.
Honestly I think it will be fine in the long run. This sort of stuff is challenging but water finds its level and this will sort itself out.
I've been having the same thought. I just don't know how you say no to the kind of talent Pearl is landing if they'll come, even if they won't stick around.
The sad reality that I've seen is that job hopping is the only way to move up. I would love to have an employer that valued and invested in me but so many seem to have decided that employees just leave anyway so the best option is to get as much out of them for as little as possible. This means that the employee is looking for a new job basically as soon as they start. There are certainly a lot of exceptions but that's largely been my experience as well as that of friends my age.