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George Pickens was an academic risk in HS and when he was committed to AU a lot of people were concerned that he wasn't going to qualify. Not saying that I wouldn't have been very happy to have him, he is an electric player and will only get better I'm sure.
Not how this works kiddo. There's an offset but you're on the hook for the difference.
It's not butt hurt, kid has been verbally committed for months and but he wants to play games. Auburn wanted him and he was playing games, this was going to be another Reuben Foster. They have flipped and want to hold out to announce to make a bigger splash. I personally think it's a sh*tty thing to do after you are given an offer and an opportunity to try twist the knife on your way out but these are 18 year old kids we're talking about, immaturity is more the rule than the exception.
Well, technically if you say the FG did then the INTs definitely did. Since the FG was 3 points and the two pick 6's led to 14...
Bammers are loving this argument so I'll say it again: Being penalized more does not mean you aren't getting more favorable calls. If you commit 30 penalties and get called for 15 you are getting more favorable treatment than if you commit 2 and get called for 2. Please stop with that garbage, almost every call against Bama was blatantly obvious, it's tough to miss all those false starts but if Leatherwood has let go of Marlon Davidson yet I'd be surprised.
The thing is that the Bama players all ran off the field. I understand why, given that the clock read 0:00, but if they just let the AU players run up and snap the ball then that's a free 7 points. The AU players were running up to the ball prior to the review and it appeared that was what would happen. It was an odd circumstance but it was just a mistake in the moment and the refs did the best they could with it.
Honestly he might have confidence that he could win the job in a better situation. SC isn't a bad team by any stretch of the imagination but he might be hoping for a chance to play in a high-powered offense and get some different coaching to push him over the edge and improve draft status.
So tired of this illogical claim that because a team gets called for a lot of penalties they can't be getting favored. If a team commits 30 penalties and is called for 7 are they not being favored relative to a team that commits 3 and gets called for 3? Such a weak argument
Learn the rules bud. If you're talking about holding then talk about holding, if you're talking about PI, talk about PI. They weren't holding any more than the UGA DBs or any other teams do every week. AU plays press man all the time and they are going to jam at the line. The receivers on the other end push back. Frankly UGA's receivers got open fairly often, Fromm just ins't terribly good. Luckily for UGA, Nix wasn't either, at least not when it mattered the most.
I love how it's "them" when talking about losing and "we" when it's "beating your A$$." This dude definitely doesn't have any confidence issues. As far as coaching around key injuries, I'm sure that you are the one who is talking about the depth of talent all offseason and how the third stringer for Bama would start at every other school, but now the backups are in and it's an insurmountable obstacle.
Exactly what I was going to say, along with the fact that the Troy game was two years ago. As far as beating teams at their best, their best is what they can put on the field. I promise, AU was playing their best team against UGA in the 2017 SECCG, in spite of the fact that Kerryon was hanging on by a thread. Should teams wait to play until next year, when the new recruits have come in and the current players have another year so they can "play them at their best." Injuries are terrible and I can tell you that I felt awful for Tua after that happened to him; that is a terrible thing to go through even if he makes a full recovery. But injuries are part of the game and complaining about them is as ludicrous as saying that it would be different if we won a recruiting battle that went the other way so my team isn't as good as it could have been.
Dude, lay off the sauce. Barfield had 29 wins and 25 losses. Gus has 60 wins and 30 losses. Trying to compare the number of losses per season across eras doesn't work.
We'll see what they do against LSU and then judge that
The lack of run game here was on the UGA defense and the AU O-line. They got no push at all and were stalemated, allowing the linebackers to run free and keep contain all day. Their pass pro isn't bad and against weaker teams they've gotten some push toward the end of games but it just wasn't there from a personnel standpoint in this game.
I totally agree. Bad officiating pisses me off and it's conceivable that it could change outcomes in some cases. But it's part of the game, the same way that the bounce of the ball is and you have to play well enough to overcome the mistakes of the ref.
Poor writing skills. Your comment could easily have been read to imply incompetence by the players or by the referees.
They protected Bo fine all game. They O-line isn't great. They aren't nearly as good as many AU lines of the past. That doesn't make them garbage.
Yeah, Burrow also actually threw for more than 4 yards per attempt. Just having TDs on your stat line doesn't make it a good day when you're throwing them behind the line of scrimmage for a glorified toss play. One of those TDs was a great throw that got a TD, the rest is padding.
Horse collar was grabbed by the outside of the jersey. I know they've changed the rule now where if you grab by the jersey along the nameplate it's a horse collar but that's hardly textbook. The plays that got me were the PI on the second td drive and the missed facemask on Bo Nix at the end of the game. Obviously I'd love it if those calls were made but I'm not blaming the refs, I'm sure there were calls that went against UGA and they don't stick in my mind because they don't piss me off.
Wait, are you accusing Garner of having been the bag man at UGA and then taking over that role at AU? And it's laughable that a thUGA fan is casting aspersions over players getting in trouble, that name didn't come out of nowhere.
You obviously haven't actually watched Auburn's d line this year or over the past several. They rotate constantly and have solid 4 stars all the way down the depth chart, many of whom are producing well. They very well may start to wear down but if you think it's because UGA's o line has more depth then you don't understand how rotations work. What o line rotates players in to rest them and keep them fresh? It's common for d line players but you're grasping on that one.
Did you see what they did against LSU? I think UGA's O line is probably better than LSU's but Fromm is certainly not as quick as Burrow when it comes to escaping rushers. There are going to be some sacks. The question is whether there will also be a couple of blown plays a la the Florida game that give up big points.
How did the coaching carousel treat UT? Sometimes you have to acknowledge that there aren't many top level coaches and they're locked in where they are for the most part. The ones who aren't are unknown quantities until they succeed and then get locked in where they succeed.
I agree 100%. There is this fallacy that many fanbases hold that the backup would be better. Whether you think that the coach is great or not, I think most of us can acknowledge that anyone with a HC gig has forgotten more than we'll ever know about football. And they think the starter is better.
But if he transferred before the season then he could have sat this one and played next year. At this point it would make more sense to stay this year and next and transfer out in December as a graduate and have the opportunity to get game snaps for 2 years instead of sitting a year and half like he will now.
That's a trash take. Support the team because they're your team and be grateful that those kids are out there laying their bodies on the line for your entertainment. The entitlement here is mind boggling, the majority of SEC fanbases would happily trade records with AU, as would 90% of teams in the country.
No, you are right that the moment definitely seemed like it got to him today. He'll be alright, that was the loudest stadium I've ever been in and with that early score it didn't do anything but get louder.