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I understand the point but that's a very specific way to define a great team. You are basically confining it to only the very top of the recruiting pyramid, which, what do you know, is where UGA is right now. The reality is that most good teams don't have a backup RB or QB that is capable of executing at the same level as their starter and that is where AU found themselves this season.
Well when the best corner on your roster doesn't play and then the #2 gets hurt the opposing QB is going to have a better day. The reality is that he is going to have a hard time getting to 10 wins next season because between UGA and Bama on the road and UW at a neutral site there is a long road this season. If he isn't a good coach then why is it that he is one game away from .500 against the man crowned as the greatest ever to coach at Bama? Be honest with yourself, he is a lot better than average.
That's an absurdist argument. If you think that there isn't a letoff after a team is on the verge of the playoff and then ends up playing a non power 5 opponent then you don't watch much football. The reality is that it might not have been a crappy bowl for LSU or or Arky this season but it was absolutely a disappointment for AU players and fans.
I hate to say it but this may not be good news. I was hoping we could pick up a top level talent to possibly come in immediately and take Carlton's place.
Nah, being a UCF and UF fan is a sign of a loser. Enjoy the slide back to 0-12 now that you coaching staff is gone. It was a great year and UCF is a good team but your inability to use capitalization indicates that you're probably not winning at life.
Please tell us since you claim to know something that the NCAA and the rest of the country doesn't
Bama, that is patently false. You are just making stuff up. This isn't Bama and pot arrests and unregistered illegal firearms aren't just ignored. Dawg, how many of thUGA's players have been arrested between the SECCG and the Rose Bowl? How many of the players that Auburn has accepted and turned into high level talents have been arrested? There is discipline at AU before kids get arrested.
Please, if another team has lost to Troy for their homecoming game then fill that gap in my football knowledge. I know many teams have scheduled them but I was unaware of any other teams that managed to lose that game. If you want to talk about weak shots at trolling then we can look back to your original post, trying to characterize that as anything else is disingenuous at best.
Who's got a ruler? Or maybe a micrometer for #17
Just remember y'all ate your first mascot after you played AU
Wait are y'all the billy goats or the dawgs?
Hey don't forget the other original thing they did. Lost homecoming to Troy! That seems very original, maybe the new mascot in red stick should be a be the Trojan Horse? That way you might win the game next time
Honestly. I feel like Bama has been going out and getting these RBs because they can but there is plenty of depth without a gamebreaker in every class.
Yeah I'm pulling for the Dawgs and the Tide. It would be fun to see the National Championship also be an SEC East vs West game.
Let's just take a moment to remember that Chris Leak is as creepy as Roy Moore and got fired for banging a girl at the high school he coached at. No comment about on field play.
I love that idea. He has it where it counts and I think that physically he is great but even more he runs smart and plays the right way. He'd make a great coach.
Hell yeah. They are men and you're some punk in the stands who thinks you get to do something because you're part of a crowd? You throw a drink on somebody you should expect to get your teeth kicked in, especially if your target is a professional football player.
Asa Martin coming in should be a quality option next year with a spring/summer in the weight room. And hopefully Pettway is back and ready to go as well.
As much as I want to see him stay I agree 100%. He is a damn good back and the injuries are the exact reason that he should go. While he seems to be a bright young man and I'm sure he'll find success after his playing days, there are few who make the kind of money that he would see immediately in the NFL.
Supposedly there were back in the day but it never materialized. Supposedly Richt had even agreed to moving the game up but I don't know how true that is.
A privilege? I mean yeah, it's great that you get to go to school for free but they are working. Those kids are no less "professional" than the guys who play on Sundays and they generate all kinds of revenue with their efforts. If it was being set up now from the ground up there is no way you would set it up this way. Coaches get to bargain for their rights but the game is set up to profit from the players without having to pay them.
A conscience decsion? Buddy you should probably try to get a hold of the English language before launching into concepts of morality. By your standards the elderly are at fault for getting robbed when they choose to go outside. The reality is that every person gets a choice about how to go about their lives, coaches and players included. KJ is a brave young man who gave his all in spite of his obvious injury he went for it. Putting the dirty way that he was targeted in that game on a coach who let him play is blaming the victim for the crime. Just because something is allowed by the rules doesn't mean it's right and just because it doesn't get called doesn't mean it's against the rules.
You know that UGA had multiple players arrested after the game right? There have been kids that have had problems and then they come to Auburn and they are given a second chance and real discipline, serious problems are actually dealt with seriously.
Well yeah. That's basically every team's situation, we're not talking about the NFL and indefinitely keeping the same players.
Let me know how your Fordham coach works after State returns to bottom of the west. You should probably stay under that rock, the real world is a scary place place for those unable to defend themselves.
AlabamaLite? So is Arkansas Lacroix then? You should probably think before saying stupid mess. And the reality is that Arkansas wasn't capped by Bielema, Arkansas is the cap. The lack of recruiting and lack of desirability of that job is the reason that you were pulling out the checkbook for the only candidate of Gus's caliber that ever would have considered the job. You should really know your place by now.
I think the point would be that you paid all of them to come to your school.
Nah, too harsh. I'm sure he understands that what he did was wrong so that's enough for the Sooners.
Honestly anyone who chooses another SEC school over Vandy for free better have plans to be playing on Sundays. I gotta wonder how employers look at some young football player graduate of a school like Vandy relative to their peers given that we all know that the academic standards are different for athletes.