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It's Barbara Dooley, still being a homer for her son.
On one hand, we have a black student that has been elected president of a student body that is 80% white. On the other hand, that black student body president claims he was yelled at by white people, who may or may not have even been students. Ask yourself which of those two things gives a clearer, broader and more honest picture of the racial environment at the University of Missouri.
I'm getting pretty tried of Richt acting like he's too big to get fired. He's the head coach; the buck stops with him. The program is officially now a dumpster fire and he's acting like its a tiny setback. If he's our coach next year, who will support him other than the fans who are too scared for any real change to come to Butts-Mehre?
I will take SLJ over Kenny Chesney, Hootie and Ashley Judd any day of the week.
As much as I hate Spurrier, he is the king of butthurt.
I would pick the Iron Bowl, the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party or the Egg Bowl (they are old rivalries and have division implications) over TN-AL. It doesn't even have a nickname!
so, this has no impact on teams like Georgia or Florida who already play a regular game against a big 5 opponent? Boring.
I'd pay $115 million to Kiffen buried back under whatever rock Saban found him under.
Harvey Updyke is going to plant some oak trees, wait 50 years, and poison them after tonight.
The only thing worse than a Notre Dame homer is an OSU homer. What's OSU's record against the SEC? 8-11-1, with wins against teams that aren't the SEC's cream of the crop, except for the one win against LSU. But hey, you swing that bat enough and you'll eventually get a hit. Bless your hearts, Ohio State.
What I have never understood is why the ejection can be overturned, but not the 15 yard penalty. that's total bullshit. If you overturn one the other should be overturned too.
over the past few years, the loser of the SECCG goes to a non BCS bowl, whereas SEC #3 gets a BCS at large berth and the SEC champ goes on to the NCG. It's not just last year, but the last few years since the SEC has locked up the NCG.
How does Mizzou lose the SECCG and get to the Sugar Bowl, or are you projecting SC to win the East and lose the SECCG?
Right now the Cocktail Party is shaping up to be a sissy fight. Both teams are just going through the motions to get to the end of the season. And why is there no talk about Richt's hot seat? He's really shit the bed this season. Injuries aside, we're wasted what little talent we have left. Our defense is a hot mess and our offense is getting worse quarter by quarter. I feel like we're going to waste Gurley and Marshall next year.
So he gets one good hit a game and everyone is expected to fawn all over him?
He didn't have his hand in the shoulder pads, only on the jersey. The lack of a flag was the right call.
We're season ticket holders, live in Tampa, and only make it up for 2 or 3 home games a year. It's not just the money, it's the time commitment. I do treasure the games, especially this season, when both games we've gone to have been big victories.
What Clowney meant to say was that it was Georgia's fault he didn't get to make big plays. He kept lining him up in the same spot and angle, aiming for Murray. He got through once. He was completely neutered, and will be every game for the rest of his college career when SC plays quality teams.
I almost expect this kind of bad behavior out of Florida players, but Vandy? I guess James Franklin feels like he needs to bring the thug life to win games.
Vandy needs to learn to tackle.
I thought it was going to be the judge from the Zimmerman trial.
We made 3 games this year, but we have a seven hour drive to and fro. We sell our unused tickets to make up the cost of the season ticket price.