Go Cocks!

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Oh good! So I am not the only Carolina fan who is a Falcons fan. I have felt so alone haha
Thank God that idiot Butch is gone. The 2018-2019 Tennessee season might not look to good, but at least there is order and discipline in the ranks. Good to see this guy has his priorities straight and his head screwed on right.
No way the Gators beat us. No way. Especially in Mullen's first year. Though I think the man will be explosive, a welcome change in Gainesville after the departure of Coach hump-a-shark.
Totally agree, in order for Mizzou to be good I think Odom has to leave.
In order to score more, our O-Line needs to be stronger and we need more play makers other than just Deebo. He got hurt 4 weeks in, our season pretty much ended. Yeah guys stepped up and we got it done to a point, but we need a lot more big play-makers. 4 and 5 stars. An explosive offense.
Just keep this in mind when reading this article, they lost to Troy last year. Troy. The mighty LSU lost to Troy. An this year they open the season to an excellent Miami team. Add Georgia, Bama, and Auburn to the mix and these hapless Cajun boys have no chance. TAMU under the command of Fisher will be a tough game. Same with Mueller at Florida 7-5 is my prediction
I am VERY excited for the Ga-SC game this year. If there was ever a time that we could possibly beat the dawgs, this year is it. I hope...
How far SC has fallen from being a Final Four team last year. Ah well, such is life. Just couldn't seen to replace Thornwell I guess.
Get him to the NFL ASAP, or anywhere but Clemson
I would just love to see Bentley explode this season, could you image the wonders that a healthy Deebo and Jake could work? Its going to be a really good season. We haven't peaked yet
Muschamp aint going anywhere, I mean, who would we replace him with? He is a good coach, just needs too butt out of the offense and let a good OC take over. Thats when we would start seeing results
Of course, imploded, right. How could I have forgotten that a team just coming out of the NCCG is imploding. Silly me, I must not have seen things straight. Thanks Mr. Conductor for setting me straight. BTW, what train do you conduct? Is it the hate train? The envy train is pulling into the station, toot toot!
I wonder where the Train Conducter is?
Yes, but will ya'll replace Barry Odom, that's the question ;)
The pats can go straight to hell and take Clemson with them, not sure which one I despise more. At least Clemson doesn't cheat like NE. Arrogant pricks
I cant wait for next season; we have an easy (out of conference) schedule, a lot of returning starters, a solid D, and a team that digs deep to win close games.I am excited. Georgia, we will be seeing you Sept. 8
Ah, my mistake, your right it was not game winning. It was still a great play though.
All great plays, i'm sure, but where is Deebos catch against NC State in week 1? I mean, did you see it? It was like a 60 yard, one arm catch on the best man coverage I think I've ever seen.
And we are coming for all ya'll with a healthy Deebo next season and a top 20 recruiting class. Consider yourselves on notice.
What does he have to say? "Uh, we have Nick Saban and another National Title... Uh, yeah, we know how to win win. We get it, all we do is win, and we enjoy it." Hahah, the life of the Athletic director at Bama must be legend!
I think that they will be back. They have one of the better recruiting classes in the nation lined up for 2018-19 and a great coach that FINALLY brought them to somewhere they should have been all along. In his second year no less. That was no accident or fluke. They choked in the end of the NCCG, but that was their first look at it and they played extremely well. The next 5 years or so are Georgia's. Good time to be a dawg I guess
We are much better than we have been, and our overall outlook is on an upward trajectory. Would expect 9-3 next season. The team that played for Georgia this year is special and I doubt you can replace the better players (Chubb, Micheal)
In other words I was right and Georgia completely choked. Play calling fell apart, defense fell apart, offence had to punt it away a lot in the 4th quarter. When Georgia desperately needed the TD and a long, time burning drive they choked and punted it away. And I knew they would. Nothing has changed people.
Nothing better than to have butt hurt Georgia fans trying to make themselves feel better. Chokers.
Yeah right. Bunch of chokers. Good luck trying to replace Chubb and Micheal.
Well guess who called it leg humpers? You choked again didnt you. Losers
The way jawja chokes is crazy! I called this game from the beginning, and all the leg humpers on this site rushed to reassure me that I was wrong and their team was going to win. How does that one taste JAWJA. Still the chokers you always were.