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By the time this kid is done playing there will be an outcry to change The Heisman Trophy to a southpaw!
Leonard Fournette @ 14? Does he even qualify as an all time great? You have him drafted ahead of Bo and Hershel. I wonder if he will even be drafted at or above 14 in this years draft, let alone on an all time list.
LSU is one spot ahead of Florida?
If he gains 100 yards in the season opener he will probably get early Heisman talk as that game comes against Alabama.
Did Harris have any realistic options other than staying? Did he have any offers? He said he doesn't graduate until May so he couldn't leave before spring practice at any potential school that wanted him. Wouldn't that limit his chances?
Each team play 3 opponents annually and the 10 remaining schools on a rotating basis. This way every team plays all conference members every other year even with only 8 conference games. Imagine Bama vs UGA, Bama vs UF, every other year to go along with annual opponents LSU/Tn/Auburn. Add another conference game and make it all the better. Also, you would have the two best teams in the SEC Championship Game and potentially have awesome matchups. Add another conference game and make it all the better. Even a two loss SEC Champion would probably make the playoffs with a beefed up schedule.
As much as I love The Crimson Tide, I honestly hope UGA becomes just as dominate. It would be great to see Kirby challenge Nick in his final few years. I occasionally go to Youtube and watch some past Bama teams since 2009. The wealth of talent is ridiculous and it will take a valiant effort to de-throne Saban. I was watching the 2009 SEC Championship with Ingram in the backfield and Trent Richardson backing him up and on the sidelines with a clean jersey was Eddie Lacey. With the return of Chubb and Michel Georgia is set up in similar fashion if the incoming class sticks to their committment and Kirby can continue to build a solid offensive line. Hope to see those guys play in Atlanta in early December 2017.
Google Boca Raton and then click images. Not a bad place to live while improving your resume'.
If I was an LSU fan I would be more concerned about quarterbacks de-committing or re-opening their recruiting due to the instability in Baton Rouge. Why has Coach O not filled the OC position? Did he really think Kiffin would be joining him? As for Kiffin's contract at Alabama, it was restructured to pay him market value after the payments he was receiving from USC ended. No need in extending it past this season as it was common knowledge he would be seeking a head coaching position. Never once has Saban been quoted that Kiffin would not be welcome to stay another year.
Agree, this writer just lost all credibility.
While I have no idea what LSU has been doing as to their open OC position other than making it clear they wanted Kiffin, that last statement about plan B was totally unprofessional and uncalled for.
A few weeks ago Kiffin gave his visor to an LSU fan after the game which was followed by chants of "Burn it, burn it". Now it seams LSU fans have wet panties at the prospect of him coming to Baton Rouge. Just like his play calling, there is no telling what will happen next with this story. Maybe LSU is the perfect place for Kiffin to use as his fall back option if he can't get anything better, just like Coach O was when they couldn't secure the services of Jimbo or Herman.
Imagine this a few years ago..."LSU fans pulling for Miles to take Houston Head Coaching position so they can have the services of Lane Kiffin". Amazing how 3 years at Alabama has changed the perception of Kiffin. Truth be known, if he does end up at LSU, a year from now Tiger fans will be screaming for him to 'run the ball'.
Chris Petersen will be the next Alabama Head Coach.
Best comment I have read in months. While I can understand Kiffin leaving for a head coaching position, going to a division rival before coaching in the playoffs would be exactly what you described.
The Gators are unbelievably confident? I find that hard to imagine after the beatdown they just took from FSU. As for beating Bama you have to do so 3 different ways. The most obvious is you have to score more points and given the evidence of not allowing a TD in a month spells doom for Florida. On defense the Gators have to shut down two different teams, 1st half Bama who even Bama fans can't figure out what play is coming, and 2nd half Bama who comes straight at you once your start wearing down. Granted Florida has a very solid defense but the lack of offensive production means they need a huge day from their special teams and numerous self inflicted wounds (very possible with Kiffin calling plays) like the first half of the Auburn game when the ball bounced around like a pinball machine.
If Saban really thinks that way, why does Alabama continue to schedule those teams?
Not a touchdown, leaping a defender is a penalty in high school. Back judge threw his flag.
Why didn't they call holding on the player blocking Tony Brown, you can see it in the above video, he grabs #2 by the shoulder pads and pulls him down as he gets run over? Why not call targeting anytime two helmets collide? The same play, in another video, you can see a shorter A&M blocker set his feet, bend a little at the knees, and then launch himself into an oncoming Bama defender hitting him right in the face? The reason is because it is football and is a violent sport. You could probably call a penalty on nearly every play if you wanted, however things happen so fast on kickoffs they are hard to always detect. Mack Wilson hit Speedy so quick it was probably hard to detect by an official on the field, in fact it happened so quick the ball carrier apparently didn't even see it coming. In the video above it is clearly evident that Wilson lowered his left shoulder and then unloaded.
My guess is CBS will have this game in the usual 3:30 EST slot and Vern and Gary will call the Bama v LSU game at night.
That is actually a very good reply, Kudos!
*During the Saban era, before that Brodie Croyle was also a 5 Star recruit.
Other than Barnett, Phillip Sims is the only other 5 Star QB that has signed with Bama, both were beat out by 4 Stars.
Would love to see an image of Henry wearing #3 for Alabama in live game action.
Don't recall DH winning the Heisman while wear #3. His preferred number in the pros is 22 as a tribute to Altee Tenpenny. Derrick Henry wore #2 in High School and College because it stood for God and family Like he always says if you keep those 2 things 1st No matter how hard times get you will always end up on top. Henry said he plans to wear #22 in the NFL........... Derrick Henry:) "Well I have a really good reason.....This past year this football season 1 of my close friends who played at the University of Alabama and transferred to another School past away. And me and him was really close friends. I met him in 2011 From the combines and us going to High School and competing against each other. We ended up going to Alabama together, I remember talking to him one day in practice and I was like what number would you get when you make it to the NFL He wore #28 at Alabama but in High School he wore #22 He was like a probably go back to #22, So if I do I'll probably go #22"
The better game - Bama v USC The better setting - Lambeau (Just for the historical value)