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BamaRulz, this is the way I remember it also. Allowed him to get a waiver and not sit out a year. I'm not saying King is lying either, cause with 90K people in a place I find it hard to believe you could hear a person say something like that. And the person that said it would likely get their a$$ kicked in the stands if it was that loud. Sounds like karma is paying Fields for a lie.
I try to look at the Muschamp tenure objectively. He was the guy I wanted, felt like we needed. For to long Carolina had relied on older, past their prime coaches. They needed a young, ethical, energetic guy with SEC ties to bring recruiting into the current century. IMHO CWM has checked these boxes. Gameday performance, first two years exceeded expectations. Years 3-4 have been so clouded by injuries its hard to tell what progress has been made. I mean year 3 there were so many young kids playing on defense at the end of the year they were getting rolled. Combine that with stupid tough schedules and you don't have any soft games to develop younger guys in. Dillman is gone and we have this year to evaluate. I look the Bobo hire. I think spending time with Gus before this opportunity poisoned CWM's mind in regard to offensive philosophy.
Blasingame actually lived down the road from us in Huntsville. Kid is not a thug at all. Both parents I believe are doctors, and KB graduated from Vanderbilt in 3 years. I hope this report is wrong, seemed to be a good kid.
Another embarrassing PC move by Carolina to appease the left and look good during this uprising. Statistics matter, they are actually factual and present evidence of problems. Blaming 2% of a groups issues as a systemic problem and ignoring the 98% is idiotic at best. What the cop in Minneapolis did is stupid and he is being punished. I look forward to the first home game at WB stadium when they play the national anthem and the new Pres Caslen looks up in the student section during the national anthem and sees them on their knees. It will be a huge dose of PC life outside of the military. You cannot talk about solving problems when you refuse to discuss the real issues. And God forbid you make a comment that does not align with what the left is currently proposing. I hate this has spilled over into sports - but the political establishment has figured out what is important to America.
I love the optimism out of Knoxville now. All the gum flapping coming out of that place and they still haven't beating anybody to speak of. Cocks will retake this one in Cola this year.
If you want to know where you stand with the NCAA, commit a violation. The likes of a U of SC, Miss State or Missouri get hammered for little to nothing. This sounds secondary. Wrong is wrong and the coach is gone, application of justice is lacking serious consistency.
I wish Jam the best in the future, but if you don't like to tackle you shouldn't play football. He put on a show against Mizzou avoiding tackles. The new anomaly of college football, game 4 transfers. We have the transfer portal, players sitting out bowl games, push to pay for their likeness, transfers without sitting a year. The good ole days of college football are behind us (fans), and crashing much like NASCAR minus a restrictor plate to slow the crash down.
Amazing ow much weight one game carries, which equals flawed logic. A&M at #3 because they play at Clemson (one game mind you), and follow this up with UTSA T State and Lamar. Three guaranteed wins. Same with Auburn. Credit to UGA I would rank #2 for at a minimum playing two power 5 schools. LSU would be a close second to that. Shame on the other schools for these schedules. As consumers paying high ticket prices, this is partially reflective of why attendance is down. Alabama fans, for all the money they pay to get beyond the waiting list for tickets: ugly.
Wasn't the offense rolling the next week at UK and Lattimore sprained an ankle right before the half? Offense never looked the same. Teams record after playing Alabama I not so good.
Repairman, old argument brother. Muschamps record VS the Top blah blah blah. People have short memories, and yours neglects to consider the absolute dumpster fire this staff inherited. Average loss by 14 points, who cares? A one point loss counts as much as a 50 point loss. Case in point at Clemson last year when he had no chance in hell with the defense, but went for 7 twice inside the Clemson 5. Dude played to win with what he had. Look at the all SEC selections and draft picks over the past four years. Steady improvement. Edwards doesn't drop a TD pass against A&M last year, one more win; but the coaches had the players in position to win. The guy has done as good of job as could be expected at Carolina under the circumstances. But our fanbase has the Jake syndrome that wants to blame everything on the QB position. Guess what pal, the defense lost the majority of games last year and we know the reason for that. What happened in Florida happened in Florida.
I was wrong about this as was Keith. That was a beatdown. Early pick killed the stadium.
Oh crap, this will trigger a stat dating back to 1910 about Georgia's dominance in the series. 3...2...1
College of the Ozarks may be a small deal in the overall scheme of the shoe industry, the brand that steps in to replace Nike is the one that gets the publicity. Good for CoO, this country needs people with a pair to stand up for what they believe in.
With all due respect to anything written being someones opinion on a small sample size, I do not think enough is being made about the youth of UGA at certain positions. Talented yes, but still young playing their first real road game. Time for Bentley to step up and shut up the doubters.
Fair point agdawg, experience translates to talent as well. UGA losing such a huge senior class took a lot of experience out of the program. Sure, you restocked with a top class. I don't equate a high school 4* coming to school for a summer with a 3* kid that has been in a college program for a number of years. No I am not delusional enough to believe USC is on par with the top programs talent wise. I see UGA as being different because of the number of young players on the roster.
Was Chaney the OC when Kirby lost to Freeze, Butch Jones, Dereck Mason, Jim McElwain, and the option man at GT? You lost a lot of players, and after all it is about having players.
Memo to DawgsofWar - Muschamp inherited a complete rebuild whereas Kirby walked into a 9-10 win team. Using your logic, I will be interested to visit the UGA page the week you play Vanderbilt so I can add that Derek Mason is 1-1 against Smart, therefore Vandy has a chance to win. Physically SC matched up last year with UGA with UGA having an obvious offensive advantage from a talent perspective. Losing that big senior class has averaged out the talent gap. Comparing QB's is kind of tough to do. Bentley survived last year with 3 OL out, top receiver gone and top returning rusher out. We know losing one player doesn't make a difference because of all the success UGA had when Chubb went down, right? Stadium environment? Maybe not at the top of the SEC, but Gurley and Murray will never forget they played there. No hurricane distractions this year, WB stadium will be electric.