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From bottom to top both Bama QB and RB rooms are the most talented in the country. There is Fields and Lawrence of course but what’s behind them. I believe Bama has 4 that could start at 85 % of D1 schools. The RB’s room is 8 deep. Gonna be hard to keep them all.
I’m very surprised Fromm left early. Taking nothing away from his UGA career, he was a really good QB. I just thought he wanted more for this teams total outcome. This was to be the Dawgs year. So much hype. The Great Wall of UGA fail to convert a Natty. With Fromm, Swift, 4 of 5 OL starters now gone, with one true difference maker at WR, 2020 is starting with a huge ? mark. Kirby toughest job so far is ahead of him.
Currently only two players have made a public decision. Moses and Leathwood. Both to return. But Moses and the university is working with insurance company for next year. So if that don’t workout, he may change his mind. Diggs is a senior and Lewis both sat out the bowl game.
Take 5 of the starting 7 off that Auburn defensive front 7 and replace them with freshman and see how they do this year.
Burrow picks up the blitz better than any QB out there, Tua 2nd. Clemson won’t sack Burrow at all. He gets rid of the ball too quick. Clemson depends of bringing the LB’s and CB’s. Burrow will take advantage of that.
Completely agree. The upperclassmen leadership “Should” take care of these issues. If he’s a rebel he’ll use the portal a time or two.
Officials at all levels can be graded. This grading system should filter and rank the skill level of every single official. I do believe there should be a pay scale that reflects the officials grade. 3000 per game is poor pay for top quality officials, especially in the power conferences. If the NFL pays 200k annually per official, the Best will always opt for the NFL. For college to improve the system the pay needs to increase substantially in order to keep elite officials. Of course the power conferences would pay more and retain the best graded officials. There also should be a conflict of interest system on file to preventing bias with school affiliation. Take the conference ties away. Maybe even take away same crew group also. Officials are labeled by their position. The head referee is always in that position but could work with different officials each week. There are 7 different officiating position in a game. Referee, Side Judge, Line judge, Down judge, Back judge, Umpire, Field judge. Then there’s the replay officials. Each would keep the same position all year but possibly work with different ppl each week. But any could be assigned to any different conference, crew, or game. An official that lives in say Kentucky could geographically call a SEC, ACC, BIG10 or BIG12 game. The key is excellent training, conditioning, grading and PAY. 10k a game for the top grade possible is easily affordable to all power conferences. If it’s an SEC game, that conference pays that crew, non-conference game home teams conference pays, etc. Of course the elite officials by grade would officiate the ccg’s and playoffs. Also elite crews could officiate highly ranked matchup during the year after week 8 or so. Example would have been week 9’s #2 LSU vs #3 Bama this year. The grading committee’s job would be a very important task and should be a group, not individual done. This insurers consistency... Just my opinion, that y’all think?
To Bamaman 234 LSU had the perfect storm this year. The two Joe’s particularly. Burrow gone this year, maybe the other Jow too. If not this year the next. Imagine this year in Tuscaloosa without Burrow? Only 5 points with a Tua that couldn’t run at all. LSU won’t fall off the table. But will never have all the pieces it has this year again. JMO
Word is he had notified the Auburn staff he was decommitting. Before he publicly did it Auburn pulled his scholarship. So the kid actually made the first move. Auburn saw the writing on the wall, then tried to save face. Smh.
Yeah. I think the nation was expecting huge things from the UGA offense this year. The Oline was regarded top 3 preseason. Kirby OC experiment fail short.
Fromm needs to make sure he has a degree before he walks off that campus! I’m not sure his professional career will work out. He’s not an outstanding QB, but good enough for college.
Pittman is extremely close to his linemen. He’s departure will have an effect on them. Possibly even Grad-transferring a couple. Also a doubt the current 5 oline recruits all sign.
If LSU wins it all this year. Several Teams will bring HC’ing money at Brady. Could be gone after natty game.
He’ll stay. Only sure fire 1st thru 3rd rounders go early. Fromm’s a decent QB. But his Professional career is meek from what we all hear from draft analyst.
Agree. Burrow was in a crowded QB room at OSU. But when put in the lead job he showed his ability. It’s not often you have a Heisman winner. Now the question is Brady? He’s gone next year if not this year. No Burrow, No Brady.... different LSU. And believe me if LSU wins a Natty this year, schools will come hard and hands full of money after Brady. He won’t stay in Baton Rouge For 1.5 mil compared to 4+ million as a HC.
You won’t find a better Oline coach and recruiter than Pittman. That said Matt is a better then average oline coach and a good not great recruiter ... Considering the timing situation, UGA did the best they could. Better than promoting from within!
Saban believe in Jalen. Stuck with him until 2nd 1/2 of natty game. Tua beat Jalen out, period. But Saban never stopped believing. A healthy Tua is better, what’s Saban to do?
Bama starts the season off with USC next year. Watch USC go 5-7 like FSU did for Bama a couple years ago. Duke had just came off a 10-4 record when Bama schedule them for this year. Go figure.
Bama lost to a #1LSU by 5 (with hurt Tua) and gave AU the game by 3 (with no Tua) AU lost 3 games. Bamas season has been the rare Unperfect storm.
Yeah. Just ask Bama about that “every thing that could go wrong did” It happens....
Keep in mind 26 of Auburn points were scored on interceptions and field goals out side of Bana’s 30 yard line. Auburn actually only had 3 touchdown scoring drives, with penalties aiding all 3.
Can’t blame the kicker for UGA’s loss. A supposedly”Elite Team” should have never made it a field goal to win situation. No the team and coaches lost this game to a 2-3 fair SEC team.
I always turn the volume OFF on Danielson..... ThisTebow comment is as ridiculous as him always saying, EVERY player Bama has is a ANOTHER 5 STAR.
The LSU was referring to losing the leader of the D for the complete year when mentioning the comparison of Moses to White. Losing Moses at Bama would be like losing White for LSU. He wasn’t whining about White not playing the 1 half of last years game. That’s the way I understood his post.
If I was Saban, I’d drop 10 million in Vegas on that 6-1 odds. Coach past 2025 and collect 60 million. Donate 50 million to Nick’s Kids. Then Coach another 5-10 years and take Vegas for another ride!!!! Roll Tide Coach Saban.
Yes, he should have to sit one year, with no special circumstances mentioned with his transfer. But if a 5 Star lineman can’t start at a Group of 5 school something’s wtong. It’s obvious he wasn’t developed at auburn.
I wouldn’t count on Carson Beck until he sitting in 101 English class in Athens. He flips like Grandpa’s pancake! lol
Never cared much about the Heisman, but Tua has as good a chance as anybody. Tua played injured the latter part of last year and we all knew that. All that Clemson showed the world was Bama’s O-line was a subpar unit to Bama standards and also what it’s like having your NFL caliber DL stay for their seniors season. Bama’s D-line didn’t pressure Lawrence, that was a big factor also. If Bama’s NFL ready players stayed around year after year, Saban would have 10 natty’s by now. 7 more players left this year. How would your team do losing 7 NFL ready starters for next year. Just saying.