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LSU was ranked #17 when Arkansas beat them last year. Not #20.
Absolutely holds true for Athens. Fayetteville and Knoxville as well.
White people may be the only benefactors of institutionalized racism, but that doesn't mean only white people are bigots.
It would be hilarious if the Hogs were put into a bowl game with Texas Tech and then beat them. I'd just want to watch Kliff's press conference afterwards.
Arkansas at TCU in week 2. That'll be interesting.
Auburn and Kentucky already played each other Thursday night. Arkansas has a bye week.
I would love nothing more than to see Arkansas win this game, but it's just not going to happen. Arkansas has too many weaknesses.
Just because the media over-hyped Arkansas, Tennessee, and Auburn doesn't mean their fan bases did. There are a plethora of fans that had very realistic expectations for all three of these teams. Fan bases don't always buy into what the media is selling. MSU should know. That fan base kicked and screamed at the media all offseason.
To be fair, it's GA Tech. They don't usually have much to look forward to when it comes to football season. UGA is a huge rivalry for GT, even if UGA doesn't think so. Also, they're hidden and quiet because it's an academically rigorous school. They probably only come out of their caves for the Georgia game.
I was thinking the same thing. Was it disappointing for Tenn to lose? Sure. But was it as disappointing as the Auburn and Arkansas performances? Absolutely not. I do hope Arkansas and Auburn figure it out and are competitive this season. The SEC is more fun to watch when multiple teams are playing well.
I agree with you that rankings don't matter at this point in the season. However, I don't think Bielema was putting weight into the rankings so much as strength of schedule. Say what you want about Arkansas and their loss, but he wasn't wrong about his SOS comment.
Clint Stoerner and Marcus Spears predicted Arkansas' season for SECN. Different analysts predict different outcomes. The Arkansas-Tennessee game should be a good one to watch.
Let the Alabama fans keep their holier-than-thou attitude. Our fans rushed the field while I was in college, and it was a blast. I wouldn't trade it for a Bama stick up my butt. But you guys do you.
I've lived in both Fayetteville and Knoxville. Both are beautiful places. Knoxville is obviously bigger, no one is arguing that. But Fayetteville isn't small. Also, I'd say I saw more "hicks" in TN than I did in NWA. NWA is a completely different place when compared to the rest of Arkansas. I would live in both places again.
Most Arkansas fans I know actually hate LSU, though. I feel like fans on both sides of the Mizzou-Arkansas "rivalry" don't get as fired up about it as they do other games.
Mississippi State's cowbells should be on here. Way more annoying than the Georgia fans barking.
I legitimately want to know: Do Mizzou fans actually view Arkansas as a rival?
Arkansas - Tennessee is going to be a good game, down to the finish. I wouldn't say Arkansas is a given win for Tennessee. It's pretty cocky to think so.