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This is the most State response ever. Straight from Elite Dawgs and undoubtedly this dude actually believes what he typed.
The Jumbotron, the junction, Lebby, he’ll even the drone show during the Egg Bowl were all attempted responses to things Ole Miss did or is doing.
Going by passing grades, it’s almost correct with the exception of the strange desire to rank Cook at four.
“That’s a dumb rule,” Kiffin said. “Nobody’s going to follow that.” Agreed. But I’m all for the cowbells. While annoying it’s a tradition that is unique to Starkville. Don’t know technically when it started but we’re probably closing in on 100 years of them being used. I have my Grandfathers cowbell from the 40’s and while I never rang it as a State fan it is one of my favorite pieces of memorabilia and I’ve got some cool stuff.
That tight double digit 32 point win. Dude’s a hack.
“He has a proven history of putting qb’s in the nfl.” That’s a bit of a stretch. A more accurate statement would be he has a proven history of maximizing the talent of the qb’s available.
Clanga tears over AJB will never get old.
You know, you did lose to the Ole Miss team and you’ve yet to play the Aggies.
Aren’t you an Auburn fan? You wouldn’t know what a good quarterback looks like. The last two you had left for schools that could actually put their skills to use.
IMO, your comment sounds like you have poor reading comprehension.
Freeze is undoubtedly googling himself tonight to see if people thought he sounded smart.
Judkins is the answer and he can make Dart look better than he is.
I don’t know any Ole Miss fans who are completely sold on Dart now. Much less any who believe he’s top 5 in the SEC. Potential, I would agree with but he’s got a lot of problems to work out. And you don’t bring in Sanders if Dart is the answer.
How the fact that neither Spenser or McElroy were aware that Marshall is no longer on the team yet they are an SEC analyst and writer speaks volumes to how good each are at their jobs.
I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head. Dart having two more years, Walker Howard with four and Simmons with five most likely it’s going to be hard for us to hang on to any blue chip quarterback next year.
Based on the “punishment” handed down to LSU. I don’t believe the NCAA has enough bite to do anything.
TN was talented and certainly more talented than Notre Dame (and my Rebels) and you’re right to a degree but LSU talent with Skenes and Crews the guys that are going with the top two picks in the draft are enough to get them to Omaha.* Watch Kentucky sweep.
LSU nor rankings were mentioned a single time in the article.
You don’t cut fourth rounders that you trade up for in the preseason. Why do vol fans continue to be the dumbest butthurt fans on the internet.
Well this changes everything. Jimbo only had players vaping weed in the locker room, during an away game. Totally different from smoking a blunt, much classier.
Negan sounds like an 80+ year old man that just found the internet for the first time and thinks he’s actually recruiting for Georgia in these posts.
If any transfer they would have to sit out a year due to double transfer rule. Sanders = senior, Dart = junior, Walker = Rs Freshman Only one of the three would have enough eligibility left to transfer (Walker) and he came knowing he wasn’t getting the starting job.
I for one am shocked that state fans are upset about the potential hire.
How with a straight face did you write Texas A&M was a blue blood. Lmfao
Eh, comment isn’t wrong, if he was coaching. I don’t really have an opinion on the hire as an analyst. I don’t think it would hurt.
Part of the knock on both AJ and DK was they only ran a few routes in Longo’s offense but DK fell due to injury history and an atrocious three cone. (Because 6’4” 235lb dudes that run 4.3’s really need a strong three cone time). AJ would’ve been a better example but both work.