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Soon as I saw the clip I was thinking oh it’s the safety that wasn’t play. That was absolutely a safety.
Portal removes the excuse for needing multiple years to rebuild a roster and don’t act like Florida doesn’t have top 25 talent. Kiffin turned a horrible Ole Miss roster around in year two and went 5-5 with an all SEC schedule and beat top 10 Indiana in a bowl to finish the year 6-5.
He might wind up being in consideration but Hendon Hooker or CJ Stroud are winning it.
Agreed. We also don’t win in Arkansas. We’re a team who could win or lose our remaining games.
Take any of the top 5 SEC teams and give them either OSU or Michigans schedule and they’re undefeated. Big is a pathetic conference and yet every year dumbasses like to talk them up. It’s not 2008.
History will show tied. We’ll maybe hang a banner? Everyone but some Ole Miss fans would agree the Tigers finish ahead.
How “should” Ole Miss have lost? Just because you “wish” something doesn’t mean it will happen. Ole Miss never trailed, had more total yards, yards per play, fewer turnovers, fewer sacks, etc. Kentucky was gifted an opportunity they couldn’t capitalize. Not a top 10 team, helluva lot better than State and their big win against *checks notes* an A&M team who lost to App State. Cool.
Lol that’s a lot of sour grapes. Instead of recapping all of the calls Ole Miss didn’t get, I’ll only cover one, the face mask on third down that wasn’t called to force an OM punt with under two minutes left.
Y’all don’t have the defense or balance to contend. We’re not top 10 but plenty good enough to send y’all home with a loss for the third year in a row.
Typically the better team wins the points and total yardage. Of which you did neither. The only phase in which you surpassed us was in passing, by seven yards. Congrats on never leasing in the game and somehow thinking you’re still the better team.
I don’t really disagree that Ole Miss shouldn’t be ranked at 22 but offense is talented and defense is getting better. We’ll finish with 7-8 wins but those wins likely come in the first 8 games.
Oh look at the idiot LSU fan. He called Ole Miss Ole Myth and he is t aware Metcalf grew up in Oxford or his dad went to Ole Miss and played pro ball. Surely the Rebels has to pay him millions. Most likely funneled through a Childrens hospital.
Prescott and Wilson definitely have the talent to connect for over 1k yards. Both are talented and like you said Bear is just now scratching the surface. Kid has a great catch radius and high points the ball well.
Tony Bridges as well. Also, even though Stringfellow transferred last year he wasn't eligible until this year. String has the size and talent to be a huge addition at WR.