Roll Tide Paul.

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You’re a fool. Where were the cowboys in the playoffs? Zeke has a better QB, better O- Line, better WR’s & yet, still can’t will his team to a playoff win? Derrick Henry will go down as a generational RB to the likes of which we haven’t seen since Jim Brown. It’s not only size, it’s heart, it’s attitude, discipline, all of the things Zeke should but doesn’t possess. Furthermore, it’s what makes players not only good, but great. THAT is why he Zeke’s number is the floor and why King Henry’s stats were record setting.
@HailzBullyYall Is right - very low IQ. I couldn’t think of a better QB/Offensive coach to develop and utilize Plumlee’s abilities.
Don’t hate the player - hate the game. Atleast he’s pulling it off better than Chad Morris.