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Makes sense...a lot of our Samoan/Hawaiian/Polynesian population live on the west coast. That's just families, I hear a lot more Islanders are driving from Seattle/Portland/Utah/Arizona/Southern Cal and of course Hawaii. It's special! How many Samoan quarterbacks you know are as popular and representing our culture like Tua? Ok, Mariota! Population wise, we Samoans do not even reach a million worldwide. Just imagine if we had a few million in the world, we probably have more representing.
I will admit that being beaten as a youngster in Samoan families was a normal and a common norm in our culture. Moving to the Hawaii or the states, we are/have been learning throughout generations, that physical discipline will send us/our parents to jail. Samoan parents are adjusting over the years, but it will take time.
51-13, 'Bama wins! Tua leaves mid 3rd Qtr. Defense dominates in par with their explosive offense!
What Tua is doing right now, is exactly what he was doing back in high school....same check downs, same reads,etc. Difference is that he is doing it in the collegiate level with national exposure. Check out his youtube videos from St. Louis High School in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Wow, awesome for Wilson to encourage Tua! Doesn't get any better than this!