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The writer doesn’t know the meaning of “consensus.” Rivals lis the only major recruiting service that had Clayton rated a five star. ESPN, 247, and Scout had him as a four star. The 247 Composite, a ranking that combines rankings from the major recruiting services , had Clayton as a four star. You should’ve checked facts, not fantasies. The “structural challenges “ argument is ludicrous. Teams have new coaches, almost always, because of serious problems. A dynamic recruiter overcomes “structural challenges “. Coaching turnover is also a ludicrous argument since that always happens when a coaching change is made at every school. To whine about other coaches already talking to a prospect is also ludicrous. That happens everywhere and doesn’t stop a dynamic recruiter from having success. An example of that is Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M. The competition is just as fierce in Texas and he has no previous relationship with Texas. Yet he’s kicking ass while Mullen is struggling mightily. There’s plenty more, with Taggart , for example, seal clubbing Mullen right now. Mullen is fortunate that he had a previous relationship with Emory Jones and Taggart was very late to the game or Taggart would have secured Jones. Taggart May have got lucky as well since Jones wasn’t wanted by Urban Meyer who made no effort to keep Jones. Even your touting top 300 players commuted to Florida now is ridiculous since not one, repeat zero, is among the top 200. It’s clear that the early signing day has resulted in a different paradigm in recruiting and comparing to previous years without the early signing day is obsolete. Only someone with their head in the sand doesn’t know how poorly Florida is recruiting, compared to the competition. Making excuses, and poor ones, doesn’t change reality. air? I think that describes this article that makes a lot of excuses because they can't handle the truth. They can't even get their facts straight. Florida has two, not three, consensus five star players, Ivey and Jefferson By the way, the reason they're at Florida for their Senior year is because they've been huge busts. Ivey is mediocre, at best, and Jefferson disappears more than be shows up. If you have a number like Polite start over you, that says everything about Jefferson.
It's not complicated!There are two major reasons Florida is struggling with recruiting. One is that Florida is a mediocre football team. The second is that Mullen is a poor recruiter. Since the departure of Tim Tebow, Florida has won nothing and looked terrible. A.T.(after Tebow) Florida has averaged 7.5 wins and 5 losses. During those eight years, you probably only need a single hand to count the games where Florida looked good. Even wins, like overtime at home against FAU don't impress anyone. Dan Mullen has never been considered, by anyone, to be a good recruiter, even as an assistant. He, promptly, got rid of the guy, Seider, who was most responsible for the success of his first class at UF. Mullen is an egomaniac just this side of the moron in the White House. What is amazing is that anyone expected something different when Mullen has a long track record of being a mediocre recruiter. There's a reason no one wanted Mullen for the nine years he was in Starkville. One other thing for those enamored with Mullen's on the field coaching acumen. How can you lose to South Alabama in your eighth year building a program? I think, like the moron in the White House, Mullen is just a lot of hot air without any substance.
Everyine knows how stupid Franks is, but I guess you aren't informed. There would have been no need for McElwain to beg Zaire to come if he didn't already know how dumb Franks is. There's a reason Franks was throwing against the Sisters of the Poor in the Spring game with a vanilla defense. I hope Frank starts aginst Michigan, then you'll see that he's Jeff Driskel 2.0, another complete idiot that doesn't know what's going on and can't ever read a defense.
Franks is as dumb as a box of rocks. He's too stupid, football-wise, to be trusted to play. The most important asset of a QB resides above the neck, not below it, and Franks is dumb. He's another Jeff Driskel, and everyone remembers how stupid he was. It'd be tantamount ot abuse ti throw Franks out against Michigan. What's amazing is that, just like Driskel, Franks doesn't have a clue and is cocky when he hasn't done anything but suck. There's a reason that he was spoon-fed, like a baby, in the Spring game, and there's a reason he's not been able to win the job over a couple of journeymen like Del Rio and Zaire. If Franks is UF's QB, I tyhink you'll see the same kind of meltdown seen in Driskel's last game, Homecoming against Missouri.
What a load of garbage! McElwain is now a "folksy bluesman?" Where did the writer pull that idiotic description from? McElwain is a likeable dork, and he comes across as a rube everytime he opens his mouth. UF got it's butt kicked in recruiting this past class. It's high ranking is only due to taking multiple prospects with academic and character questions. Yes, UF did beat out Miami for several players in South Florida, but didn't win a single battle with a team they play every year, FSU. Even the victories over Miami have to be taken with a grain of salt. Miami got the best player, Navaughn Donaldson, that Uf tried to get. The writer also brings up UF's problem at QB. Miami went into UF's backyard and got the state's top QB, N'Kosi Perry. McElwain is so stupid that he didn't even offer Perry. Since when is hiring a no name from North Texas an "upgrade" over a proven offensive line coach? Since when has Luther Campbell known "anything" about college football? No, McElwain is the same dweeb he's always been. Mike Summers and Torian Gray would still be at UF if left up to McElwain. Them leaving came as a shock, and he hired a couple of nobodies, regardless of what an idiot like Luther Campbell says, to replace them. If McElwain "gets it," why is Doug Nussmeier still at UF? He's produced an awful offense for THREE straight years! How long does it take to figure out that he might suck? The writer a fool, and "folksy bluesman," while funny, is about the most ludicrous description of a geek, like McElwain, I've ever seen.
To be a "bounceback" candidate, should not you have actually accomplished something to bounce back to? Just because the Pillsbury Dough Boy (McElwain) declared Powell to be the teacher's pet is not a reason to say Powell accomplished anything. The Dough Boy is a con artist who took Powell to SEC Media days last year over players at UF who had actually done something. He's also the clown who boasted that he could have a successful offense with his dog at quarterback. But the fact is that UF's offense was just as mediocre under the Dough Boy as the previous five years. The writer needs to pay attention to action, not words, since talk is cheap. The Pillsbury Dough Boy is a con artist who got the job at UF because the A. D., Foley, is a fool. I'm not dumb enough to fall for it, but apparently many others are being duped by the Dough Boy.
As usual, the peanut gallery is dumb as a rock as well. I know about Joshua Dobbs academic prowess, but that has nothing to do with football. Dobbs is as dumb as a rock when it comes to football. He is the master of the two yard pass because he's so dumb that he doesn't understand what's happening downfield. He's so dumb that he isn't smart enough to figure out that the only way a team has chance to win is if he turns the ball over, so he repeatedly does just that. Football intelligence is different from academic intelligence. Some of the best quarterbacks aren't too smart when it comes to academics, but they run rings around a dumb ass like Dobbs. Butch Jones deserves most of the blame, though. He isn't smart enough to understand the limitations of a dolt like Dobbs. That's why he keeps putting Dobbs in situations that he doesn't have the intelligence to grasp. Jones is so dumb that he only rushes three on a fourth and long against a redshirt freshman quarterback. A pee wee coach would know to not give someone all day to throw the ball and that the most likely thing to happen if you rush five or so is that the inexperienced quarterback would not make a play. But Jones is so dumb...
I would think LSU's defense will be better automatically since Kevin Steele is no longer there. I think Malzahn is losing it. When you hire a coach as bad as Steele, maybe it's time for you to go. Les Miles wasn't the brightest bulb in the room when he hired that clown. LSU has been overrated for years, anyway, so it won't matter much. They'll figure out a way to not contend for anything, as usual. Miles may be out becuse LSU fans have an inflated opinion of how good their team is. Guess what, LSU isn't good enough to compete on the national level.
The utter stupidity of the Tennessee football program is startling. Butch Jones is the worst game day coach in the SEC. This just adds to the wealth of facts that say he's as dumb as a rock. Turning down a penalty when you have someone pinned inside their own ten yard line, as Jones did against UF last year is idiotic. In the same game, he kept running the moron, Joshua Dobbs, who is so dumb he doesn't even know to switch the ball to the arm closest to the sideline. He's so dumb, he doesn't go for two and ends up losing by one. He's so dumb that he lets the time fritter away at the end of the game and gets penalized when every yard counts for a field goal attempt. Hurd is not even in the same galaxy as the best running backs in America. He runs too upright to EVER be a premier back. Fournette, Cook, and many others are far better than Hurd. Again, how does a fool like Jones keep his job? He's a great snake oil salesman, his recruiting proves that. But his coaching ability on the sideline is pathetic, and Tennessee will remain pathetic as long as this clown roams the sideline.
The Tebow Curse is alive and well. UF has sucked at quarterback for the past six years, which is when Tebow left UF. It's got so bad that last year they had a quarterback busted for taking steroids. When have you ever heard that ever happen? It's also a myth that UF got worse after Grier's departure. Grier was the same as all the QB's before him since Tebow left, in other words, mediocre at best. The scoring before Grier was busted was inflated by playing one of the worst teams in America, New Mexico State, when UF scored 61. UF scored enough, with Harris, in their first loss, 28, to LSU, but UF's defense turned out to be the only one in the country that could make Brandon Harris look good. UF's dismal showing at the end of the season was not due to Harris. It was due to defenses having tape of McElwain's unimaginative offense, and playing teams that weren't in the SEC East, by far the worst division in the Power Five. Nussmeier has presided over an awful offense two years in a row, his Michigan offense was also miserable. UF is still in the same shape at QB that they were in six years ago, without a single candidate that has ever performed well in a real game. Don't try to sell me on the ability of a guy that can't even make it at the revered powerhouse, Purdue, a guy that is on his third school that has never thrown a significant pass in colle, a guy that couldn't start in high school, or a guy that seems a clone of Jeff Driskel. a two cent head on a million dollar body.
Green is committed to Florida, not Florida State. FSU owns Florida right now, as much as Florida owned FSU at the twilight of Bowden's career. Jimbo Fisher is 5-1 against UF. Until UF beats FSU, FSU is going to still dominate the state in recruiting. It doesn't appear McElwain is the answer, though. In all of the previous losses UF has to Fisher, UF was able to cross the goal line once, but under McElewain they couldn't even do that, and Fisher made Jimbo Fisher Field, formerly known as the Swamp, even more of a home field for FSU, by obliterating UF 27-2. Miami has also hired an establishedIt's hard too picture the Pillsbury Dough Boy, McElwain, being anymore than third place when compared to Richt and Fisher.
That's rich coming from an idiotic Tennessee fan that has more arrests than anyone I can think of. All the arrests, and still has a mediocre program with a clown of a coach. Talk about wouldn't know what a winning program even looks like after firing Fulmer. FSU has beat UF five of the past six years, what's your record against them, loser?
First of all, Morninhweg was a redshirt freshman. Second, why does everyone keep regurgitating this fantasy about UF being full of talent? UF didn't lose because of injuries last year, they lost because they are a bad team with marginal talent. UF lost to a middle of the pack ACC team with Jeff Driskel and Dominique Easley. The Gators have a bad quarterback, mediocre receivers, mediocre offensive line, average running backs, average defensive line, poor linebackers, and a talented, but very green, secondary. So again, where's all this talent? Just because a player was rated highly out of high school doesn't mean they can play well i college. Look at the five star busts on the Gators. Driskel, Debose, Humphries, and Bullard are all either poor or average players at best. It's not the coaching. Muschamp proved he can coach when he won 11 games with a clown like Driskel under center. No. it's not the coaches, injuries, or the man in the moon that are the reasons that UF is a bad team. It's the players. UF doesn't have good ones, it's hard to win when you have bad players.
He's a great corner, but he has a long way to go before he shuts down anyone. No one was afraid to go after him last year, and he got his picks in the first four games. It's also important to make a big play occasionally to help your team win. Again, Hargreaves failed to do so after the beginning of the season. He had an opportunity in the Vanderbilt game for a possible pick six that could have changed the momentum and may have turned a game the Gators lost into a win. He dropped the ball. Georgia picked on him, again a game UF lost. Missouri set the tone of the game on the first play, Hargreaves was close, but no cigar, again UF lost. He was burned for a long touchdown against South Carolina, the pass fell incomplete, Shaw couldn't hit the side of a barn that evening, but that doesn't take away the fact that Hargreaves was burned in a tight game. Finally, in UF's last game, Kelvin Benjamin toasted Hargreaves. In fact, the last touchdown given up by UF last year was when Benjamin caught a touchdown pass on, you guessed it, Hargreaves. The point is that Hargreaves was a great player for a true freshman, but it's a fantasy to say he was a shut down corner. Maybe he will become one this year, but we ought to wait until he actually becomes a corner people are scared to throw at before calling him the best at anything.
What would Brown know? He's a damn Yankee anyway, what does a Yankee know about football anyway. I guess he's too far away to realize that UF is going down the tubes. UF has only seven commitments, and the majority of them are not even from Florida. Like in the movie 48 Hours, "There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is FSU." Brown probably isn't smart enough to realize that UF is now the fourth best team in the state of Florida. Yea, come on down, Georgie Boy, and join the rest of the losers in Gainesville.