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I agree with you wholeheartedly, VolStan. If a great first half could win a game, then we'd be all set! However, it seems that for MANY years now, we'll have a spectacular first half then piddle away a respectable lead in the second half. I'm not entirely sure why this seems to be a recurring theme, but it is. Not every coach can make perfect calls consistently; heaven knows we as Vol fans have seen our share of foibles. I do believe, though, that we have the talent and SHOULD have won against the Gators. Hopefully our coaching staff will get it together enough to lead our guys to some wins, and get this program back to the respectability it deserves! GO VOLS!!
Very true! The whole experience of Neyland Stadium, the fans resplendent in orange and white, and the area surrounding the stadium and campus is just priceless. There is no other team I would rather cheer on!
Psh. I only wish I could be there to maybe boo Kiffin a little....! Haha!