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If you were a top receiver why would you go to UGA to block?
The article is about former SEC qbs. Do not get mad because GA is 0-5 when Fromm throws 30 or more passes in a game or that GA is ranked 61st out of 65 in the fbs with passes of 10 yards ir more.
You waste your time with many fans from GA. They think that a black person is just not as smart as a white person. Fields made the right decision get the heck out of the south.
Man GA fans want Fromm in the conversation and he is not even mentioned in the Heisman race article. Fromm has what 788 total passing yards this season? Come on GA fans Fromm is not a Heisman candidate unless something changes.
UGA offense is hand the ball off and make short high percentage throws. You ever noticed when an opponent shuts down the run UGA will lose? Fromm has never won a game with his arm. Shut down the run and UGA takes a lost. It is just hard to shut down the run.
You waste your time with many fans from GA. They think that a black person is just not as smart as a white person. Fields made the right decision get the heck out of the south.
Please tell us how Fields runs a dummy offense but Fromm runs a smart offense. Please tell us why Fields was recruited by Harvard if he is so dumb. Please just say that Fields is black so he is athletic and not smart like white Fromm. You wonder why Fields left such a racist environment? Look no further than the comment section. That young man made the right decision get far away from people that label you because of your race. He is in Ohio where he is looked at as a person not his race.
GA was a double digit favorite against one of the worst run defenses in the country and they barely won. They will and should drop in the rankings.
When fans celebrate their team being in the SEC as if that is an accomplishment is sad. I recall a guy going undercover as a gamecock fan and seeing the fans chanting SEC. I worked with some gamecock fans that would brag to Clemson fans that they played in a weak ACC conference. But Clemson just beat the gamecocks and the SC fans would still say we play in the best conference otherwise we would not be beat up and beat you guys. Alabama is carrying the SEC mantle but many other teams are claiming tough by association. GA has not won anything but man every year they expect the 80% running gane to finally win it all. GA is the best team in the east hands down. FL lost Franks but it was time for a change no offense to Franks. SC has never won anything but man they brag about the SEC. Who wants to be the whipping stone of other much better teams.
So no one that gets a hair cut in TX should have an opinion? Do you see how silly that sounds?
So that is what you take from the article that Tennessee was not listed before A&M? Wow
Why were you talking harshly on the writers? They were spot on about SC, Hilinski played a good game, Muschamp has never developed a QB. I will admit I never understood gamecock fans until I worked with one. He was always blaming the refs, coaches, other teams cheating, the A.D., the weather etc if not they would win a National Championship. I just chalk them up as delusional with no hope. Muschamp has never ever been a good head coach. Spurrier is the only reason SC was ever talked about on the national stage. Only fan base I seen that celebrates not getting beat badly.
An offensive coordinator does not throw the ball but GA fans act like Chaney is the reason the team lost. It is simple if an opponent stops the run UGA loses. Every team except for realistic GA fans knows that Fromm is not beating any ranked team with his arm. I do not understand how people can not just simply see all the games lost the run was stopped. Look at the LSU game for example. GA has not played even a decent team yet this season. Anyone that counts Vanderbilt as a decent team is delusional.
Why do people think if you say anything but the team will win every game and Muschamp is a great coach you are wrong? Where has Muschamp won? He had more talent at Florida and still accomplished nothing. A good coach like Spurrier makes his players better. What has Muschamp accomplished at SC?
The guy played but fans know more than him? I think people actually belive they are experts.
Vanderbilt last? I recall when UGA beat Vanderbilt some fans said Vanderbilt is the second best team in the east. I laughed and told them Vanderbilt is terrible. Vanderbilt was 3-5 in conference last season and 1-7 the previous season.
Why do people see teams through rose colored glasses? There are only a few good teams in the SEC. As usual the majority are in the west. In the east you have FL and GA. What makes no sense is celebrating moral victories or what ifs. I seen SC fans celebrating not losing so bad or celebrating they threw for this many yards but never realizing they seriously had no chance. Or GA fans thumping their chest as if they have beaten a good team this year. Just because Vanderbilt is in the SEC that does not mean they are a good team.
So SC should only be graded when playing an equal talent team?