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If he's not riding the bench for his senior year in favor of Hilinski then Muschamp absolutely deserves to be fired, to hell with the fact your dad is on the staff. Sorry Jake but you're inconsistent, make terrible decisions, better for throwing passes to the opponent than your own team, bad under pressure and you haven't won a single game against a worthy opponent worth mentioning. You've had the stage for three years and done nothing with it, time to be realistic and realize you're not it.
You're so right! A Will Muschamp lead offense that hung 600 yards of total offense on one of the best teams in the country but still lost because we were basically playing with our second and third string defense because of injuries. Have fun getting your sh*t pushed in by Bama next weekend.
I think the bigger question here is who the f*ck cares?
This along with a dedicated QB coach is just fine with me
I liked him TBH. First half seemed to be much of the same but it looks like he made the proper adjustments and calmed down a little and you can see the results. I'd be fine if we gave him a 1 year OC contract and then evaluate going forward at the end of next season.
I'm willing to bet he's feeling pretty f*cking stupid right about now
This isn't news. This was being mentioned almost a week ago, but way to be on top of things SDS. Truly the TMZ of CFB reporting.
He's a mediocre coach at a lower tier program but TN still went after him and he said no. Let that sink in for a minute.
If he leaves I hope USC backs a a dump truck of money up to his house to get him to replace Roper.
Good lord this is starting to get hard to watch and I'm not even a TN fan
And it now goes so deep that Tennessee just offered the head coach of DUKE to take the job and he turned it down. The. Head coach. Of. DUKE. Sorry TN, but if that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about the state of your program you're never going to get it.
That game a straight up embarrassment on so many levels but more so than anything, Kurt Roper needs to go. His play calling is absolute garbage. Predictable, unoriginal, uninspired and conservative at times when we need to keep pressure on. And WTF are is a 180lbs HB our starter?
Never said He was a bad coach. I just think his transition to the SEC is going to be more difficult than he or FL is anticipating. Compounded by the fact that a lot of evidence points to Mac having issue with the staff and boosters while there. Kelly has pretty lengthy track record of rubbing folks the wrong way and FL might be subjecting themselves to more of the same. I
You're from Alabama, you insulting any other state based on intelligence is the ultimate pot calling the kettle black.
I don't think this ends well if FL actually does hire him. SEC is a defense oriented league, he hates recruiting, dealing with boosters and all the crap that goes along with it, never coached in the SE and he was an unmitigated disaster in the NFL. I wonder if he's considering taking the job based solely on the fact that if it doesn't pan out, he'll get a huge severance in the process.
Your O line has been exposed and it's hard to imagine that both Auburn and AL don't have the talent to be able to exploit it. I hope GA can win for the east, but when your stable of 4,5* backs gets shut down like that and it's up to Fromm to win with his arm, I don't see it happening. I still don't know why Eason didn't at least get some playing time Saturday when it became clear that the only way GA was going to win was going to be through the air.
TN could beat Vandy, LSU is going to be a rather tall order on the other hand...
How many Top-tier coaches are going to be willing to come to FL when they see how the school has done the last two coaches? I think FL has a tough road to hoe and I think it's going to get worse before it gets better.
I think our defense is going to be pretty scary in a year or two.
I don't think GA had much if anything to do with Mac getting fired. He was already a marked man going into that game as there were numerous reports prior to it basically stating he was going to get fired regardless as to the outcome. Did the loss make it easier? Sure. But that doesn't change the fact this was going to happen either way.