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One not associated with gus is exactly what those ppl u say should go also want
What indications? Things seem to be going pretty damn well in T assuming you have some secret source, or ur besties with lane, otherwise your comment is nothing more than regurgitating what the media said (the same media that said saban was going to texas and hillary was gonna win)
Guess coastal carolina didnt see the 50+ articles about
Saban never said he didnt vote...he chose not to get into a political discussion which is smart.
Its a citation, equivalent of a parking ticket, blame ur cops for not giving them one if ur that mad about it
For all the UT fans saying this is classless, tacky, etc...i know its been a decade so maybe u dont remember but tenn did the same thing whenever they beat us...just bc it made it to social media doesnt make it a big deal..
Guys get this thing called a playbook...studying and watching film is done plenty without the position coaches around...theres more to learning a scheme than on-field teaching
Thank you "Ears"....without u, we might have never gotten Bear back :) rtr
considering this happened in Louisiana your point makes no sense... thanks tho! :)
Ga has 2 winners and 1 NC in their history...BAMA has 2 winners and 4 NCs in less than a all about being proud of your school, but to try to put down BAMA in the process is dumb
where are you getting that no1 is giving our dline credit? are you just wanting something to argue about? because PLENTY of people have talked about our guys up front, during the game they talked about J. Allen being the highest drafted DL this year. Not sure why my fellow BAMA fans are trying to find something to argue about here instead of enjoying what our team is doing. No1 is saying that poor Oline play by Miss St somehow negates our D Line's play, but a good OL doesnt allow 9 sacks with very little blitzing. Even Coach said they thought the match up of our DL and their OL was in our favor.
thanks for the compliment to our expecting another hard fought game with yall this season, and im glad its not in BR...
Ya bc no other school in the sec has rabid fans who raise their kids to love a certain
I thought he called a great game! ;) he cant help it if he likes to watch one of the best teams play! we love u too Gary! ROLL TIDE!!
I am a bama crazed, over enthusiastic, dont stop yelling, auburn hating college football fan and i would NEVER think about representing myself, my team, or my fan base that way...regardless of whos "house" were playing in or how deep the rivalry goes...what an embarassment to the uga fans who know how to act...unless someone puts their hands on me there is a level of respect that needs to happen..i can hate your team and boo u and ur players, but if u dont know the line not to cross then sit ur ass at home and watch the game...part of what makes the SEC and cfb so great is our passion, when it crosses over into abuse and criminal acts (my fan base included) its pathetic...i hope this au fan has a better time at his next game and i hope the uga fans acting like that do it to the wrong person and get the ass whooping they deserve
Yall couldnt find a better pic of Richt than that? Love seeing pics of Saban in his younger days!! ROLL TIDE!!
okay, allow me say sorry dan...i thought ur comment was a sarcastic one until i saw u were a bama fan as sad when calling someone a 10 win team is perceived as a cut down huh?? lol...rtr
haha...thats the best you have daniel?? lol..our seniors leaving last season with 4 losses in 3 years would prob have something to say about ur when u have nothing else you can point to you have to grasp at
cant get mad at the kid for wanting for forge his own path...wish him the best of luck in his future, as long as its not against my TIDE!! rtr..
Saban as meryl streep? Cant say i legends and the standard in their respective fields!!! Lol...rtr how the truth gets twisted in some fans minds...since when was an lsu player molested by a student? It was a fan first of all and the guy who did it (who wasnt a student) was charged and sentenced...has ZERO to do with anything in this story but i guess when thats all u have to fight with you gotta use what u can...hope kalvarez gets it together and doesnt waste his talent on drugs...regardless of where he signed hes a young kid that could lose a lot for a dumb decision and we shouldnt be making fun of it..
What does he need to do that for? We have 25 commits with 8 early enrollees...plenty of room for a few more studs...thanks for ur concern tho!
with a class as small as they have theres no reason to "drop" a kid if hes not gonna qualify anyway...if hes looking at Miss St id say its not just a qualifications issue.
LOVE IT!!! i havent been following recruiting near as long as you, i consider myself somewhere between virgin and addict...more like addict who cant afford to be quite as crazy as i would husband thinks im insane and has banned me from telling him about any commits or prospects until a week or so before signing day...and ive lost facebook friends when the discussion of dylan moses came up bc talking about a middle school player whos in the class of 2018 is apparently weird...i love the excitement of recruiting and hopefully i wont tire of it anytime soon!!!
any way you can put their position with them?? i know many of them but would be nice to know them all. : )
Second, why did Saban let this linger at all once the national media picked up the story and ran with it for several days? Saban, of course, doesn’t need to respond to the media every time members of the media speculate on Saban’s future, but this was different. This was a major story headlining all media outlets around the country across internet, television and radio. Why let it linger once it went to such levels of intensity? He did answer it, many many times, he talked about it on 60 Minutes, he talked about it on his radio show, his wife stated to the Wall Street Journal that they weren't leaving, but every time they said that the response was, we he's said that its that he didnt respond enough?? he was out recruiting and even our recruits said they told him he was staying, how many more times did he need to say it, and how many more times COULD he have said it that the media would have accepted his answer....he's resigned with us for $7 mil and he's STILL listed as a possibility in EVERY article about the Texas job some point he decided that working and recruiting before the dead period was more important than talking about a job he wasnt going to take...
or...the top 5 finishers beat everyone else and gave them all cant base SOS on end of season win/loss record only...LSU TAMu & AU are all in our division, all ranked, and all over .500 teams...and that almost a 3rd of our schedule...
lets see how many of the teams we played were ranked? i know of 4 in our division cant just go by win % bc we beat all but 1 of the teams we played, obviously giving the team another loss, but i wouldnt call LSU, TAMU & AU .500 teams