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I'm reminded that Kirby Smart is not Nick Saban. It was a BAD loss yesterday and I wouldn't hang it on Fromm and Hot Rod. Play calling was uninspired to say the least and Kirby doesn't seem to make adjustments very well. Dawgs have flirted with disaster all season, and all the chickens came home to roost yesterday. Our NFL sized O-line wasn't opening holes or keeping the pressure off of Fromm. Love the Dawgs, but they have been riding on reputation, and unless there is some epic change, it's difficult to see them winning out. Same old story. Tons of talent, but something lacking to put it all together. I just hope Kirby is learning how to be a head coach, because all in all, the Dawgs don't seem to be improving much so far this season. Just saying....
Mountain Dog, I'm starting to think it's something in UGA's DNA. They just can't go a season without a complete meltdown at some point. Although this one was particularly bad.
The Dawgs have not been dominant in many of their games this year and they got caught WAY short today. To lose at home, against an unranked team playing their 3rd string QB is just almost unimaginable. Technically they can still win the East, but genuine championship caliber teams don't have meltdowns that bad. The coaches, the play calling and the whole team really need to figure some things out. That was one of the uglier UGA losses that I've seen in a LONG time.