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Neal, Leeland is definitely a Gator fan and he definitely has A LOT more depth of thought than gaga ever will. But, he definitely doesn’t care for Napier and he definitely cares even less for Stricklin. Right or wrong, that much is crystal clear from his posts.
“… guess it’s a question of when, not if, but there’s a time limit to virtually everything in college football these days, return on investment perceptions being what they are as well as the factor of patience.” I don’t doubt TAMU boosters want to cut the ties. Its just that in Jimbo’s case, the investment is so astronomically high!
Meyer mentally checked out in 2009, but actually left in 2010. Chizik was Auburn’s coach back then. So, starting with him, Auburn has fired just as many coaches (Chizik, Malzahn, Harsin) as UF has (Muschamp, McElwayne, Mullen) over the last decade. That’s why BOTH programs find themselves in such bad shape today. That many coaching changes in a decade are not good for continuity, or for recruiting. The reason the ENTIRE college football world made fun of the AU “dumpster fire” over Harsin was because he was “hired on the hot seat.” Your AD and your boosters never agreed on a candidate and everybody in the college football world knew it!
Moderation is a black hole where posts disappear, never to see the light of day again. Just use “rubbish” instead of tr ash, “fecal matter” instead of cr ap and “maniac” instead of fr eak and you won’t insult their delicate British sensibilities.
Sensible view from a Dawg fan, of all people! It’s all about trajectory of the program in terms of wins and losses. The 2023 season presents an interesting baseline because, regardless of his final W/L record, Napier won’t be fired after next season. There’s just too much roster work left to be done, besides the all-important QB position. So, if the Gators win 6 or fewer in 2023, the expectation for 2024 will be 7 or more Ws. On the other hand, the Gators win 8 or more in 2023, the expectation for 2024 will be 9 or more Ws. We’ll see how it all plays out, but I believe the Gators are on an upward track, in terms of wins per season, now that the locker room has been cleared out of selfish losers.
Neal, assuming gaga is really a frustrated Gator fan, which I sincerely doubt, he wrote Napier off right after USC hired Riley away from Oklahoma and LSU hired Kelly away from ND. Timing wise, UF had a shot at both those guys and passed in favor of Sunbelt Billy, which in gaga’s mind, is beneath the Mighty Gators. Who’s to say they weren’t the ones to pass on cleaning up Mullen’s mess, but I digress. Napier’s performance in 2022 has only confirmed gaga’s presumption that Napier was a bush league hire. He and Leeland have laid all the blame for that “mistake” at Stricklin’s feet, whom they want to see the new UF president fire, preferably BEFORE Napier is shown the door.
That’s a whole lot of nothing. From the article you mention: “Based on all of the reporting I saw from traditional media outlets with responsible reporting standards, it sounds to me like the situation got out of control because UAA brass were actually following the rules and staying out of NIL discussions.”
Booches, you’ve got Bama in your brain. That’s not what the guy wrote and not what he’s forecasting. All the same, he along with everyone else is missing the story of the century. By the time the 2023 season is in the record books, all will wonder how they could’ve ignored The Oracle of Truth and missed the reign of terror of Graham the Mertziless. He and his hoard of Fighting Gators will lay waste first to the SEC, then to the rest of the college football world! So, once again, you’ve been warned. Hide your women and children while you still can!
That’s all part of the unverifiable rumor mill. However, there are a couple of facts nobody can deny: 1. A HS recruit’s verbal commitment to a university is worth next to nothing until he signs his NLI. 2. Ruiz’s NIL contract was signed with Rashada. The Gator collective had no legal stake there. So, paying off Ruiz whatever sum he advanced Rashada before he de-committed from UM would NEVER have meant they assumed the full financial obligation of that NIL contract. Anybody who tells you otherwise simply doesn’t understand how contract law works.
Women’s Lacrosse? Equestrian gals? That’s what we’re reduced to arguing over when the football season ends and the loooong silly season begins!
Well Neal, his “official job description” is pretty self explanatory.
Be nice Cojones. He can’t help himself. After all, he’s only a Dawg.
That’s what it was. The Vols got caught in the classic road trap, looking ahead to the big game with Auburn this weekend.
You got it FLReb. Graham’s Mertznificence works just like radioactivity, but in a good way. He’s inspiring Gator athletes in all sports to outstanding performances!
He was busy yesterday, trolling the Napier presser on the Rashada circus. Where else would you expect him to be?
As for TP guys, they’re almost always going to drag down the average rating. Think about it, the higher rated guys on any team are usually starters and not interested in transferring out. The only way to keep TP guys from bringing down the average is to start from a low average, like Ole Miss, or else not take any, like UGA did in 2022.
Low ratings on kickers must be a participation thing since they’re only involved in a small fraction of plays.
That makes more sense than the prevailing narrative out there about coaches not being involved in the NIL deals.
The entire 2023 class, including TP. Got it, thanks. That’s mixing apples and oranges, but you’re right, it’s all of them.
You’re getting yourself way out there on that limb gaga.
Nothing like counting the last minute 2022 transition class to lower the average. BTW, what happened to the other ten commits?
The rumored Miami $6 million and Florida $7 million for Rashada are consistent with the rumored $8 million Tennessee ponied up for Nico, since he is a higher rated recruit. All three are 4 year totals.
What is it they say about carts and horses? Ah yes, get them in the right order and you’ll have no trouble getting somewhere.
In other words, he’s on a fast track from hero to zero.
You have a point there Humper. All I’ve heard or read from the national media is that schools are prohibited from getting directly involved in NIL negotiations, although that may be imposed by NCAA NIL rules.
And a real dearth of big uglies on both sides of the LOS.