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Nice glasses. OBTW are not you supposed to kick FG's in Big games?
I expect a close game. The two MAC teams UK has beaten are solid and fundamentally sound. Stoops has done a great job at UK. I hope he does not end up back at FSU. At the line of scrimmage UK is VERY good. I think they are a 9 win team. That said, I think UF wins but doesn't cover. Franks/his targets, have a sizable advantage vs. SS and UK. For you doubters look at FF's stats his last 6 games (USCe, Idaho, FSU, Wolverines, Canes, UT Martin). Defensively, UF sacked UM 10 times (think about that) and UT Martin whenever they felt like it. Despite their excellent line UK will have some turnovers. I am looking forward to the game.
Lost in all the silliness is that FF statistically had a pretty decent night. A completion % of 62.96% (if spread over an entire year would have been 5th best in SEC in 2018), 9.4 ypa (2nd in 2018), 254 yds (good for 4th), and a QB rating of 151.6 (good for 6th). He did this against a UM defense that was #1 in the country in 2018 in pass efficiency Defense.