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Awesome dude! I've actually been to Neyland Stadium when the Vols beat the Gators. It could happen. It has happened before. But 1 win in the last 15 meetings??? OUCH thats gotta be a raw nerve for you sorry hillbillies!!! I mean Tennessee is sort of a good school and all and they're trying to get better at sports. I respect that. They finally got an AD thats qualified for the job and a coach thats well FAT is one word that comes to mind but also a decent offensive mind. It could happen. But 1-15 jeez. Thats pitiful.
Well things have been serious for a while now but finally somebody made me laugh. Thanks Matt Hayes! I just hope every team we play this season buys into Matt's article and takes it to heart. Maybe Utah comes to the Swamp in a month and kicks the Gator's ass. Maybe. I wouldn't count on it tho. The Swamp is no easy place to get a win. And it will be ROCKIN. I expect big improvement in all areas under Napier but we'll see. We got Utah, Kentucky, Missou, LSU and S. Carolina all comin to the Swamp this year. Hope all those teams read this article and expect an easy win over the poor depthless Gators!!! Hot, sticky, sweaty, vile, downright nasty - thats what the Swamp is. 90K maniacs that wanna cause your offense permanent hearing loss. Bring your swagger on down!!! Them Gators is waitin and they's hungry!!! And remember this - you've been warned - ONLY GATORS GET OUT ALIVE!!!