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Fremeau Efficiency Index....we care about this? Lights out D, offense is about 40% more effective than last year (which is a win), and special teams are on point. Call us average with your bizarre model, but we are competitors for the East.
This sucks, I really wanted both teams at 100%.
This is the number 9 team in the country? Time for the excuses Vol fans..... Way over rated. If Tech doesn't destroy you, you better believe Florida will.
Muschamp completely dismantling another SEC offence....ugh. I'm so sorry Carolina
So, not speaking from a fan perspective just not understanding something. Florida has a better chance of winning the East than UGA, but UGA has a better chance of winning the SEC championship than Florida......I'm not really seeing how that is possible.
Everyone is saying the awful game Florida played will hurt them in the playoff and blah blah....have you people watched any Ohio State games against crappy teams??? If Florida wins out (not likely against Alabama in Atlanta), they will be in, no question.
Bring any of them on....we'll see ya in Atlanta!
Tennessee and Georgia two completely over hyped teams (picked to win the East) and two teams who wont be seeing Atlanta again this year.
Typical fan who can't enjoy a win over a pretty solid Georgia team. I agree the coaching has been pretty bad, but coming from 21 down....that's proof the team and coaching is coming around. Can't wait to smack Georgia around. Thanks for the win over UGA, pushed the gap for the East even further in Florida's favor. Go Gators!!
I can't wait for Florida's chance to knock Georgia around!! I'm so sick of them being the East favorite EVERY year....thank you Tennessee for putting another L on their record in the SEC!
Ugly win, but a win on the road in the East. Time to focus on LSU, the offense needs to get it together. Go Gators!!
AP loves the Big Ten, Michigan might jump Florida and be in the 10 spot. Case and point....Ohio State is STILL number 1 and they should be in the 20's. Side note: I think we can all say preseason hype and well, anything in the preseason means absolutely NOTHING...lookin at you Georgia and Tennessee, oh, and all you "professionals" who picked the 2-4 Florida Gators to be out of the SEC East race by week 6! GO GATORS!!
This sucks...as much as I hate Georgia, you never want to see a kid get hurt.
Can both FSU and Miami lose?
GO GATORS!!! I honestly didn't see all this coming. I figured 3-2, 4-1 at best! Even if we fall in one or two games this season is a success. All the youth on this team, performing at this caliber I would say SEC Champs in 2016 and or 2017, National Championship run in 2017.
SDS predicted us to be 4th or 5th in the SEC East.....hmmmmm...GO GATORS!!
Great response from Fournette. I love watching him just dominate this position. Granted wont be that wild when we head to Tiger Stadium, but this kid is the real deal, and will be great for LSU and the SEC.
Coach Mac...c'mon going 5 for 5 on fourth down conversions! one of which was 4th and long which goes for the game winning touchdown....ice in the veins my friends.
Ole Miss defense allowed 37 point against Alabama and 20 of them in the 4th quarter, where I've learned this young Gator team starts to excel. However, Florida being named a great defensive back field, I haven't been impressed, and I think Ole Miss is going to exploit that. If the Florida's offense can execute like they did in the last 5 minutes of the Tennessee game, and the Florida defense controls Kelly's output, we might just have a game. I'm not saying it's a Gator win by any means, but I think match ups are going to be huge and somewhat impressive on both sides of the ball. I'm excited I will be in the Swamp again come Saturday night, cause it was the loudest I heard it in a while against Tennessee. Go Gators!
Generous I was thinking 11-13 but 8-10 by Friday. Lack of offense on Florida's part against that Ole Miss D. I'm scared that Tennessee was a tease and I'm emotionally invested and wishfully thinking we can win this game on Saturday....I'm being to optimistic, more than a gator fan should be with this group of players.
Beautiful!! All the Vols fans are saying Tennessee is a better team than Florida, explain to me how you are better when we A. won the game, B. converted 5 4th down conversions, C. scored 2 touchdowns in less than 5 minutes....with a minute and change left, enough time for you to miss 2 field goals!