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Never said I thought we could get him... not sure where you're getting that from... all I said was if we did get him it'd be amazing. You probably didn't even read the comment you replied to just now.
Miles, spurrier, and corso= dream team
Because we make him the highest paid oc in the country. We got coach o for cheap so we have a bunch of money for a good oc.
Ah dang I forgot to change my screen name to coach o
Yaw yaw yaw yaw yaaaaawwww yawwww! Yaaaaawwww yawwww! Football!
How much would it cost to try and get dan Mullen? The dude is the best qb mind in the game, something that would be HUGE given all our young undeveloped talent at the position.
No way is there a better safety in the country than Jamal Adams, and where is Arden key at?! The dude would easily be a first rounder if he wasn't a true sophomore!
Doesn't matter. Everybody hates Florida.
While I agree with you... get off this site you frickin suckeyes fan! Osu= overrated suckeyes university.
This is the most Alabama-like comment I've seen yet. True representation of the state. Well done.
They are the only team with more than a 10% chance of beating Bama.
1: he said most, not all 2: at this point in the season, I honestly think lsu would beat auburn pretty bad. The change to coach o has turned what would have been a team fighting for a bowl into a team who will likely play Oklahoma in the sugar bowl. In every game other than Bama we have DOMINATED, and we were closer than any other team to beating Bama.
Best player on the best team is jalen hurts, rb from Alabama. Best player period is Leonard fournette, rb from lsu. Most valuable player is josh dobbs, qb from Tennessee. The name of the award is most valuable offensive player, so it should go to dobbs, but since hype determines everything these days it'll be hurts.
If the sec west has fallen then the other divisions must really suck, because there is no doubt that the sec west is the toughest division in cfb by a big margin. People try to say it's just Bama and then everybody else, but that everybody else is just as good as if not better than the best teams from the other conferences.
Really tho, they are the second best team in the country...
Honestly I don't want him anyway. He does just as good as les did but playing against much easier competition. Geaux coach eaux!
What we need is dan Mullen as oc. The dude is a qb genius.
Oh wow. This is absolutely rigged. Clemson goes down two spots for a loss to an unranked team at home. Michigan goes down ZERO spots for losing to an unranked team. Washington goes down two spots for losing at home to a pretty good USC team (not nearly as bad a loss as the others, but still should go down more than that.) But yet auburn can drop 6 spots for losing to Georgia (not good but definitely better than Iowa and Pitt) and tamu can drop 17 (17!) spots for losing to an unranked team. Anybody who says the rankings are biased towards the sec is retarded. It's the other way around.
Obviously a lot of recruits would play for a coach that they "can't understand" because les miles was one of the best recruiters in the country and coach o is pretty frickin good himself...
Be careful, he said he'd retire at lsu too... never know what the dudes gonna do.