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Exactly wrong. When other schools poach your staff you know you're doing something right.
UK will bring their best so we better as well... That said, sounds like 'coach talk' I'm not sure I rate UK D over LSU D?
2053 good one UT will never again be top 10 say hi to Nebraska
Face mask no call so fourth down Personal foul smacking Fromm helmet when he's down Offsides instead of false start on punt Next year
#17 "I made National Merit Semi Finalist. Just like the 8 AP tests I passed didn’t count." Well at least you made me laugh. Talk about irrelevant! Oh and I wasn't a semi finalist I was a NMS. I always bring this up on a forum about college football everyone is always super impressed.
Bama fans certainly win the smug award. PDA and Ellis were discussing UGA vs OU what does Bama have to do with that matchup?
He also said water was wet and the sky is blue. This is news? I'm a dawg fan but Bama is still the top dog until proven otherwise.
I remember the times USC ruined our season they always play us tough Looking for some payback
One game at a time. The reason for our '14 and '15 losses is at UM now. Go Dawgs, Savage D!
Please dawgs don't believe the hype! Keep chopping wood, we're not 'Bama by a long shot. CKS has the ship turned in the right direction. Defense looks solid.
Yes almost losing to a bunch of freshmen is a major victory for UT. Good luck with Alabama if you make it to ATL.
We have been mediocre for many years. 9/10 wins against weak opponents? No SEC titles in years even though we send a ton of guys to the NFL? Nowhere to go but up IMHO. Nobody expected a title this year.
Richt's team would have folded and lost to UNC, UM and UT. Losing on a hail mary is painful but Eason has senior-level coolness and CKS is no Lane/Derek. We will be fine. See you in Knoxville next year.
So basically all of north Georgia is Atlanta? I'm so old I remember when it was only 404.
For the next East Champion and the anointed team to beat not a lot of big names.
If the Dawgs play UP to the competition vs DOWN I would be happy. Too many losses to teams we should have beat! Looking at you USC and UF.
All the UT hype reminds of the times UGA was hyped pre season. I'm glad we're under the radar.
Cochon c'est temps pour les grands chiens à manger
Yes but the classless Bama fans really pile on about the famous blackout why make it easy Nothing lasts forever tide will eventually ebb
A simple thank you would have been more gracious
No gimmicks this year Just line up and play
Gamecocks always treat this as a huge game - CMR doesn't always have them ready. Let's hope the team and the QB play the way we know they can. Go Dawgs!
You beat me to it. Saved the day bu coming in for one drive? Lambert had a good second half. Let's wait and see if CBS dials it up for his QB against USC.
There is no way UGA will win the East with a Freshman QB in a pro-style offense All he has to do is hand the ball to Chubb and not throw the ball to the other team?
UGA will have a good year, but...number one rankings are the kiss of death. Alabama is not invincible.
UGA not mentioned? 4-13?! CGD only comes for big games, count on the Dawgs to lay an egg. This will be the year! Really. I hope.
Hope he doesn't decide to leave, get an agent and an advance, then just work out in preparation for the draft.