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Need a running game. Even a bad running game would be better than the non-existent one they have now.
Arkansas an underdog to Auburn? Granted I haven't watched Auburn this year, but shouldn't this be more like a pick 'em game?
On paper they look great, the coaching is the big unknown. The losses last year were due to being out coached, not out played. Personally I'd love to see an ultra-competitive East that produced a true contender.
Cut the cable cord three years ago and haven't looked back. I can watch the SEC game of the week and usually have two more game options each weekend on antennae TV. The options were really good last year with all of the SEC teams being ranked. However I do admit to "borrowing" my in-laws cable info in order to watch ESPN a few times last fall. I was hoping that with the re-launch of the SEC network that they would offer an online/streaming version available for those of us that hate cable or live outside of the traditional SEC television footprint. I will definitely check out Sling Tv.
To be completely fair it wasn't all Bad Bo, Freeze was out coached at every level. Freeze and staff knew that TCU had something to prove coming in to this game and completely failed at preparing for it.
Sure the Hog's defense looked pretty good, but they should give the MVP of the game award to Bo Wallace. Thanks to Bo the Arkansas defense went from good to great.